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I'd agree with the build the foundry part. Anyone listen to Horace Deidu's last podcast? He identified the inability to meet demand as Apple's biggest problem right now, and what he thinks the company should spend its billions on. If not building their own, at least ensuring that their contractors can increase production.
In other words, Google is trying to baffle you with BS.
Does this mean Jobs thinks the board (allegedly) going behind his back is hogwash or that the whole story is hogwash? The latter seems much more likely, but its unclear.
If Google is now defending its partners, where were they when Microsoft got its cut of Android?
Every time Rubin tweets this crap he sounds like a prick, but Android is growing fast. Sales data would be nice, but probably less flattering to Android.
So by your logic the new mobile Safari Reader mode decreases iOS's stickiness, since it replaces Instapaper, and "kills developer opportunities?" You've obviously never used the Google Maps app on Android, which is superb, and free, and is a very good reason to stick with the Android platform.
This is the stupidest comment I have ever seen on these boards, and that is saying something.
While maybe weaker, since Android users tend to purchase less than iOS users, "stickiness" on the part of Android users is presumably still there also. Perhaps Apple should have done more to thwart the dramatic growth of Android in 2008 and 2009, when it would have been much easier to do so. Maybe a $2 billion patent purchase would not have been necessary too.
While Tim stopped short of explicitly stating that Apple would pursue a lower price iPhone, he did state that Apple was working hard to “figure out” the prepaid market and that Apple didn’t want its products to be “just for the rich,” but “for everyone”; he also stated that Apple “understood price is big factor in the prepaid market” and that the company was “not ceding any market.” http://9to5mac.com/2011/02/28/tim-co...just-the-rich/
The problem with just keeping the 3GS is it is not CDMA.
New Posts  All Forums: