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I completely understand what you said but let thinking about it for a sec. If Apple didn't upgrade new mini to retina, what else with it can they do? A7 is overkill for the non-retina screen. Touch ID is still hard to produce.Yes, they can make it cheaper but it'd only make people think of Apple product as a cheap one. It will be unexciting upgrade if not for retina. If Android has any effect on Apple in this case the new mini will be retina AND much cheaper.
Asked and you shall receive. Because it's quite tiring this statistic without a good analysis, especially coming from IDC who was wrong time and time again. Analysis of Tablet Market Share. 
Yuck! I don't go to these sites (CNET, Verge). Went there only from Flipboard. Waste of my time I think.
AAPL was also down after the last earning. Broke $400 for the first time if I remembered correctly. Just looks at where it stands now. 
Well, at least it's not smelly.   http://thenextweb.com/shareables/2013/10/30/youre-alone-new-dell-laptop-smells-like-cat-urine/
Whatever connected to Google will never be free from prying eyes. Government or not.I'm surprised nobody commented this: what an ugly ship!
Hmm.. Really. Look at this image.http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17seqil0fh44qjpg/original.jpgI think you're confused iPad 2 with iPad mini.
True but the brand will suffer when people think you hand them cheap junk. And I think the screen on N7 is too small.
So now google's gonna compete with Samsung. Well, my popcorn is ready.
Does the new Pages lose Version?
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