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Not a 1.4 GHz. The Acer C720 Chromebook sells for $199 with a 1.4 GHz chip. Hook one up to an external screen using it's HDMI port, buy an external 1 TB Toshiba drive for $65 and just use the USB 3 port with a USB hub and boom you've got  an equivalent machine for $300 without buying a keyboard or mouse. When you want to travel just unplug your C720 and take it with you. Bring the external drive if it will be needed. I didn't see the Apple presentation today. When I heard...
I didn't get the album even though I wanted it. My Leopard machine doesn't have the latest iTunes. Does anybody have a link where I could get the album outside of iTunes? After all. I am an iTunes user and Mac owner.
Aren't there numerous companies that claim to be able to instantly hack any cell phone made? They demonstrate their programs at military defense and police equipment expos. No cell phone is safe from them. So why is this FBI director whining about this? Doesn't he have access to all of these companies knocking on his door trying to sell their services to him and the rest of the government?
Beats was already selling products. They had a real value.  This deal is part of the Apple game plan to buy technology instead of inventing it. This is symptomatic of putting money above quality. They wanted Beats for quick profit instead of fixing iTunes and creating their own high quality headphones.  The GT sapphire deal was Apple getting burned by a scammer. Sure he had high tech equipment and some research going but he wasn't getting results. Thus he lied and perhaps...
Is this company continuing to produce its product right now? If not, how long until Apple can get control of it and produce more sapphire screens? This huge delay could be very disruptive to production. How much value has Apple received from this company after they gave them the money?   If Apple has been ripped off then Tim Cook's job should be on the line. You just don't lose over a half billion dollars and remain in your position unless you're a banker on Wall Street.
Will the time come when nobody will accept automatic updates? I certainly wouldn't accept them on my computer or phone. I like machines that work and continue to work. :)
I just sold my 2008 Mac Book. Originally I got it because Apple was taking over a year to refresh the Mini. I wanted a Mini. The Mac Book contained a better chip than the Mini that came out months later. It seems that Apple regularly disappoints people with the MIni. It is always just a little less than it could be, even for a mid level machine.    Apple has this idea that the iMac is the most awesome home computer in the world and it is the one thing that gets the love....
This was the perfect response. Apparently the government lives in fear of the people. Thus they want to clamp down on their freedom. They must believe that anybody who isn't strictly controlled is a danger to them. That is how paranoid people think.
I'm sure Apple is innovating a little here and there but mostly they are buying innovative companies and incorporating them into the Apple. This even happened a bit under Steve Jobs but less so. They are also copying features from other manufactures and software sources. Phones bending in one respect is stupid. Why would anybody expect a device to not bend when under a lot of stress? On the other hand such a device shouldn't be bending when subjected to expected normal...
What can the watch do without having an iPhone nearby? I didn't see the presentation. I did visit the Apple web site and read many pages about the bands and face but nothing about what it can do on its own. I don't have Safari on my GNU/Linux machine so I can't see the Quicktime videos. That certainly seems to be a way to block interest from people who don't own Apple devices.
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