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I think this new product was conceived when Steve was still at the helm of Apple. Still, Cook should get the credit for making it happen
Like the mp3 market, Apple will release a mini iPad when the time is right. Maybe 2012 is the year?
It feels that more people will buy smartphones since there will be no free dumbphones. I probably will get a smartphone when my current 2-year term is up.
I don't know what to believe, but, I think the iPanel is a more appropriate name than iTV. I suppose Apple may come up with a even better name.
Usually, if it's not groundbreaking, Apple doesn't bother. I don't know if Apple will make a TV. But, if it does, it will not be like anything Samsung (or anyone else) makes today. It will be groundbreaking.
I thought Johnny Ive said that this is Apple's philosophy. Are you sure Steve said this?
Not really. The CEO of the dairy company was executed for the crime of using melamine in dairy products.
Next iPad would use IZGO LED panel, I hope.
It might happen if Apple makes 7" iPads and sells a large number of them. I can see a parallel with MP3 market where iPod plus iPod Nano has pretty much occupied the market, without too much sacrifice in profit margin.
Will T-mobile get the iPhone this year? My local bell offers cell phones and the roaming service is collaborated with T-mobile. If T-mobile gets iPhone, I feel that my local bell should also get it
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