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He's also responsible for Safari and Time Machine, which before iCloud was the only back up app I enjoyed. He know how to make app that's so easy to use. It's too bad he could not be a team player.
Yeah, I miss him too, somewhat. While I like the direction of Apple UI now it's certainly not intuitive in some places. But in the end it's the guy's fault anyway since he was never a team player, something that Tim Cook values.
What's there to comment about the cheap race-to-the-bottom product? I'd prefer wasting my time with other things in life.
People like Karl Lagerfeld wore only what pleased him, not what people gave him.
There's a Paental Control Setting in the app.
Typical Android mentality. Buying something just because it's cheap. Whatever makes you happy it's good but now we know how seriously we can take you when you're talking about quality and design.
Tim Cahill, the footballer?
Yep. That's pretty telling about The Verge.
@sflagel or anyone who's interested, dns4me just mailed me that they're supporting HBO NOW. It's only AUD $9.00 for 3 months. I'll try it tonight. Just want to give you guys head up.
Well, at least she isn't making that and then tweet raving about it from Android smartphone.
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