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Not really. The CEO of the dairy company was executed for the crime of using melamine in dairy products.
Next iPad would use IZGO LED panel, I hope.
It might happen if Apple makes 7" iPads and sells a large number of them. I can see a parallel with MP3 market where iPod plus iPod Nano has pretty much occupied the market, without too much sacrifice in profit margin.
Will T-mobile get the iPhone this year? My local bell offers cell phones and the roaming service is collaborated with T-mobile. If T-mobile gets iPhone, I feel that my local bell should also get it
I agree. But, on the other hand, the total number of pixels would be quadrupled when linear density is doubled. This puts a lot of pressure on the GPU. I wonder what will be delivered via AirPlay. Would it go 1080i or 1080p?
I have stopped using Google for a year or so. I find Yahoo to be a reasonable substitute. No matter how much better Google does search, their evil behavior is unmistakable.
I wish my company (more than 40k employees) would be the next
I admit that for a while I liked the mantra, or the sound of it. But, in recent 2-3 years, I have started to doubt seriously Google's intention. I think it is just a cover for whatever evil Google desires to do. As of now, I consider Google to BE the Evil.
Compared to the iPhone5
I am surprised that PC makers (HP, Dell, etc.) don't consume more silicon than Apple does.
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