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Very interesting! Very interesting, indeed! Apple had Jobs who can say no, and he has a vision that everyone can more or less trust. In my company, A LOT of money is wasted because of indecisions (motivated mostly by internal politics). If we had a Jobs at the top, I am sure we would have been the top gun in our own industry.
At a local mall, I see an Verizon kiosk where a Xoom, Galaxy and iPad2 are on display. Only the iPad is on. The Xoom and Galaxy are turned off. Which device do passersby look? They all try out the iPad. Nobody paid attention to the other 2 things. How pitiful!
I suggest iPhone SJ
Don't remember any news about AT&T server delay for a major Android phone release. Have I missed something?
Ordered one for my daughter on Monday at Verizon's site. According to the FedEx tracking, it could arrive today. Cheers!
Same here. Login works. Find iphone/ipad/itouch works. I am surprised that corporate firewall doesn't block this site. Maybe it will be blocked soon ...
I am still not a fan of FB. But, this is a good piece of news for many.
I am no expert, but I think your concerns are not warranted. Your phone still stores a lot of stuff locally in the iCloud environment. For example, your music will stay on your phone, not in the cloud. Besides, you should consider using wifi when you are refreshing your data. If nothing else, wifi speed should beat 3G/4G speed and save your battery at the same time
My purchase was planned at the end of last year. We thought it would come out in July ...
I am sure Apple will invest a lot in developing new solutions, features, etc.
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