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Apple needs to do better. Once the problem is known the company should from that moment on implement a policy that fixes this problem for all customers. Instead it seems that they haven't issued a company wide notice about this known problem and how to handle it. They let each store take their customers down this path where they must pay money and jump through hoops to get their machines functioning properly. That isn't fair or right.    Apple is doing exactly the same...
Read the letter the class representative sent to the judge. He explains how a similar situation between other companies proves that salaries went up 10% without such anti-poaching agreements.    How many attorneys always believe what the opposing council tells them? How many believe they are always given all of the facts? Just because the anti-poaching agreement specifically talks about recruiting it doesn't mean that the human resources personnel weren't also told to...
The judge needs to reject this settlement offer. It is just flat out insane and insulting. This needs to go to trial. The truth about the illegal activities and collusion between these super wealthy companies needs to come out. That is the only way the government will know the truth about what each of them did. Then proper safeguards will be able to be implemented to prevent it from happening again within these companies and others not named in the suit. 
Will Google now pay for use of this code in future products or will they abandon it and reconfigure Android? If they must pay a fee for every Android device in the future and they already aren't earning money from that hardware, would it even be economical to continue the Android project at all? Perhaps Samsung and others that manufacture the phones and tablets would be the ones to kick in the license fees for future usage.    Could Google fork the Chrome OS to make it...
I only use basic functionality of word processing programs and spreadsheets. Libreoffice works fine for me on my Mac and GNU/Linux boxes. I even use their presentation software sometimes. I'm not trying to impress people with moving colorful spinning objects when I give presentations. I show images and text and go from page to page with information. If I want to embed a video it can be done. Exactly how much better is Microsux Word compared to some of the free or even low...
Samsung and HP are selling Google Chromebooks using the Exynos chips. They work OK but they are definitely slower than the Intel Haswell chips. I would like to see what Apple could do with an A7 or A8 chip in a laptop machine. The big difference would be that OS X is much larger than Chrome OS.
What the hell kind of attorney goes from an expected return of $90,000 per plaintiff to $3240? The attorneys will keep their fees and the plaintiffs will get $1600 each. What a waste of time when bad greedy attorneys screw their clients.
From the man himself:   http://youtu.be/j0L3LDabve8?t=1h36m40s   Starbird73 the story you mentioned was years after this presentation. It didn't stop Apple from releasing that information back in 2010.
Apple promised to make Facetime an open standard/open source program so that everybody could adopt it. I'm still waiting for it.
Instead of writing Apple's codex it should have been Apple's AAC codex. Sorry for that.
New Posts  All Forums: