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Always classy these Android people I'm so glad I try to stay away from them as far as possible.
 Especially BBC and The Guardians.
Line at Dover Street Market in London (from the Verge)  
+1With older iPhone and new Watch there is almost no place for iPod now.
Whatever credibility you have is flying out the window with this. Did you know the article you linked to is titled "iPhone 6 Sales Slightly Decrease After Galaxy S6 Release"?
We have this bullshit preorder number from Samsung again? When will people learn? Do they not possess the brain?
"Revenue at British chip designer ARM Holdings rose 22 percent to 227.5 million pounds ($339 million) in the first quarter, largely on the back of 64-bit smartphones such as the iPhone 6 and the newly-shipped Samsung Galaxy S6, a report noted on Tuesday."   Samsung has paid Bloomberg well. Not only it's trashing Apple Watch almost every day, it put the S6 where it don't belong. This publication is just a Samsung shill. It's The Verge with a better name.
I hope people who want to try the Watch before order realise that even if Apple open pre-order the exact same time the Apple Store open their door the Watch will still run out before the first one finished his/her try-on?   Nobody will let you try on products and pre-order it a week or even a day later. That's not even an option. That'll be a true disaster.
I'm not visiting there too but my bet is he's smart enough not to post it. Nobody will care to see it.
The team could be working on Apple Map and has no time with the app itself? I guess that's likely an explanation.
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