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It will be most interesting how Apple will deal with Garageband on iOS 7 since this is one of the few apps (along with iBooks) that skeuomorphic works really great. 
So the Next Web magazine pulled out of Android because of what? Who's in Apple is on the board of the Next Web? or the Next Web doing this out of their love for Apple? You guys crack me up! Keep up the good work!
Everything is conspiracy, you know. How else can a respectable company ignore such a respectable OS even if all the data in the world showing otherwise? Makes me giggle every time seeing how stupid these people can be.
Well. this line surely made me giggled. Talks about someone who has nothing better to do in life. Throwing a ROM on a PHONE!?! WTF?
Did he read MacRumor? He actually tweeted the headline from MacRumor.
Agree. I couldn't care less about the 5c but it has it's market. For example:http://www.todaysiphone.com/2013/10/3-weeks-with-the-new-iphones-and-why-im-probably-selling-my-iphone-5s/I simply read this news as a "We can't attack the 5s because of 9 million figures so let's attack the 5c instead." bullshit from WSJ.
The point is no, they don't do their job. They may do their job if it is hating on Apple. Seriously, they got called out time and time again for their atrocious reports on Apple. Just because this news fit your agenda doesn't mean it's trustworthy.
Think Different.
WSJ. Enough said. A tiny bit better than Digitimes. Anything sourced from this is not worth a discussion IMO.
Since when Ron Johnson was ever a CEO?
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