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I think the majority still won't bother about it. What's wrong with turning the light off yourself?
Are you using 6s?
No, you don't. If you have a clue you would have acknowledged that Tim Cook has a good reason to call Jobs' film opportunistic since the most recent Jobs' film (this documentary) is indeed opportunistic. You said he shoot first without good reason which shows ignorance, sorry if I'm being frank. He didn't even aim at Sorkin's film since it wasn't in theaters yet. Here is Colbert's question: "A bunch of movies that coming out right now that aren't flattering".  Sorkin could...
 And Tim Cook didn't mention Sorkin's film. Colbert asked Cook when this scandalous documentary just open and have Apple employees walked out of theatre in film festival just a few weeks ago. Check the date the film released. Check the date of the article in my link. Check the date Colbert asked Cook, you will have a clue at last.That film is opportunistic. No other words could describe it better.Sorkin's film doesn't open yet. Even though most biography films are...
Well, I'd very much agree with this comment. This is self promotion for his film no doubt.
 Without good reason? Why do people open their mouth when they don't have a clue. I'll give you a hint: Steve Jobs: The Man in the MachineI'll even give you a link to educate yourself, why TC did shoot first.http://daringfireball.net/linked/2015/09/04/kim-gibney-jobs
Maybe because he's not spot on and you're wrong?
 He just believed all the FUD from his Android friends. 
Suck to be you. This is not the case for my 6.
Count me in "Not gonna see this movie" group. Good Job Sorkin.   And I won't see any ones you'll associate with from now on.
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