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I was thinking the same. But, at the same time, I doubt anyone would switch to a Xoom just because iPad isn't available right away.
Agree wholeheartedly!
Not really Apple invested a lot of effort (and money) in many years (since Newton) in the iPad. The success is earned by hard work and dedication. It didn't become a success overnight. Rumor had it that the iPad was ready for market before the iPhone, although the latter was publicized first. Competitors will have to work hard to deserve a slice of the tablet market. So far, I feel that they haven't done enough homework ...
Maybe MS bribed Acer ... It's a DOA, as Jobs predicted.
Add PlayBook with a keyboard
Ditto. I will keep using the original iPad for a while. People who haven't had it can have the iPad 2. I don't envy them too much.
Dell's Andy Lark is probably next.
Instapaper is a great hit. My daughter uses it on her iPod Touch all the time.
New Posts  All Forums: