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Is this a confirmation that you will publish in Apple format once it's available?
Absolutely. The dynamic font sizing isn't working in the articles (those that come from RSS). It works on the main page though.iPad Air 2/ iOS 9
This guy never has TV in his life. My TV has PiP long before Samsung ever made an ARM tablet.
Wow! So short-sighted.
Apple Map is on par with Google Map right now. I use it with the Watch every other days and didn't miss Google Map at all.
Actually it's live now. I just searched and found it.
It will launch on Monday. Not sure where this article get the "launch today" meme.
As SIRI in iOS 9 can search for app content, can we assume SIRI on Apple TV will be able to search Plex content soon?
It will come.
Bluetooth 4 I presume.
New Posts  All Forums: