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Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't. But if the GSM phone won't work for people b/c AT&T sucks for them, then future resale value doesn't really matter for them.
What does this chip mean for the prospect of simultaneous voice and data on Verizon in the future with just a software update? That's what I want to know...
I stand corrected. I just got mine this morning too. So glad I waited. I went from 0-1 bars with AT&T to 4-5 bars at my house.
They never advertised that. It was always going to ship on February 10. So per the agreement you made with them by buying the phone, the soonest you could expect it to ship was next Thursday. If they get it to you earlier that is a bonus, not something they told you they would do or that you should expect. How shipping it when they told you it would ship makes Apple like Big Brother or Microsoft isn't clear to me. On a related note, Apple fans will really find...
But if you don't, it's a no brainer too.
Or Gruber in Philadelphia...http://daringfireball.net/2011/02/verizon_iphone_4 Or me in Phoenix... AT&T sucks in more places than NY and San Fran.
But if you can't then that is a dealbreaker for those people. Make sense?
If you can't make a call in the first place it kind of defeats the purpose of this feature.
deleted - I was wrong
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