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Finally, something is making some sense.
Every cell phone, including any dumb phone, sends some data to the manufacturer's server from time to time. Xiaomi may not have a server in Taiwai. So, the data has to be sent to a server in mainland China. But, I am sure Xiaomi can prevent this bad publicity by having a server in Taiwai. I am not saying that Xiaomi is or isn't an arm of the Chinese government. I don't know the truth either way. I just want to point it out the technical inevitability for each cell phone to...
I have an iPad 2. So, I hope it works fine.
To me, they just missed the boat again, because they could have made these updates 5 years ago and made some bucks ...
I don't have an Amazon, Roku or Google thingy. But, I have another device that sends HDMI signal to my TV. In order to bypass the TV speakers, I use the "digital sound out" port on my TV to hook up a receiver. It's a bit inconvenient that I have to mute my TV when I turn it on. Otherwise, I am quite happy.
Beats all previous versions by a large margin!
1 in 4 choose the big one. This is about right.   No one in my family wants the jumbo iPhone. Although I prefer the regular size, I can understand that some people may like the jumbo size. I solute Apple for making both sizes.
Of course he will not admit that Google and NSA have worked together. Who would!
No doubt.
Correction: I didn't find it in Settings->Privacy->Location services. However, as another poster said, I found in Settings->iCloude->Find My iPhone   My 5c is in iOS 8.01. I can't see the "Send Last Location" switch. Can you?   I can't remember if I saw it in iOS 8.0. I guess it was there.
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