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Sculley would never have done this!
And a month too late for Apple Music Festival.
You should try it. I had problem with Apple Music where the songs will keep stuttering but everything else was fine (no lag when browsing for example). Once I reset it the stream was smooth like I'm playing from local library.
Huh? What I just said is that people had mounted something more weighty than iPhone for many years. They'll have no problem mounting iPhone at all.
Done neither? I'm working in film production and saw strange and bigger things than iPhone mounted on the helmet to shoot film for many years. How do you think we shot something like this in the past?
That actually isn't hard at all.
"Disgusting" is more appropriate.
Samsung innovates again!
Today, nobody will go up the Everest to shoot documentary without GoPros. In the next couple of years, what do you think they will carry, A set of GoPro or a set of cheap iPhone 6?Think about it.
There many shock-resistant cases for iPhone. Many apps for photography. Many add-on lens. Many kinds of accessories for photography and cinematography. Tripods. Grips. All kinds. There're even professional movie making apps to shoot feature films.How is GoPro not scared?If anything, it's YOU who do not understand iPhone camera capability.
New Posts  All Forums: