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You're an glass-half-empty kind of guy. Focus mainly on weakness, rather than strength or both at the same time. On the bolded part, wasn't iOS 8.0.1 dealt with very quickly? Somehow it's bad for Tim but was good for Steve?
I'm sure many of Apple employees, if not most, appreciated this letter and wanted to take a few moment to remember the legendary founder who's just departed a few years ago.
I wonder the same but a little different. I think they got used to slimy corporates like Google or Samsung with little regards for customer's satisfaction so they think they can't trust any companies.
My wife's iPhone 4 got normal reception since I first bought it for her until now, so that also cancel out your bullshit.
How did you obtain a password by answering security questions? That doesn't make any sense. When I put in the wrong password a few times I need to answer security questions. If I answer it right I got the chance to try again. It didn't give me any password, or let me in itself.You may obtain the password by calling iCloud support personally, pretending to be the owner but you need more than security password to convince those guys.
Without China. The second and third largest carriers there. Couldn't quite remember the name. (They got the second one first, for 3GS from my rather bad memory, and the third one a couple of years later)
Without China.
Yes, and he said he wrote everything (reviews?) already, just couldn't publish it.
YouTube too (streaming while the screen is off). I have no idea what he's talking about.
Great! Now bring back Tony Fadell please.
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