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The team could be working on Apple Map and has no time with the app itself? I guess that's likely an explanation.
When I read the headline this is exactly what I thought I would find people posted in this thread and Voila!
I love it when people are having a hard time believing Apple might never have to pay these celebrities at all apart from the cost of the Watch itself. It shows how shit products in their lives are.
I'm in fact at least working in advertising field so I know a thing or two about these things.
  Yeah I saw a lot in your post (full of conjectures and opinions stated as facts). roll eyes.
Yeah for Runkeeper but where is Strava?
Why do we have to trust you?
I think this mean we will see an exclusive Beyoncé album on new Apple/Beat streaming service.
Since when it lower the price BEFORE the new product release. Tell you exactly about its quality really. Ain't rocket science at all.
 Contrary to the douche bag like Eric Schmidt on original iPhone stage?
New Posts  All Forums: