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In the old Rebel, you don't have programs that perform optical correction, among other enhancements that are readily available in most modern cameras and smartphones. But, if you take RAW and perform those corrections, I think the picture from the old Rebel can still beat latest iPhone.
Given the size and quality of the lens, I think 8 MP is already too high.
I don't know iPad1 can updade to iOS6. I wonder how you can update it to iOS8. Any way, I have thought some more about the longevity issue. It's a mixed blessing/curse. On one hand, it slows new iPad sales. On the other hand, for people to upgrade, they can sell the old iPads easily, and each person who buys an old iPad would help expand iOS's reach by not buying a tablet from another platform. In a sense, old iPads choke other platforms. We see similar effects in the...
Unlike PCs, iPads last very long time. I also have a 1st gen iPad. If it doesn't break, I can't buy a new one.
I hope this app is worth half a billion dollars for them ...
I remember someone said that the iPhone is the only phone that, although expensive, is an affordable luxury item that most people want. No matter if you are a billionaire or a millionaire, you can't find a better phone. So, you will want one. If you are in middle class or blue collar class, you can have one without too much trouble. Adults and kids can all have it. This is just a phenomenal product!
Guess 2 of the 5 billion bond will go to this data center.
It's almost Chinese New Year time. Red it the season's color. I think they will wear red when the store opens.
Ha! This is bold
Nice trick! Large companies usually cannot update their desktops within the first year of a Windows release. My company went to Win7 in 2014. I am 100% sure that we will not update to Win10 in 2015-16 time frame. So, by the time we update (assuming we do), we probably will have to pay a fee ...
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