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  But Page didn't mention any of that.  The "innovations" he highlighted weren't really Google innovations at all.  They were either purchased or adapted or stolen, depending on your point of view.   
  On the "nice UI features" of Android, those were mostly taken from the iPhone.  I dgaf if the Android cheerleaders want to argue that Android is now as good as iOS (thanks to "Project Butter" for example.)  The bottom line is the basic UI on Android was lifted from Apple.  And don't forget about Apple's WebKit contribution to Chrome!    As someone else said much better than I can:  "Outside of Search, Google’s products — Android, Google Docs — are shit."
Looks like other people have beat me to this, but you are not correct. Virgin's plans start at $30/month.  T-Mobile is about the same as AT&T and Verizon now, but we'll see what kinds of plans they offer after they abandon the subsidized model next year.  
  The reason monthly payments are so high is that the phone is so expensive.  If the phone was cheaper to buy upfront, even for consumers, perhaps more would go to Virgin, or even T-Mobile next year.     Apple can put a good (but not great) screen on a cheaper iPhone, like they did with the iPod Touch up until this year.  They could also use plastic instead of aluminum or glass.  Maybe Apple will never do these things because they only sell "premium" products, but no...
  It is doubtful Google is making any money on Android, even if you ignore the 12.5 billion dumped into the money-losing proposition that is Motorola.  At (roughly) 71% global profit share, it really isn't a contest, your're right about that. 
  Thanks for the memories.  I had forgotten what BS arguments from 2010 were like until I read your post.  Quick - grab your tri-corner hat!  I hear there's a protest against that Kenyan socialist in the White House.  I know we'll beat him in 2012!  
  I went in a Gateway store once, probably over 10 years ago.  The store was empty but I sat there for 10 minutes without anyone welcoming me or even acknowledging me.  Apple Store customer experience is way different.  Even if its packed, they always have someone at the front welcoming people and moving them to where they need to go.  And correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember Gateway not actually having product in stock - you just ordered it and they shipped it to you.  
The $329 price is a little more than I was hoping, but I doubt there will be any discounting before Christmas.  When was the last time that happened, especially with an iOS device?  Its $329 or get the Nexus 7.     Edit:  I did forget about Apple's Black Friday sale.  Maybe on that one day.
  This has got to be the dumbest question of the whole interview.  There is no way Apple would let this guy near the CEO position.  Not to mention Google already removed Schmidt (supposedly a promotion) as CEO and Apple kicked him off the board.  And Schmidt's response about the "most cash" is really quite a commentary on his leadership of Google vis-a-vis Jobs.  So why would any of those three companies want this joker as CEO?  
New Posts  All Forums: