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Dude. You have an "enemies list." I imagine you plotting with Ehrlichman and Haldeman in the White House every time I see your signature. And they're the wierdos?
Yeah. It sure was great when Zune kicked the iPod's ass. I'm sure the new Galaxy Player is selling like hotcakes too. You're right about one thing though. Google is Microsoft 2.0. Every time Schmidt talks, I'm reminded of the ending of Animal Farm. These two very smart nerds from Stanford get together, form a great company with a great product, and promise each other not to be "evil." But now they are just like Microsoft in the 1990s. But Google isn't making money...
Then you'd be breaking the law.
1. He's right. 2. Unions didn't get big until the 20th century after the New Deal. In the 19th they were violently put down by big business and government working in tandem.
You'll have better luck waiting for Apple to license OS X to Dell. Nintendo wants to control its own destiny, just like Apple does.
I linked to Gundotra's piece in my original post. I am not being selective about what I choose to highlight. If anyone is doing that here, it is you. All I am doing is pointing out that these guys had very different things to say about Steve before he died. As for their motives, it is pretty clearly self-interest. You don't have to be a mind reader or time traveler to infer motives, whether the actors are still living or died long ago. What purpose is there in...
If they had respected Steve, they would have acted differently while he was alive. Remember Google I/O with Vic Gundotra in 2010? "If Google did not act, our future would belong to one man, one company, one vision," with a 1984 scene on the slideshow behind him. And we're supposed to take this guy's little "Steve story" seriously, as if he and Steve were best buds? Give me a break. https://plus.google.com/107117483540...ts/gcSStkKxXTw It is absolutely NOT "hatred of...
Dear Apple, We'd like to keep stealing your ideas. We'll just push our event out a little out of respect for the guy we stole them from. Thanks for all the great stuff. Sincerely, Google
A strong case that technology is the new "bread and circuses" of the digital age. Can't see that he was too far off the mark.
This is not about Google just buying patents. The difference between Apple and Google is that Google has serially stolen IP from Apple, Sun/Oracle, etc. These patent purchases are an attempt to defend previous thefts. Apple's patent purchases are an attempt to defent legitimate IP.
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