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I am sure Apple will invest a lot in developing new solutions, features, etc.
I wasn't so quick. The first iPhone in my family is ordered today.
This makes the old Touch highly valued in used equipment market. Some users probably have got an iPhone and will sell their Touch for a good resale price. Good for them!
Most IP cases are settled by parties, rather than dictated by a judgment.
Samsung doesn't build the iPad, but, a favor for the A6/A7/A8 chip is possible.
China has changed a lot in the last 3 decades. On the surface, you would still call it communist. Underneath, it's no more communist.
Somehow, I feel unfair that Verizon iP5 doesn't have 4G, but China iP5 does. Maybe I am wrong. I hope I am wrong.
Amazon would follow the example. So, "Thank you, Bezos, too!"
They are clueless, I suppose --> http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/...-analysts-say/
At their web site, they have a page on "Industrial Coating" -->http://www.liquidmetal.com/applicati...rial-coatings/ Because the title of this article said aluminum unibody, I thought I have to assume that the bulk of the body structure is in aluminum. But, aluminum surface wouldn't be tough enough to meet Apple's expectation for a cell phone. So, my next guess is to coat the surface. It's just a wild guess. I suppose we won't know until 10/4
New Posts  All Forums: