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WSJ. Enough said. A tiny bit better than Digitimes. Anything sourced from this is not worth a discussion IMO.
Since when Ron Johnson was ever a CEO?
Ha. Ha. Ha. Priceless.Many thanks Phil.
This is an area where the past record was not great for Tim Cook but looks like he might nail it this time. I would love to re-read what Cook talked about Browett when he was hired. :D
Pro Mode. If I have one, I'll be happy. Everything else are as fine as they are. Pro Mode so you can lock 3 things separately: AE Lock, AF Lock and WB Lock.
And when Android TV failed, there'll always be Chrome TV. And when that also failed, well.. there's still Play TV.
Or face detection.
What this thread shows is people might forget how awesome iOS 1-6 was. Apple got the highest rating from customers on the base of the OS Forstall created. So yes, iOS 6 was awesome, even though tech pundits said otherwise. And the proof is how people reacted to iOS 7. It's hard to top iOS 6. But yes, iOS 7 is the new beginning. It's not perfect. If Apple listens to customers, if they're really paying attention like they said then we will love it in a not-for-long...
True, but .com is different.
What's sales? This is just guesstimate from third party that usually have any clue about but tech presses love to quote them. As for numbers you posted you can see for yourself that there was increase and decrease. meh.
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