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Yes, and he said he wrote everything (reviews?) already, just couldn't publish it.
YouTube too (streaming while the screen is off). I have no idea what he's talking about.
Great! Now bring back Tony Fadell please.
Yeah.. strange advice. Remind me of why it's such a stink place.
I didn't watch their announcement. Couldn't care less. But that big phone with only one side screen looks half-baked to me.
When I try to buy apps but enter password wrong a couple of times, next time I have to answer the question I gave to Apple long time ago. If I think too long, even the answer was right it won't let me in. I have to answer another question again.
Great idea really. You could be some kind of online security advisor for these rich people. You'll do extremely well in this new world. On topic, I think iCloud or Dropbox is most likely suspect. Dropbox app uploaded every pictures you took on your iPhone. Most of the time without your knowledge. My wife doesn't even know her Dropbox app uploaded her iPhone pictures to their server.
It's hers. Trust me. :)
Steve Jobs would not allow this!
I think this "commercial" shows how low Samsung, and their supporters, willing to be in order to one up Apple. First they made a commercial to capitalize on the charity cause mainly to tried to one up their competitor. Second, they faked the commercial (Looks at the time at the title bar). And third, the competitor also passed the test, without the need to stoop this low, or fake it. This is also show how stupid Samsung and their fans is/are, to think that iPhone would not...
New Posts  All Forums: