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Count me in "Not gonna see this movie" group. Good Job Sorkin.   And I won't see any ones you'll associate with from now on.
I love when Topolsky talked about design, like how Material Design is so superior to iOS (No, it's not).You must love it when tech journalist talking about things they have no clue about. Looks how he dress himself, is there any design in that?
Don't bet against it. Xiaomi MKII in the making.
It's a supply chain reason. There're just not enough supplies for iPhone and iPad yet.And LG is a biggest supplier of OLED, isn't it?
There is some exception of course but it's a general rule. If you have ever dealt with Chinese you will understand.
Yup. Lazy coding. Shit user experience.
We have. Apple Watch is good looking.
Thinking about it some more I think Apple couldn't care less. They're in the process to move all the screens to OLED at some point in the near future. Next year with iPhone 7 possibly. ( the market of the Watch is still too small)
Keep the Japanese. Don't trust the Chinese.
 It's strange that you used "need" to the most successful company in the world a lot. It's like Apple is gonna be.. uh... doomed.
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