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I am sorry that I didn't make myself clear. It's the Mac app FaceTime that's Paid.
This listed "FaceTime", by Apple, in the Paid column, along with apps like "Final Cut Pro", "Cinemagraph Pro", etc. I am surprised. Isn't FaceTime free?
We can speculate that chips for Apple's wearables may come from TSMC or even Intel, if the price is right.
Given that Sansung is using Tizen to run its watch and Google will build a new OS for its watch, it seems natural that Apple is also building a new OS for its watch. Maybe that's why Tim Cook mentioned new categories of products.   Sorry, it's probably obvious for everyone here! I am too slow
Hopefully, there is no butt pocket on yoga pants.
This is exactly what I speculated. It's clearly a user error that caused this problem. No phone, tablet, GPS, or laptop can withstand such abuse.
They didn't mention if the phone was in the butt pocket or a side pocket. So, if I suspect that she sat on the phone and caused a short, I would have no proof. I hope more info will come out so that we know what the cause was.
I wish the "Le TV" can become a channel. Currently, it is only an iOS app.
It would be. On high end, Apple is beating them. On low end, many Chinese electronics firms are catching up with them.
If Santa uses a drone, the Mac can be lowered gently, through the chimney.
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