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How does MS make money? I don't understand this new business model because MS doesn't sell hardware.   I guess PC makers still have to pay MS a fee to install the OS on every new piece of hardware. What do you think?
I trust that Apple will utilize its resources wisely. If it is necessary to switch, it will. If it is unnecessary, it will hold back.
Just wonder how many visitors the best Microsoft store draws on the highest day ...
I wonder if it would bend ...
Finally, something is making some sense.
Every cell phone, including any dumb phone, sends some data to the manufacturer's server from time to time. Xiaomi may not have a server in Taiwai. So, the data has to be sent to a server in mainland China. But, I am sure Xiaomi can prevent this bad publicity by having a server in Taiwai. I am not saying that Xiaomi is or isn't an arm of the Chinese government. I don't know the truth either way. I just want to point it out the technical inevitability for each cell phone to...
I have an iPad 2. So, I hope it works fine.
To me, they just missed the boat again, because they could have made these updates 5 years ago and made some bucks ...
I don't have an Amazon, Roku or Google thingy. But, I have another device that sends HDMI signal to my TV. In order to bypass the TV speakers, I use the "digital sound out" port on my TV to hook up a receiver. It's a bit inconvenient that I have to mute my TV when I turn it on. Otherwise, I am quite happy.
Beats all previous versions by a large margin!
New Posts  All Forums: