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Maybe free with a 2-year subscription?
I bought a used Datsun 210 and drove 5 years. It's a stick shift
I trust that Apple engineers have thought about your idea. I am also sad to lose the magsafe connector.
This is nearly 10 sales per second, day and night.
Plus, the BlackBerry Pay ... 
Watches tend to work for very long time. Electronics tend to fail in a few years. I wish Apple will have some "core replacement" programs that can swap out old electronics with new ones, and preserve the watch perfectly. I think they can engineer such a solution from day one, and I look forward to seeing or hearing it reported by someone ...  
I wonder if gold price will go up and Apple gets the blame ...
Stiff cables can be very annoying. Fortunately, there are HDMI cables that are thin, soft, and cheap. I am curious if you would be willing to buy a new cable.
If you are a Nikon user, you should stay with Nikon. There are Nikon gears that can satisfy your needs ...  I used to own a Rebel T1x. Now, I have a 6D. I am just an amateur. I probably will never own a 5D or 1D. However, I needed high ISO to shoot in indoor dark scenes. The 6D satisfied my needs. I am sure a 5D or 1D can do better ...
They have a full line of high power lenses to support such super high resolution while smartphones don't have such a luxury.Besides, these cameras will have a relatively limited audience (landscaping, advertising, art, etc.). It's good for taking photos of stationary objects, and probably only good at it. The 5D Mark 4 will be the next big thing for sports, wildlife, etc., in the 5D line.
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