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Nice rewriting of history. Apple wanted to go with Verizon first but Verizon wouldn't agree to Apple's terms. Apple then went to AT&T.
Except that you can get an Android phone on a network besides the abysmal AT&T.
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How about because Adobe and most of the rest of the tech world has been criticizing Apple with no reply or defense (until now)?
"Though the operating system for the iPhone, iPod and iPad is proprietary, we strongly believe that all standards pertaining to the web should be open"
So why did Apple try to get on the Verizon network before going to AT&T?
I just don't buy this. All the other manufacturers seem to be able to make 2 versions of their phones without any trouble. The real reason is Apple is getting a sweetheart deal from AT&T. Maybe their huge subsidies are good for Apple in the short term, but it sucks for their customers, and I think it is actually bad for Apple in the long term.
This really sums up the problems Apple is getting itself into by staying only on AT&T. There are no Android phones on AT&T because if you are willing to put up wtih their network and pay for a smartphone plan you are probably going to get an iPhone. In the meantime, Apple has ceded Verizon and TMobile to Android.
We all live in an area that is only serviceable by Verizon.
I don't think so. Apple has over 80 million mobile OS devices on the market right now. Android and Blackberry markets are fragmented across a variety of phones, resolutions, etc. Windows Phone 7 has sold 0 devices so far. Most devs will jump through a few hoops to address that large of a market.
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