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So people bought less iPhone when it's less new. Wow! How insightful.Do you even use your brain writing this post?
Am I the only one who switched to Bing? I searched for "Beyoncé the met ball" and the result I got was more accurate than Google.
 Why are you lying? Don't you wanna have any credibility left? It's just obvious now that you're only here for trolling.
The Watch will track every day activity. It will even add brisk activities as exercise. You only use Workout when you want to record an exercise by session, or want to exercise by goal.In the end, all the data will be recorded to the same place, Health app on iPhone.
It's just sad. This company has no identity. Google at least has one. It's like watching snake oil salesman trying to be a magician.
It doesn't matter. Samsung, and Android, got the throne that no one care (apart from deluded Android fans of course, which is 99% of them). Normally everyone will follow the King but on smartphone market nobody did. So it is all meaningless irrespective of how many reported it. They (the media) will only make the fools of themselves.Beware Samsung. Xiaomi are gonna eat your lunch in India, your last strong hold.
Actually you need to compare this YOY to Q1 of 2014 which is $7.8B.
Yeah.. The more appropriate headline should be "Samsung is no1 on market share again but most of the phone sale were junks (again).".
Yeah, because of the shipment of low cost phone. How exciting! 30% less profit YOY. Let see how S6 will help stop the bleeding. My guess is not much.
Huh. They never touted her as a fitness expert.
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