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Why? The headphone jack was in different place between iPhone and iPod Touch under Steve, was it not? On topic. I don't have Smart Cover yet. Plan to buy it. Still if we want to nitpicking I'll say using Touch ID on iPad isn't as convenient as on iPhone. Why? When you hold iPhone, your thumb is naturally at the Touch ID button. This is not the case with iPad. I'll say the natural place for Touch ID for iPad is on the side bezel, not the bottom frame. Funny I don't have...
Apple has hit the balance right between sound quality and the file size. I'm glad it was very quick to send.
Why am I not surprised that the source was from Korea? :roll eyes:
Hence it's a resounding failure, both as originally intended and financially. Of course someone will continue to grasp at straws but I don't think people here will be that dumb to believe it.
Marco Arment is another one. He argued that 5s felt more natural for iOS design than 6+ and he would like to get back to his 5s.
Huh, I had PCs and needed to wipe my HDD a few times because of virus. Just you didn't get it doesn't make it unreal. Asks Microsoft why do they always provide security updates every couple of weeks if there's no such a danger. Sheesh. I hate this revisionist. Just because Apple system is significantly safer, now all security flaws in other's OS are all imaginative. Talks about head in the sand.
If I'm a customer shopping for fitness product in Apple Store, I would expect those products are all compatible with HK. So getting rid of Fitbit is like getting rid of confusion for customers, a win for me.
He's certainly doing a much better job than Baldmer. :) Still won't waste my phone space with these apps though.
I guess if you could put CPU and RAM in there, you would. :roll eyes: It's different product. MS Band is.. um.. a band. This is a watch, designed for wearing it all day long like a watch, in every events like a normal watch. While the MS Band's spec is impressive. It's also a fail design on simple function since you need to palm up like a girl to read the screen, which is strange to say the least.
New Posts  All Forums: