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Many posters here?
Based on their coffee in the morning no doubt.
 This needs to be quoted. From arguments in this thread many people here seem miss the point entirely.
That because no one care about 10 people using them.
 You couldn't tell the quality of the audio or video file by bitrate alone. Case in point: which one do you think provide better quality, 1000 kbps mp4 video file or 700 kbps mp5? The same apply to sound. Since AAC is mpeg-4 compatible CODEC it will have higher quality than older CODEC like mp3 even with lower bitrate.
If you meant iPhone stand by mode consumes more data while sleeping you should keep in mind that it does many things there, like syncing, backing up and updating apps for example.
How do you know it will be hold any value 'forever'? I would bet against you and I would likely win.
Apple didn't report sale of Apple Watch because they didn't think it will be a blockbuster like iPhone and iPad just yet, but we're not talking about that here. What we're talking about is report that sale have dropped 90%, which could be false.I don't mind the report much though since it will mean I could likely get the Watch much easier.
Egg-xact-ly!  If people give Apple Music a chance, instead of wanting it to be exactly like Beats or other platforms, there is some amazing things to discover. I never enjoy new music like this.
 But you don't said that. You said there is no way, which is wrong. Really I won't bother. It seems your mind has already set. Beat 1 plays only top R&B and Rap? Really? I wonder where those 50s music I was hearing coming from?
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