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I was talking about whatever rag is actually publishing it. I'm not sure how I feel about AI republishing it once it is out there. If I was Steve, I would probably be pretty pissed either way.
Pretty crappy to publish this stuff. It would absolutely suck to have your personal life on display all the time.
Because Apple waited too long. If the 3GS would have been CDMA it would have been huge - before Android became a credible challenger. Talking with kids - 17-20 - today, its all about how Android lets you do more stuff and Apple keeps you locked down.
That's an understatement. So what happens when Google and Microsoft/Nokia get their crap together and developers tell Apple to go fuck themselves? Just when you think Apple has learned the lesson of the last platform war they lost, they pull this crap. Does Apple want to sell iPhones and iPods or do they want to get 30% cuts on Kindle books? Cause they can't have both. Amazon can't make enough money and still compete with iBooks with the 30% cut. So the Kindle app...
Those crazy bastards who actually want their cell phone company to provide them with a reliable signal. What will they think of next?
But you're clearly in the US, and I am in the US, and you mentioned the Verizon iPhone, which is also in the US. Obviously I can't sell my Verizon iPhone to someone in France. I agree with you on that, and maybe that will impact its future resale value. My point was just that since I am in the US, if I want to buy a GSM phone I have to go with AT&T. And since that isn't an option for me, other considerations, like whether a GSM iPhone would have greater resale value in...
No reason for the vitriol. I expect with the iPhone 5 that we'll be able to get one on all 4 major carriers in the US, and Google's numbers will slide. But what really will be interesting is if Nokia announces an alliance with Microsoft on Friday. That would really shake things up for everyone.
Thanks. This isn't a big deal, but still good to know. All in all this phone is amazing.
I know what you're saying. I sold my original iPhone for the 3G and got more than what the phone cost. We kept the 3G and my son uses it now (on T-Mobile). But resale value for me didn't enter into the equation at all in moving to the Verizon iPhone 4. AT&T is almost unusable where I am, so if I wanted to use an iPhone, it had to be on another network.
Of course it can't use the GSM radio. But there was talk that even if Verizon upgraded their version of CDMA to allow for simultaneous voice and data, the CDMA iPhone 4 wouldn't be able to take advantage of that. Does this chip shed any light on that?
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