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Huh, I had PCs and needed to wipe my HDD a few times because of virus. Just you didn't get it doesn't make it unreal. Asks Microsoft why do they always provide security updates every couple of weeks if there's no such a danger. Sheesh. I hate this revisionist. Just because Apple system is significantly safer, now all security flaws in other's OS are all imaginative. Talks about head in the sand.
If I'm a customer shopping for fitness product in Apple Store, I would expect those products are all compatible with HK. So getting rid of Fitbit is like getting rid of confusion for customers, a win for me.
He's certainly doing a much better job than Baldmer. :) Still won't waste my phone space with these apps though.
I guess if you could put CPU and RAM in there, you would. :roll eyes: It's different product. MS Band is.. um.. a band. This is a watch, designed for wearing it all day long like a watch, in every events like a normal watch. While the MS Band's spec is impressive. It's also a fail design on simple function since you need to palm up like a girl to read the screen, which is strange to say the least.
Yeah.. even in the press release, Google still lies. What a scumbag company.
No. Wearable computers. ;)
Yeah.. I completely agree. Like Moto 360 which is too big and the screen is not even circular. Or Samsung gear which looks really cheap. But what I wanna know is if I'm only running and I already have Strava, do I need this app?
Hmm.. way to not read the article. It's the quote from John Legere, T-Mobile CEO, one who was interviewed for this article. :roll eyes:
Am I the only one who enjoys iTunes, especially iTunes 11 on Mavericks? I love that I can see CD covers on my desktop, at the roughly size of real CD cover nonetheless (old habit from CD era I know, but it's such a joy especially when it changes according to the song played)..     And my library is neat. Home Sharing is awesome. Smart Playlists, how can I praise it enough. Up Next feature is God-send. iTunes Radio is priceless for discover or re-discover music, and...
New Posts  All Forums: