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 He did. Now he's just higher than the highest. :)
Welcome to 2013, Google. Oh, and what about Android face detection? Btw, I just saw my friend unlocking his Galaxy S5 last month and boy... I only saw it one time and I immediately knew his password from the way he dragged his finger across the screen (it couldn't be dragged too fast and the shape was more outstanding than the digit)
I'm not a big fan of Hands Off when it was first announced but lately I found myself using it more and more. Reading a website on a Mac and want to lying down on bed? Grab an iPad and swipe up on Lock Screen. It's that simple. Big fan of Continuity from day one though.
I'm using iPad Air 2 which come with 2 GB RAM a and I didn't notice the difference between it and my iPhone 6.
And if it withstand that like the test you'll pay 2 times money back?
The perfect place for him now is Tesla. Too bad it use some kind of Android software?
Is it compatible with iOS Health app?
 Didn't know this. Looks like he's doomed.
Where is Dan Riccio?
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