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I must have read the article wrong.
I read somewhere recently that Apple is becoming more prevalent in corporations, but still forcing them to do things Apple's way. For instance, they hate using iTunes but have to because all their employees want iPhones. Who knows how a young Jobs would have reacted to a flood of corporate orders for the Mac, but my impression is he would have told them to go to hell if they didn't like his way of doing things. But I would agree that the scenario you presented is a real...
I'm not bagging on Gates. He was good at seeing business opportunities and taking advantage of them. I don't think he had (or has) the vision to see the "next big thing." On that note, I disagree with people who criticize Ballmer today, because he's essentially following the Gates playbook, but he's facing real competition today the likes of which Gates did not. As for Jobs, its funny to hear people say he needed to be fired to somehow regain his spark, after being...
Bill Gates should thank his lucky stars Apple canned Jobs. I really think we are seeing what would have happened in the 1980s/1990s if Apple had executed. What a different world it would have been.
Yeah. It was Apple's superior marketing that really pushed the iPhone. All those other awesome touch screen phones back in 2007 were just waiting for a good commercial to really take off. And you're right about Apple's stock too. Your portfolio must have really been taking a beating in the last few years on that one. You better sell quick before it goes any lower. Your two points here are enough to tell you're full of shit.
You should get it while you can, before a US court orders Samsung to remove all the parts they've copied from Apple.
This is really sad. Apple has clearly gone off the rails under Cook. The future is clearly wirelessly music streaming in your house.
Will be interesting to watch the next time Google needs something and the rest of the industry tells Page to have a Coke and a smile. Where is Gatorguy on this one? Not 8 hours ago he was sure Google was not going to continue Motorola's patent BS.
[QUOTE=Gatorguy;2040574]...Of course if the eventual Moto purchase is approved (for which there's no assurance) I would certainly expect Google to approach their FRAND obligations in a more friendly manner than Motorola, and would be disappointed and critical if they didn't...[QUOTE] I've got some ocean front property in Yuma if you're interested.
New Posts  All Forums: