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No. These 3 elements aren't rare earth elements. See this page for rare earth elements --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare_earth_element
I think a-IGZO only replaces a-Si. The choice of liquid crystal switching mechanism is still a free choice. So, I suppose they can keep using the IPS mechanism if they like. In other words, the quality of display will not decrease. It can only increase because the IGZO will not block as much light as the a-Si does. The screen will be brighter with the same back light.
Have some mercy Thin margin business has to be carried out by some companies. I don't think all people will have or need smartphones. More than half people will keep using feature phones. But, Nokia can't make big bucks, that's for sure.
Maybe the iCloud one day can fulfill this need? Just curious. For you, for now, it seems that you need an MBA.
I agree and I suppose S. Jobs envisioned this from day one, and that's why he was so disappointed at the negative press after iPad's release. \For corporations, they want to gravitate around a platform that has a long future. So far, only iPad seems to have it. But, once a corporation start coding apps for iPad, it will be difficult to start selling another pad to them. In order to minimize cost, they would rather stay with the first mover. I seriously doubt if Windows...
Before they have the hardware, you can gift them some apps
I suspect that Apple has a new Rosetta that allows x86 compiled app to run on ARM
Too bad I can't see the image in my browsers (IE8 and FF8). It's probably blocked by corporate firewall.
Wonder why they don't buy Droid phones and ship them to China ...
+1 here.
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