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As a designer, this one looks like an indispensable tool for me but I'll wait for 2nd generation for it to be much lighter (hopefully). I'm not bothered by the lost of Apple Pencil or the charging. There will be cases for you to stick the Pencil to and there will be charging stand soon.
And then they're wowed.
All that amazing 52" 4K TV watched from across the room?
The more I saw it the more I want it. The weight is a problem though. I'm really like my iPad Air 2 weight.
 I agree with him somewhat on this. I think the new gold color on Sport are cheapening the Edition. And why another color for iPhone? If Rose Gold is the thing then just replace generic gold and have a simpler inventory. We all want Apple that's simple and focused. Note: Arment is a fan of the Watch, in case you didn't know that.
 My web browsing and navigation on my iPhone is like a dream already, and I don't even have to concern about stylus. Ah... I see.
Many posters here?
Based on their coffee in the morning no doubt.
 This needs to be quoted. From arguments in this thread many people here seem miss the point entirely.
That because no one care about 10 people using them.
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