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Yes, absolutely. While Google is better than Apple in this area there was just gmail blackout not so long ago.
It's banned.
Do you have link to his iPhone photos? I know his works but am not sure which ones are shot by iPhone.
Who would have thought? For a second there I thought my God, love to browse with this on my sofa.
This's why Google stock has grown so much in recent years. Nobody cares.Good idea. I'll do a few too.
Wow. Just wow.We'll see soon, I guess.
You presses any charge you want, I will punch you anyway and hope to God the court will see the light that this device is an invasion to my privacy.Thank you sincerely.
We diss it because it's not a product for us. It's a product for Google to suck all of our data from us.
Things I'd like before I even consider one. Don't send any data to Google server. Period.That will be out of business in no time.
You can achieve all of this with better results from other devices, and avoided looking retarded in the process too. All but a composer's point of view that nobody cares.Yours sincerely,
New Posts  All Forums: