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@sflagel or anyone who's interested, dns4me just mailed me that they're supporting HBO NOW. It's only AUD $9.00 for 3 months. I'll try it tonight. Just want to give you guys head up.
Well, at least she isn't making that and then tweet raving about it from Android smartphone.
The performance isn't as great as Maverick on my Macbook Air 2011. There's too many beach balls but I like it. It makes Maverick looks old.
AFAIK, when Apple has much less market share than this the developers still developed for iOS first. It clearly matters little to them. Keep in mind that this is special case. For less market share product, it get the most profit *and* the best quality customers who's willing to spend. If you have two of those you'll care very little about market share. Of course, if your market share is growing while you didn't change the strategy like making much cheaper phone then...
 Those says about your taste more than the Watch itself.
Ha ha. How is that? For the record, I'm tilted away from "let's wait and see" in September to "A Sport here I come" in January to "Stainless Steel" now. :)
 Not sure how you come to the conclusion after this good ad.  Also, the music is perfect.
Disagree. I didn't say all the photos in the site are shot in the studio. Clearly some are shot on location since the lighting are different. But the main picture was clearly shot in the studio. The lighting on the people is not possible consider the glass background.Looks at the bigger picture on the site, you can hardly see shadow on people faces.
Absolutely. You could almost see that the people are "pasted" into the background. They would never be foolish enough to shoot this on the real location (Jony's lab). Not because that it is secretive, but shooting in studio is much easier. Just have a table, some pencils and papers and BAM!
That is so unintelligent thing to say almost borderline on paranoid. It might be true if all of the products he's using are from Google though, I give you that.
New Posts  All Forums: