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Wow! So many misinformations on one, admittedly long, post. I won't bother to correct all of them but just this one for example:Yes. There is. Click the More button and click the song name on the top. You'll be right there on the album page.
What flaw? You can go to the artist page but sometimes you click on it and nothing happened because there is still bug.
 Nothing to do with UI. It's one of those bugs.
 I stop reading when it said iBooks is not a verb.
It's not perfect and that is stupid of Apple. But I found so many new songs to listen to I hardly know how I live without it for so long. On a past week I almost solely use my iPhone as an iPod. This is a testament of how good it is. Like the article said, if Apple continue to improve it intelligently, like Beat 1 has improved over the past week, music will be one of the main selling point of iPhone again.
 LOL. This one is so accurate it's very funny.
Good question. I hope it'll last. I'm having fun with it.
I want Craig Federighi show. Make it happen Zane.Btw, Beat 1 is inzane.No, you don't need Apple product to be aware of Beat 1. You only need Twitter, or Tumblr.
Thanks. Saved to My Music.
Yeah, the artist page looks like a Japanese band.I'll check it out. Thanks.
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