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I guess if you could put CPU and RAM in there, you would. :roll eyes: It's different product. MS Band is.. um.. a band. This is a watch, designed for wearing it all day long like a watch, in every events like a normal watch. While the MS Band's spec is impressive. It's also a fail design on simple function since you need to palm up like a girl to read the screen, which is strange to say the least.
Yeah.. even in the press release, Google still lies. What a scumbag company.
No. Wearable computers. ;)
Yeah.. I completely agree. Like Moto 360 which is too big and the screen is not even circular. Or Samsung gear which looks really cheap. But what I wanna know is if I'm only running and I already have Strava, do I need this app?
Hmm.. way to not read the article. It's the quote from John Legere, T-Mobile CEO, one who was interviewed for this article. :roll eyes:
Am I the only one who enjoys iTunes, especially iTunes 11 on Mavericks? I love that I can see CD covers on my desktop, at the roughly size of real CD cover nonetheless (old habit from CD era I know, but it's such a joy especially when it changes according to the song played)..     And my library is neat. Home Sharing is awesome. Smart Playlists, how can I praise it enough. Up Next feature is God-send. iTunes Radio is priceless for discover or re-discover music, and...
 This is simply incorrect. It stored History in iTunes i believe.
Craig should team up with Stephen Colbert for a new comedy program. It was so funny! Printer straight to shredder FTW!
Ha! I take that.
Waiting to order. IPad Air 2 Space Grey 64 GB Wifi Dark grey smart cover 150% more snappiness than my old iPad 2 (I presume).
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