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Please re-read it. It said Android will have free "tier", not 3 months free "trial" It will only get viewing and following artists in Connect and listening to Beat 1 Radio. In short the same thing iOS user who don't want to pay after 3 months trial get. There is nothing on Gizmodo article that say Android will have a la cart music for 3 months free "trial". I screen capped the article to show you but this forum is so Safari unfriendly I can not post the picture so you just...
Thank you for the link but if that Gizmodo article is true, it supports my point, that Android will not get free trial (the free trial on Android is so limit it doesn't have all you can eat music. It only get Beat1 and follow artists in Connect). Do we read the same thing?In short, Android will have free tier, the same as iOS user who don't pay after 3 months but it will not have free "trial".
Do you have a link saying Android will have free trial? That contradicts with what I read before.You know Android will not get Apple Music app until at least 3 months after the launch, right?
Android users will not get a free trial.
Yep. The difference is now Apple's so big and rich everyone run to media when they want something out of Apple.
I agree that he was very solid but people tend to forget when he's wrong, like The Control Center in El-Cap that he told Gruber.
Huh? I'm working in advertising and many of my clients are from entertainment industry. They always complain about, and hate, YouTube. You can post any links you want. That doesn't change the fact that anyone can post any songs or clips from any movies on YouTube. "risks being blocked" My A__. People's work shouldn't be stolen like this.
..and it devalue their works. Give something to people for free and they'll hesitate to pay next time. And YouTube is a giant bully to entertainment industry. Didn't want your works posted? We'll take sweet time to check if you're indeed the right holder. While we're at it anyone can watch/listen to your works for free. And by the way we will never inform you when someone posted your works. We always assume that any guys can have the right for a film or a song. Sorry.Don't...
 I understand your sentiment but isn't that's exactly what Apple does? Since there's no income for the 3 months free trial, the right holders, and Apple, get nothing?
 Is that a big of a deal she's in on free period or not? Apple Music will match any songs you have in the library even a crappy 96 kbps mp3 to 256 AAC. You can get "1989" in your library in no time, and with a good quality no less. This will pose no problem for anyone who intend to stay beyond a free trial, just saying'. :)
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