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Sorry, misreading your post.
How is that even relevant to the topic?
Is this exclusive to Maverick or it's universal? Like when you allow one website it'll send the notification even when you're on mobile Safari?
Yes, it's even worse on the Verge article."But if Motorola continues to slide, Google may eventually be forced to write down the cost of the $12.5 billion acquisition — and its investors could clamor for the company to scuttle what has so far been a painful experiment into the world of mobile hardware. “Looking at the purchase I’m still scratching my head about why they did it,” says Avi Greengart, the research director for consumer devices at Current Analysis, “and how...
And it even has a small screen mode. The Note 3 is one BIG joke.
That's is the down side of all these cool new sounds. You can't hear it clearly. If you get used to it then you can but it's still not very clear. You can ridicule the old sounds any way you like but it's very clear and you never missed it. Talking about form over function yet again.  Color me another one.
+1Don't turn this into MacRumors.
Hear! Hear!I'm telling this again: WSJ DON'T DESERVE SERIOUS AUDIENCES.Look at their news about Google's Moto. Almost a 25% lost YOY and what is the headline? What do you think is the headline if Apple lost money 25% YOY?Might Google Have a Sly Motive Behind Motorola?http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303672404579147624149283910Give me a break really.
I fully understand of what you said and I concur with it whole-heartedly. Strangely, after a week with iOS 7 all of these "almost" don't matter. If I could get back to iOS 6 now, I might not going back.I still don't want the look on OSX though.
I'll mourn the day OSX is iOS-7inzed.
New Posts  All Forums: