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True but the brand will suffer when people think you hand them cheap junk. And I think the screen on N7 is too small.
So now google's gonna compete with Samsung. Well, my popcorn is ready.
Does the new Pages lose Version?
Looking at performance charts above I wonder how many stars galaxy S4 will get. 1.5?
I can't see a situation where I'll lose my iPhone or iPad. Could you name one? If stolen, then I have more problem to solve than go to random website and post.
Yes, but it won't let you change the bookmark name before adding.
May I ask.. What are you talking about? :D Oh and I love this:  Didn't know if previous version has it.
Would love if we can customize the + button to add Bookmark instead. And good thing that the Sidebar is not an iOS 7 style. It has shadow. It has glow. And it's beautiful. Thank god. If the active row is darker rather than lighter it would be perfect. It's funny that anything isn't iOS 7 look-alike immediately pleasing. Also, like "All" and "Unread" in Reading List, I would love for Shared Links Sidebar to have "Update Shared Links" that you can press without...
Mr. Rocci has a lot to answer for this and compass reading.
Quality post. IBM is still around. Microsoft too can be around for a long time.But for a part in bold please educate yourselves with this excellent article:http://ben-evans.com/benedictevans/2013/10/24/ipads-and-self-selection
New Posts  All Forums: