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  What is interesting is the dishonesty of the writers, and this strange NY Times obsession with Apple.     The article starts with a false equivalency between the Vlingo/Nuance dispute and the Apple suits against Samsung, where apparently we are supposed to believe that goliath manufacturer Samsung is a stand-in for poor little Vlingo.  The authors also seem to argue (and I have no idea if this is true) that Vlingo's inventions were independent and actually better than...
  One of the defining aspects of Apple's history is the widespread belief that Apple's inventions in the 1980s were stolen by Microsoft.  Everyone in that audience who laughed and applauded understood what Jobs was referring to.  It is outrageous that something similar is happening again, and some of the blame goes to Jobs in my opinion.  Schmidt should not have been on the board, or should have been kicked to the curb much earlier than he was.  
  I think your buddies at Google realize that future is coming sooner rather than later.  If Apple "iPods" the tablet market, Google is literally screwed.  Why do you think Page gripes about people accessing the web through apps (sans Google Analytics and the rest of their spyware) every chance he gets, or why the Nexus 7 has to be sold at a loss?  I for one can hardly wait for that future.  
  Google is not going to "dominate" the iPad the way Android does in the phone space (if by "domination" you mean marketshare.)  Either this tablet is going to be a piece of crap or Google will have to plaster it with ads (or both).  For a hundred bucks more everyone who can will get an iPad.  The consumers with money to spend (the ones advertisers want) aren't going to touch this garbage.  And Android's supposed advantage over the iPhone - choice - will be erased because...
  It is doubtful we'll ever have proof unless there is a lawsuit, but it's convincing enough for me that Jobs believed Apple had been ripped off -- and kept the iPad secret from Schmidt to keep Google from stealing that too.     http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1375121/In-The-Plex-New-book-Google-released-fall-China-Steve-Jobs.html
More likely people are getting ready for the next iPhone.  I would bet this would have happened anyway.  A bigger screen and LTE are 2 of the most desired features of an iPhone, and both should be addressed in a few weeks.  
Logical move on AT&T's part, since Android and Windows phones cost them a few hundred bucks less and they get the same monthly fees from subscribers.  I'm sure Verizon does the same thing.  What I don't understand is why Apple doesn't put a stop to this.  A few "secret shoppers" with recordings, and AT&T would have to come clean.  The "denial" part of this is what irks me the most.  Joe Schmoe goes into the AT&T store, thinking he is going to get impartial advice, not...
This reminds me of what used to be said about Microsoft in the roaring 90s - stay out of their way or get run over.  Who could have seen this coming 5 years ago?  Simply amazing. 
Slight difference in scale between iAd and Google. Close to 100% of Google's revenue comes from tracking what we do on the Internet. iAd was an "f-you" from Steve Jobs to Google more than a way to generate lots of new revenue.
Since the news out today was that Apple had to go with Samsung for new iPad displays, since LG and Sharp's quality wasn't up to snuff, I don't think Apple has another place to go. They're really between a rock and a hard place with Samsung.
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