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Like in MP3 player market, I foresee iPhone Mini/Nano in Apple's pipeline. It's just a matter of time...
74% ... I expected so.
I am sure Google doesn't want to see this fruit. What they can do to sabotage it I don't know.
Agree. I imagine that Apple will even release a cheap iPad (cloud only, low screen resolution, slow CPU, etc., like iPod Nano/Mini in the MP3 world) to occupy the tablet market completely. This should happen only when the time is right. Apple doesn't need to rush it.
It's more than CIA. Google admitted getting NSA support on occasions. I am sure a few other secret agencies ride on Google's conveniences and pay Google handsomely.Remember S. Jobs sneezed at Google's claim of "do no evil"? It seems to me that Jobs was right on target! In case you know Chinese, Google is a typical example of 既想做婊子 又想立牌坊.
I wish Apple will make a 40" or 50" iPad ...
I was thinking the same. But, at the same time, I doubt anyone would switch to a Xoom just because iPad isn't available right away.
Agree wholeheartedly!
Not really Apple invested a lot of effort (and money) in many years (since Newton) in the iPad. The success is earned by hard work and dedication. It didn't become a success overnight. Rumor had it that the iPad was ready for market before the iPhone, although the latter was publicized first. Competitors will have to work hard to deserve a slice of the tablet market. So far, I feel that they haven't done enough homework ...
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