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There many shock-resistant cases for iPhone. Many apps for photography. Many add-on lens. Many kinds of accessories for photography and cinematography. Tripods. Grips. All kinds. There're even professional movie making apps to shoot feature films.How is GoPro not scared?If anything, it's YOU who do not understand iPhone camera capability.
Have you tried Reset Network?
Did you actually read the article I linked?
Feature. News is also a feature.But it will not be your favorite if it drag down Safari. The fact that iOS 9 Safari is so snappy enhance your enjoyment of ad blocking.
Is this a proof that customers care more about performance than features? I think so. Apple, listen to your customers.
GoPro shares could fall due strong competition: Barron's - Reuters https://apple.news/AYqnIa-baQVCCssEguETucg
That is a wise thing to do. Also, this is a good article on WIRED about ad blocker on iOS 9. There're some recommendations in therehttp://www.wired.com/2015/09/content-blocking-apps/ I really love to have Hide & Seek on desktop.
 Sure. And I'm free to trust anyone I deem trustable. It's not about survival. I don't hold the grudge that the Magazine had to fold. It's about sticking to your words. If you don't understand that then I have no more to say to you.
 You hit the nail on the head. When he launched The Magazine, he said it will be curated by him. Less than a month after, he hired someone else to do it instead. And not too long after that he sold the app completely.I'm sure he had all the perfect reasons for it but how can you trust a guy like this I'm not sure. The app is monthly subscription and people subscribed to it because it's Marco's app and Marco's curation. Another U-turn for him.
 That's true but tell me this: for anyone who championed 4K in this thread.. what TV do you have? How big the screen? How far away from the screen you sit? Without this data it's all pointless.
New Posts  All Forums: