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 Well to be fair, 40% of Android users are human. That's huge.    (I kid :D)
I postpone my buying until the Remote app is updated. It's the ecosystem Apple. We don't buy your products as a standalone.
 Yeah.. WTH Apple.. :(
 I rarely see that on media, or almost all comment sections.Where exactly you see "people who get Apple"?
It's both, I guess. Advertising and local news (or local advertising and local news haha)
Wow! $5B for iPhone accessory? Tremendous.
What I love about News is you can have news for specific topic all in one place, I use this to follow new Apple TV news lately and it's just so easy. What I don't like is region requirement. Really?
Doesn't look like Samsung phones have effect on iPhone sale much.
Actually this is the math that favours Mac. For example, I used to own Windows notebook that's half the price of Macbook Air I'm using now. The notebook was very slow. Frustrating to use from the very beginning. Then problems with hardware began creeping up after one years. They were so bad that after a full 2 years of use nobody wanted it anymore. Resale value was zero. All you can do was throwing it away.On the contrary, My Macbook Air is a joy to use from the very...
New Posts  All Forums: