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How can Microsucks sign this? Their Internet Explorer and Explorer are known to report everything that people do on their machines to the company. Maybe they just want to keep that information for themselves.   Any new law should require companies to disclose exactly the information that they store about their users and product buyers. The license agreements people accept and the terms of service that people accept are too vague. Companies should be required to say if...
What if they're using binoculars from their car? Is that any better because they are farther away?
Apple says one thing in their privacy statement and does another. If a peeping Tom looks at you through your window and does nothing to cause physical or financial harm to you is he committing a crime? According to this ruling the answer is no. Privacy has no actual financial value. Its value is in the intrinsic nature of your life. Is your life yours or is it for all of the public to see whether you like it or not? The peeping Tom in this case is the advertising...
There already is a Haswell Notebook for sale at $199. It is the Acer C 720 Chromebook. It arrived three weeks ago for $249 but the price just dropped. I'm getting one to supplement my Linux machine. Once I have it I'll be able to access Netflix and my old Mac Book will be sold.Netflix is the only reason I've held on to it for so long. For me OS X is getting cluttered with stuff I don't use. I love the speed I get using Linux even with low end hardware. I don't play games...
Do you think they're already getting offers to shoot a movie in that space? It will happen one day. I'm sure of it.
I would love to own a new iPod Touch 64 GB for $199. More than that and it seems overpriced.
These are about beauty. The price seems reasonable if the colors they make really make one feel better. It goes beyond novelty. I've seen how an exact color can be chosen using an iOS device and these bulbs will duplicate it. The technology is amazing. I want a set.
Yes I see that another group had these effects before Compiz. The difference is that Compiz is free and if Apple does it the program will be part of a commercial product.
Your zealotry is so amusing, yet your logic and understanding are so..... underwhelming, disappointing even. Just because some company gets a patent on something doesn't mean they originated it. Often in the patent world it is a race to see who can get it through the system first and also who has the money to do it. Clever writing is a big part of patent applications. Just wording something the right way can decide whether a patent is granted or not. I can't explain why...
This is a rip off of Compiz in Linux. Been there done that. It's cool but requires a lot of horsepower.
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