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It's an attempt to cheer-leading the hate on iOS 7. Shameless publishing. Not that I prefer iOS 7 over iOS 6 (look and feel) but to say it's the most troublesome without including Android is shameless.
I love iTunes 11. Enjoy it every day.
Where have you been all these years? There'll always be articles painting Apple in bad light non-stop for a past few years at least. It's really unbelievable no one write an iOS 7-gate YET.
Please tell me what tech company do you trust?
]Yeah, and what happened in 2009? It's all bullshit.
Amazon is wrong all the time about block-bustered Blu-Ray release date. They're just guessing.
Your pictures are really nice. :) Bookmarked. (for real it later)
Multiple touches, grabs and steal. :P
I think this summed it up nicely. The old interface is old-fashioned, but the new interface fails to WOW users. It's one thing to be minimalism. It's another thing to be unimpressive.
Can't. He won't co-operate with others. Now the progress will be quicker but the catch is.. the apps and OS won't be as refined and elegant as in Forstall's era.
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