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This is cool. https://instagram.com/p/4XL0E-O4O_/
I too don't. She simply has no other choice. Her letter come out as unselfish and stands for indie musicians. Now that indie musicians are happy with Apple term she has no choice but cave too. Otherwise people will question her actual intention in the first letter.
 I agree with this, especially on classical music. Hope Apple could do something about it in the future.
 You linked but failed to provide all important informations in the article, like this for example: Quote: One of our sources is an independent getting distributed through Sony (and received an email update this morning); the other is also an indie with a fairly substantial catalog. Aren't Indie label just signed with Apple Music after they confirmed they will pay? If this such a poor rate as you tried to make out, I wonder why they suddenly caved? And this: So this may...
I bought a pair of this last week for Apple Music too. :D
I don't know why it's infuriating to you. It's the kind of thing that you never thinking about again after you set it up which is the whole purpose. 
That's true but it will not if you use iTunes Match.
It has nothing to do with the amount of data backing up. You can call it smart back up or anything you want because when I restored my iPhone or iPad I always get everything back to where they belong. Apps, Settings, data. Everything down to the size and zoom of wallpaper. You need to try it to understand.
Yikes!! Very creepy.
Nope. iCloud Back Up will only back up necessary data. For example, the OS and app will not be backed up because the apps will be automatically downloaded from the store.
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