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1 in 4 choose the big one. This is about right.   No one in my family wants the jumbo iPhone. Although I prefer the regular size, I can understand that some people may like the jumbo size. I solute Apple for making both sizes.
Of course he will not admit that Google and NSA have worked together. Who would!
No doubt.
Correction: I didn't find it in Settings->Privacy->Location services. However, as another poster said, I found in Settings->iCloude->Find My iPhone   My 5c is in iOS 8.01. I can't see the "Send Last Location" switch. Can you?   I can't remember if I saw it in iOS 8.0. I guess it was there.
I have installed it on my 5c, T-mobile. No problem with connection/phone call. Of course, I can't have a problem with ID since it doesn't have this feature  
There are always people who want the bigger phone, and there are always people who prefer the smaller phone. You will be right either way. Just stop worrying or second-guessing!
Patents are enforced for 15 years only. If the technology is more than 20 years old, it is free for everyone to use.
Still, they can improve the web site, I think. Maybe the web site should have a parking lot feature so that people who come late will have a place in line, instead of getting an error. Once the peak passes, they can shut down the parking lot.
Sorry! I wasn't clear. I thought one can see the device in the store. I didn't mean that one can buy one.
I imagine they are in physical Apple stores now. I wish I had the time to visit it today.
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