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The back up of both my 64 GB iPad Air 2 and my 64 GB iPhone 6 is only 2.3 GB. (1.1+1.2)5 GB. back up is quite enough. What isn't is iCloud Photo Library.
I know people will always fall for sensationalism rather than substance so I'm not surprised.
In all those services you still can set the stations up yourself.
In the meantime.. Apple Music Countdown https://www.facebook.com/events/908082079230165/ The ball is rolling.. fast.
In the meantime.. https://twitter.com/zanelowe/status/613386266273411073 The ball is rolling.
*If* true.
 lol. I love to listen to that.
How can you put up with Andy Ihnatko? lol. You're not wrong. That's the way Apple initially see it. But it's not worth fighting when media just lazily quote "not paying" and try to smear your image.I think what make Apple turn around is indie labels, Taylor Swift *and* the outcry in Apple community.
That's logical.Anyway...
Nope. I meant it's dumb to license to another free with ad service right now. When they're perfectly happy with a scrap, a scrap is all they will get.What they should do is starting to eliminate this kind of services one by one. Leave only the one that acts like a radio, the one that you can't set anything up at all.But of course music execs are always too dumb and too greedy to think of anything long term. That's why the industry is going downhill after downhill.
New Posts  All Forums: