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Disagree. I didn't say all the photos in the site are shot in the studio. Clearly some are shot on location since the lighting are different. But the main picture was clearly shot in the studio. The lighting on the people is not possible consider the glass background.Looks at the bigger picture on the site, you can hardly see shadow on people faces.
Absolutely. You could almost see that the people are "pasted" into the background. They would never be foolish enough to shoot this on the real location (Jony's lab). Not because that it is secretive, but shooting in studio is much easier. Just have a table, some pencils and papers and BAM!
That is so unintelligent thing to say almost borderline on paranoid. It might be true if all of the products he's using are from Google though, I give you that.
This is a necessary step for Google. No upmarket fashion house will make Android Wears if it won't be able to sync with iPhone.
I think space grey aluminium model with white band will looks spectacular.
I told you so. The Home Screen design is pure genius.
Agree. The Grand Budapest Hotel, Whiplash and Birdman will be classic for years to come. 3 for a year ain't bad.
There's this danger for sure. Some Korean engineers could be too patriotic. Beside, taking a paycheck from BOTH Apple and Samsung would be the best.
Does Xiaomi even support Google Wallet? If not, it will be another nail in the Google Wallet coffin.
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