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Huh? Selective quote out of context much?  And that Beyoncé thing has nothing to do with this but thanks for playing.
 Huh? Did you read the article? It has nothing to do with exclusivity at all.
 They think Intel Inside is a good thing?
Did you miss the word "travels" in the headline?
On one core performance?
Does your TV set to PC mode on channel connected to ATV?
 It's the same remote control. SIRI function works only in US for now.
 What are you playing them with? Siri remote or Nimbus? I know I said I'll postpone the purchase but... This will be the one I'll buy, and it's not because it's number 1. I have it on my wish list since Keynote demo.  
 Who knows. :)
Sometimes we need to be very critical otherwise Apple will get too lazy and products will be more and more half-baked.
New Posts  All Forums: