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Besides, many speculated that iPhone would not sell, because it doesn't have physical keyboard ...
Most are shipped by FedEx (by air) I believe
If I were Steve Jobs, I would invest in R&D some more and develop more talents and products.
I hope: 1. Faster speed. 2. Consumes less energy.
Somehow, I feel that they had a strong market research team and they (Jobs, etc.) knew it's going to be a success.
I watched it last night and I agree with you.
Blame their leadership (or the lack of). Granted it's not easy to compete with Apple. They didn't make concrete progress to match what Apple offers (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iTunes and App Stores) before it's too late.
I don't think volume should be a show stopper. Apple can offer both LED and AMOLED models and let buyers choose between them. The AMOLED model is probably a tad more expensive, I suppose.
Agree very much with your analysis. It's very insightful. Thanks!
I have no doubt that someone has predicted before me Somehow, I envision that it will be a 2-piece product. You can use one piece for portability, but you have to go mono. You can use both pieces (with some kind of a band that holds them like a regular headphone) so that you can go stereo.
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