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Or, grammar errors ...
9.25 million in 90 days is equivalent to 102,777 everyday
Samsung and Apple can still make a deal. I don't think Apple would refuse a reasonable deal.
I use yahoo search most of time. If I suspect that I don't get a good result, I would compare google's result with yahoo's. Most of the time, the results are the same. I was quite turned off by google's "do no evil" claim, knowing that they are an evil already.
Agree! I suspect that Steve Jobs can see it and isn't afraid of it.
They can plug in AC adapter to charge the iPad, I believe. Battery life won't be a prob for 20 hr flights across the Pacific ...
I am not surprised at all. Actually, I was surprised for this news to come out so late ...
I'd like to add that they can also attract the best. I know I would love to work for Apple if I am young, smart ...
Way to go, Apple!
It feels that a NAS (possibly with RAID) would be sufficient?
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