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Match will go when Apple's confident Apple Music is successful. Right now too many people's using Match love to listen to only their own music.
I agree. The free membership with ad has a big potential to destroy music industry.
I think I just leave this here:"What they don’t consider, however, is that AAC – also known as MP4 – is a much better codec. It won’t sound worse at that lower bit rate; it will sound just as good, if not better, than 320 kbps MP3 files. And, it saves you money on bandwidth.While they point out that Spotify only uses 320 kbps for paid subscribers (others get 96 or 160 kbps), they still manage to say that Apple Music will sound worse. And they don’t point out that Spotify...
 I kinda like it the way it is. Most of the time I used one-hand mode just to click the button at the top. One click operation. If I have to double-tap it again to close it will be way annoying.
First, Spotify app is so shit I never want to try anything. And as a music lover I strangely never get the enjoyment out of music from Spotify, the mood is just not right. Not sure why but their app design always kill my enjoyment.And I never find Spotify playlists that make me wow. It's alright but nothing extremely good. If you like beat, Apple Music will be more or less it.
 That should be easy. Let's the artists control their pages: Blocking trolls & spams. I'd laugh if Apple didn't think about this.
That was the screen caps I capped for you but couldn't upload to this site. I think it will be more or less like Beat, if not the same. In the long run it could be even better because of Apple resources. But whatever it is the curation will be miles better than Spotify. I'm using Spotify, free user, and the curation there is nothing impressive.
Exactly the same as iTunes 12 I would guess. Apple Music will mix in with the portion you're using to listen to your music
I don't understand. Why do you hell-bent on thinking it will be different from Beat? Because it doesn't have one tab Beat has. Is that it?
New Posts  All Forums: