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Agree. The Grand Budapest Hotel, Whiplash and Birdman will be classic for years to come. 3 for a year ain't bad.
There's this danger for sure. Some Korean engineers could be too patriotic. Beside, taking a paycheck from BOTH Apple and Samsung would be the best.
Does Xiaomi even support Google Wallet? If not, it will be another nail in the Google Wallet coffin.
Or to the point, first supermodel.
BTW, is this true?  
I fear it's only a matter of time before this kind of thing (group of Islamic extremists with military-grade weapons doing rampant shooting on street) happens in other European cities, or even the US. IS must be rubbing their hands with joy when they saw what a few could do to the metropolitan city protected by polices with only handguns. It's way easier than taking Kobani for sure. And anyone did it will be way more famous.
Thank you for this. This is actually better than the official Instagram app on iPhone.
I just re-watched The Net (1995). Not only it was full of Apple computers, but the malicious program was called Gate Keeper and in the last scene Sandra Bullock fought the bad guy in Moscone Centre. :cool: Too bad not a single word about "Cloud". :)
It was the same when Steve Jobs was no longer with us. I'm guilty of this too. I, like the author, very rarely use iPad out of my house. 
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