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Maybe the iCloud one day can fulfill this need? Just curious. For you, for now, it seems that you need an MBA.
I agree and I suppose S. Jobs envisioned this from day one, and that's why he was so disappointed at the negative press after iPad's release. \For corporations, they want to gravitate around a platform that has a long future. So far, only iPad seems to have it. But, once a corporation start coding apps for iPad, it will be difficult to start selling another pad to them. In order to minimize cost, they would rather stay with the first mover. I seriously doubt if Windows...
Before they have the hardware, you can gift them some apps
I suspect that Apple has a new Rosetta that allows x86 compiled app to run on ARM
Too bad I can't see the image in my browsers (IE8 and FF8). It's probably blocked by corporate firewall.
Wonder why they don't buy Droid phones and ship them to China ...
+1 here.
No wonder Steve Jobs was disappointed at the bad press after iPad's initial release. This is a game changer and has a lot of potential. In retrospect, now, I admire Jobs more than before. Honestly, I hesitated with the purchase of my iPad. But, by the time it became available, I decided. Now, I am very happy I bought it. Even though it's less powerful then the iPad 2, it's still going very strong. I am sure iPad 3 will be even more impressive.
Apple might not want to license it .. If I were Tim Cook, I wouldn't license it. Pfizer didn't license the Viagra patent. Why should I license my "slide to unlock"?
Very interesting! Very interesting, indeed! Apple had Jobs who can say no, and he has a vision that everyone can more or less trust. In my company, A LOT of money is wasted because of indecisions (motivated mostly by internal politics). If we had a Jobs at the top, I am sure we would have been the top gun in our own industry.
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