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Funny that Apple just did the opposite. Changed the product but kept the name (Apple TV).
Did Google actually release it?
Apple is likely aiming for 4K support on Retina MacBook soon. 4K @ 6oHz is non-existent on Mac laptops at the moment.
Mavericks is miles better than Lion. Faster and more stable. Makes my 2011 MacBook Air which came with Lion like a brand new laptop.
What innovation? Microphone in the remote control?
 I watched the video and I'm NOT excited about it at all, even though I already want a smart watch. Something is missing here.
The interface is very ordinary. Doesn't look exciting like all the rest of Apple UI before iOS 7.
And it's butt UGLY. Sigh....
You have three of those but you're still envious of Boxster owner anyway.
I completely understand what you said but let thinking about it for a sec. If Apple didn't upgrade new mini to retina, what else with it can they do? A7 is overkill for the non-retina screen. Touch ID is still hard to produce.Yes, they can make it cheaper but it'd only make people think of Apple product as a cheap one. It will be unexciting upgrade if not for retina. If Android has any effect on Apple in this case the new mini will be retina AND much cheaper.
New Posts  All Forums: