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It's hers. Trust me. :)
Steve Jobs would not allow this!
I think this "commercial" shows how low Samsung, and their supporters, willing to be in order to one up Apple. First they made a commercial to capitalize on the charity cause mainly to tried to one up their competitor. Second, they faked the commercial (Looks at the time at the title bar). And third, the competitor also passed the test, without the need to stoop this low, or fake it. This is also show how stupid Samsung and their fans is/are, to think that iPhone would not...
Never have one.
The best CEO there is.             (from Apple point of view)
I wanna see Craig's. I wanna see those hair wet.
My wife's still using iPhone 4 with iOS 6. When I told her I'll buy her a new iPhone 6 she said "No!". She thinks the phone is as perfect as it is. Of course I'll buy her anyway.  
What are those? Can you specify the model?PS: I'm typing this on my iPad 2 running iOS 7.1.
Funny that Apple just did the opposite. Changed the product but kept the name (Apple TV).
Did Google actually release it?
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