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My wife loves the new Pages. All she said this morning is great! great! great! Lol.But she hated the new safari because of no cover-flow History.
Chromebook is a new netbook.
He always says FU to greedy investors so it's more likely to be youAnd again Warren Buffet told Tim to ignore Carl Icahn.
Ha. Ha. All these experts who know what Apple should do. If only SJ's still around to say FU to their faces.
Apple is already buying back as THEY see fit, not as an greedy OUTSIDER see fit.
If you believe Warren then you shouldn't support Icahn. He just basically told Tim to ignore him.
Sorry, misreading your post.
How is that even relevant to the topic?
Is this exclusive to Maverick or it's universal? Like when you allow one website it'll send the notification even when you're on mobile Safari?
Yes, it's even worse on the Verge article."But if Motorola continues to slide, Google may eventually be forced to write down the cost of the $12.5 billion acquisition — and its investors could clamor for the company to scuttle what has so far been a painful experiment into the world of mobile hardware. “Looking at the purchase I’m still scratching my head about why they did it,” says Avi Greengart, the research director for consumer devices at Current Analysis, “and how...
New Posts  All Forums: