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It's too early to gauge how well the large phones will fill out the market. As these devices become more powerful I think many people will just have a large mobile phone instead of a tablet and phone. When all phones can be put into a dock and run an HD monitor for watching movies and doing office work, the laptop will be less popular and so will the desktop. We're just a few years away from smart phones completely replacing our regular work stations and laptops. I'm sure...
  Here are just two stories about it.   http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/12/13/apple_loses_patent_case/ http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-11-07/apple-told-to-pay-368-2-million-to-virnetx-in-patent-trial-1-.html  
Samsung makes great products but their betrayal is just wrong. They deserve what they get.   Let's not forget that Apple has been sued many times for patent infringement. They have lost many suits. So Apple isn't a shining example of integrity either.
So Apple has a new A6 laptop running iOS complements of Belkin.
The ChromeBook is a great concept. All it needs is applications. Apple is moving to cloud storage for iTunes and eventually other things. Google will make cloud applications better over time. The benefit of cloud storage for applications is that they all can be updated without the users even having to bother with it. People will have the latest versions all of the time. Viruses shouldn't be a problem with cloud based software. ChromeBooks will probably move to the Nexus 7...
The only reason I want a new computer is for better graphics performance. Everything else I do with my computer could be done satisfactorily with a ten year old machine. I would love to have one of those super Nvidia chips in a portable machine with a video out port.
If this is a bad film Justin Long had better be careful around die hard Apple fans. Right now with all of the crap surrounding Windows 8 it seems like a great time to bring back the Get A Mac series of ads. They started out comparing the Mac to Windows. Then Vista came out and it made it so easy to poke fun at Windows that the ads lasted for years. Now that Windows 8 is just so weird and getting complaints it seems like the perfect time to start those ads again.
When I think about the Surface I always go back to the unveiling of the device when the thing Froze and it had to be switched to another one. That was so sad and yet almost expected since it was a Microsoft device. Microsoft is reaping what it sowed. They made Vista and gave it to the public. Windows 7 was better but it still had the inherent flaws of the Windows OS. Windows 8 is confusing to some people. When competing brands of cell phones run better than a desktop...
The most beautiful walled garden is still limited to the one experience no matter how wonderful it is. One persons utopia might be another persons prison.   Free your phone!
How is cleaning the store and stocking the shelves an unusual activity? It isn't. Under the law the employees should not have been doing such late night work for those reasons.   Too many corporations take advantage of workers. In the USA there just aren't enough rights for the individuals.   I've seen jobs that pay minimum wage, or just above it, require employees to own a car. Imagine telling someone who will be earning less than $10,000 per year that they must...
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