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Am I the only one who enjoys iTunes, especially iTunes 11 on Mavericks? I love that I can see CD covers on my desktop, at the roughly size of real CD cover nonetheless (old habit from CD era I know, but it's such a joy especially when it changes according to the song played)..     And my library is neat. Home Sharing is awesome. Smart Playlists, how can I praise it enough. Up Next feature is God-send. iTunes Radio is priceless for discover or re-discover music, and...
 This is simply incorrect. It stored History in iTunes i believe.
Craig should team up with Stephen Colbert for a new comedy program. It was so funny! Printer straight to shredder FTW!
Ha! I take that.
Waiting to order. IPad Air 2 Space Grey 64 GB Wifi Dark grey smart cover 150% more snappiness than my old iPad 2 (I presume).
I know why. Most of the time when I'm at home my phone is on the charger a room away. It's definitely more convenient taking the call on the Mac than walking to get the phone every time.
The price is nut!
I predict nobody'll care enough to bend it.
A few will have one before you but most probably have to wait longer before launch day.
That might be true but the home screen will be the icon of Apple Watch, not watch faces, so it's very important. EDIT: I don't remember what the home screen of Android Wear looks like. That shows how bad its design is.
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