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I'm surprised he didn't call for Tim's head in that post.
Yes, Beat 1 will be accessible free of charge on the countries that Apple Music launches (supposedly +100 ones) You did. It's 3. :D  You can like and dislike a song to let the algorithm know your taste.
 Apple goal is a 100 million subscribers for free three months, of which they can easily get.
How did you sign up?
Josh Topolski?
Free Spotify is for people who's not interested in paying for music, poor quality and only shuffle, something Apple want to remedy with Apple Music. Getting music value back is one of the point in the keynote. I understand that it will be hard for some indie labels on the free trial period but they did it to themselves when they allow Spotify to stream their songs for free.
 I'm not sure why this isn't happening already. It's such a good idea and fit Apple perfectly.
$400 a month is definitely more than free but it makes people think music is for free. You get that but eventually you'll lose so much more.
I'm just gonna say the same thing. Thank you for saving my time.
 No it will not. iTunes Match is much cheaper than Apple Music. Many people who want to only listen to their own music will not be forced to switch. Plus it has no DRM. But Apple Music has one big advantage and that is the limit of songs you can download is much much more (more than 100,000 I believe).
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