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If it has exclusive Season 6th of Game of Throne I might be interested but amateur videos that used to be free and before that used to be ad-free? No way. I just watch it on other platforms or won't bother with it completely.
Plex at launch! Confirmed by dev.
Hmm.. You may be onto something here.
32 GB. And I can just order online because Apple gives Siri remote control to every country after all. Whooo!!
I wouldn't mind ad if it's free. I can skip it in 5 seconds. When it becomes more annoying I'd rather stop using YouTube.Why do I want to pay to watch cat videos?
Day one order for me. Just hope it's not too expensive from exchange rate.
Why do I want to pay for something that used to be free?
Yeah.. Many annoying bugs. Some were fixed. Some were still present but I subscribed anyway, simply because Spotify UI is not my thing. If they're very serious about fixing bugs the same way they were about Apple Map Spotify should be very very afraid.Just an hour ago I wanted to listen to one song and I didn't even have to open the app. I just told SIRI to play that song and voila!
The room I tested, the stereo speakers alone are $100,000 a pair. :) That's why the test was so funny (and eye-opening) There're just too much variables in TV shops to be certain about quality of the screen. I never look at TV in the shop to determine about its quality. Mostly I'll look at spec sheet first. I don't trust the shop to calibrate them right. Neil deGrasse Tyson had said the evidence you should trust the least in court is eyewitness account. It's not...
 It's not your eyes. It's your brain. This phenomena happens to audiophile also. That's why the best way to test audio quality is to use blind test. I used to fool my supposedly audiophile friend by having him see me put SACD in the tray but play CD instead and as expected, he proclaimed the sound was much better than the CD he had (which was the same one I used).
New Posts  All Forums: