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If they're happy about that they wouldn't compete with Apple in smartphone market in the first place.
Using it everyday with no issue. It even knows the shortcut to my condo when walking. :OHaven't touched Google Map for a few years. Good riddance.
Is this an echo from 2 years ago? Hello?HOW-TO GEEK: ‘APPLE MAPS VS. GOOGLE MAPS’ 
Just In time for the release of iPad Pro hmm...
So it's limited after all.
And linked Table of Contents when export to PDF. Is that workable now I wonder.
You're charging it wrong. Also, plugging it in will takes just a fraction of second more but charge much more quickly. Thinks about it.
I can access "wireless" internet anywhere in my house. Can I charge my Watch "wirelessly" in the same manner?
But it's great that he took the time...
because it isn't classy and make him appears small and he knew it, unlike many people who defended him in that thread.
New Posts  All Forums: