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Come on. Google has exhibited a pattern of not really giving a damn about other people's IP, whether it is Apple, Sun, or some little company in Kenya. As sleazy as Schmidt is, the company seems to have gone even further down the road to "evil" under Page.
Don't know about the rest but you're wrong about the above. The average textbook is $80. Most students take 6 classes a day, so $480 a year. If the iPad lasts 3 years and the digital textbooks are around $15, seems to me the school district would be coming out way ahead. Not to mention engaging students and opening up the rest of the Interwebs to teacher and student use in the classroom.
We'll see how this plays out long-term. Other than that, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.
"...But we'll be damned if you think we're going to respect others' IP."
I don't think the feeling is mutual.
Whether that's true or not, would that be a good thing? Google's business is based on tracking what you do on the Internet, while selling people like you on the idea that they're "open." Of course my wife is out of luck trying to uninstall the City ID crapware app that came on her Incredible.
Too bad Android apps are mostly shit though.
1. The quasi-statistic in this article does peg "iPhone iOS against all Android OS activations for a very specific timeframe." Why do you find it worth defending? 2. The real question is if Apple wouldn't have dicked around with AT&T for so long, would Verizon and the other networks in the US show similar statistics. Apple foolishly gave Android a strong foothold at Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. That's where the Android activations are occurring - and that is what...
Anyone else find it ironic that Hertzfeld posted this on his Google+ account? If Jobs was around he'd be doing the same thing at Google HQ as he is in this photo.
So Schmidt clearly believes, as everyone else already knows, that the Android tablets released so far have been shit. Shocker.
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