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She dSo we can have better news, faster site and most importantly, better forum.
 It shouldn't. Google is an ad company after all. Sooner or later they will do it. It surprised me that they didn't do this from the beginning. What surprises me is why music industry think it's a good idea to have another ad-supported service, which didn't pay much, in the face of Apple Music launch which try to change consumer's behaviour into respecting artist's works and pay for it. That's just dumb.
That's a great ad. It's bold, simple, effective and convey brand image very well. Contrary to what the trolls believe, advertising is one area that the quality didn't deteriorate at all in the Tim Cook era.
She did a very good job promoting Apple responsibility for world environment but I can't help but think Apple should have a new VP for education. Education should be important enough for Apple to have its own dedicated VP. Likewise for SIRI and AI.
Aw.. C'mon.. It's cute. Relax.
That's true but to be honest even though I'm so ready for Apple Music, knowing people behind the songs I'm listening to getting paid makes me much much more comfortable with the service. In the long run this will prove to be a wise decision. In the short term though, stock could tank.
Ah.. Thank you. How I missed that the first time.This is very interesting.
Did you actually read the article? No, it's not confirming what you said. Where are reading comprehension nowadays?
http://gizmodo.com/sorry-android-users-you-dont-get-free-apple-music-1710252534Now yours...
That may be so but link?
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