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Where is this "Chloe Sevigny" one? I'm intrigued.
I understand what you're saying but I tested asking the exact same question and it just play the song. SIRI didn't look it up for me but play it. A bug I say.Edit: Anyone remember what Eddie said in the keynote? Did he said "Play me.." or "What was.." just like this?
Why? I don't think non-subscribers had lost anything. "Stupid" (on Apple part) is more likely.
I can't quite remember this "What is the top song of 1975?" SIRI command before. People could use "Google what song is top of the chart in 1975" sure, but there're lots of things SIRI didn't know. At some point she didn't even know about movies. Just because Apple advertise this feature for Apple Music doesn't mean it exists before. We need more information. Edit: I think now that SIRI has this function, the better way to handle this is make SIRI search google for all...
Do we know SIRI support Billboard before Apple Music? For all we know, this kind of search could fail before Apple/iTunes Music.
These ads gave me chuckles. Job's well done.
Ha ha. That's true. It's strange that my next car may likely be Google's, Apple's or Tesla rather than Audi or BMW. :O
It's becoming real. Not sure how should I feel about Apple Car.
I don't understand this math. Where is $30 coming from? Edit: Ah.. I see. Revenue for Apple Music for a quarter.
If it has exclusive Season 6th of Game of Throne I might be interested but amateur videos that used to be free and before that used to be ad-free? No way. I just watch it on other platforms or won't bother with it completely.
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