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I know why. Most of the time when I'm at home my phone is on the charger a room away. It's definitely more convenient taking the call on the Mac than walking to get the phone every time.
The price is nut!
I predict nobody'll care enough to bend it.
A few will have one before you but most probably have to wait longer before launch day.
That might be true but the home screen will be the icon of Apple Watch, not watch faces, so it's very important. EDIT: I don't remember what the home screen of Android Wear looks like. That shows how bad its design is.
 It's very attractive to me. The first time I saw it I almost sat up from my bed (I saw the keynote at night). This is pure genius. The kind of design you know will never comes out from Android camp. Of course how intuitive it is, is beyond my guess at the moment. But it's extremely stylish.
I like this thread already. As I mentioned before, Apple Watch home screen design is pure genius. The usual suspects here who keep on criticize it just have a questionable taste.
I like U2 and I downloaded it myself. That doesn't mean I don't cringe with the presentation at an iPhone event. Please, no more of it. 
No. it's up because Apple announced another event.
What "L" len you're playing with? (supposed it is Canon's?) Oh I saw you got a new telephoto zoom. What aperture if I may ask?
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