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I thought Steve Jobs courted DropBox, but he was refused. I wish DropBox joined Apple at that time. Now, there is no need for it.
It feels right to make the iPhone shell with it. Maybe there will be an iPhone 6m this year, or next?
Also known as the "toaster+frig" combo here
They use Flash to perform the upload. They need to revamp their site and stop using Flash, IMHO.
Tim Cook said Apple has been working on products in new categories. I wonder if A-chip based laptops would be constitute a new category. It may or may not be, depending on how one defines a category.   If Apple were to produce A-chip based laptops, it will also make MacPro with A-chips. This way, there is no fragmentation in the OSX platform. It's a big effort. But, if there is only 1 company in the world that can do it, it is probably Apple.
I agree. Fragmentation is bad. Apple will not just convert MBA to A7 chip and keep Intel on MBP, I believe. Can the "Ax" chip become powerful enough for MBP in the next iteration? It would be interesting if it can. How about MacPro? Somehow, it feels hopeless for Apple to stop using Intel chips.
Too bad they don't have Canon 6D on the list
I am sorry that I didn't make myself clear. It's the Mac app FaceTime that's Paid.
This listed "FaceTime", by Apple, in the Paid column, along with apps like "Final Cut Pro", "Cinemagraph Pro", etc. I am surprised. Isn't FaceTime free?
We can speculate that chips for Apple's wearables may come from TSMC or even Intel, if the price is right.
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