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Yes, it's available. Is it good?
That was true. But once anybody can upload anyone's somg on YouTube there is no going back.
If you build it, he will come.
Match function is integrated into Apple Music.. with one major difference. The songs will be DRMed.iTunes Match user can try Apple Music. Your songs will be integrated to Apple Music. Matched songs will be DRMed. It will be useless after you stop subscription. If you're certain you will pay for Apple Music you can cancel iTunes Match since it will be redundant.
Yes, all your songs will be in the cloud (it will upload only those it can't match though). When it finishes uploading you are free to move your original files out of iTunes to keep it somewhere else, or keep it there.
I remember the first day of iTunes Radio. The sound quality was so bad compared to today. Prepare yourself for things like this.
 Beat 1 is free so you can have that with no charge. It's hosted by award-winning DJ that aim to make it a go-to place for current trend in music. If you're interested in that you'll get that for free.And of course there's still a Radio that let you make your own radio station, also for free.
 Strangely you're awake enough to post. :roll eyes:
This is music, not talk shows.
Yeah.. these price aren't good for adoption rate.
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