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Hopefully, there is no butt pocket on yoga pants.
This is exactly what I speculated. It's clearly a user error that caused this problem. No phone, tablet, GPS, or laptop can withstand such abuse.
They didn't mention if the phone was in the butt pocket or a side pocket. So, if I suspect that she sat on the phone and caused a short, I would have no proof. I hope more info will come out so that we know what the cause was.
I wish the "Le TV" can become a channel. Currently, it is only an iOS app.
It would be. On high end, Apple is beating them. On low end, many Chinese electronics firms are catching up with them.
If Santa uses a drone, the Mac can be lowered gently, through the chimney.
Verizon is equally bad. I asked the rep about monthly fee or usage allowance after the contract is fulfilled for my iPhone: I: After the 2 year contract is completed, will the monthly fee be reduced?V: No. It will be the same.I: Since my phone is paid off, won't you give me some credit or allowance after the contract?V: No. Nothing changes. It will be the same. Blah, blah ... They shamelessly keep charging the customer the same!I have canceled my V plan and joined the T,...
My company also is phasing out BB. Some ppl already got "5s" as replacements. I don't know the volume, but, it can easily be in hundreds. It may not be big. But, it bodes well for the fruit device maker ... :)
I guess it could have mentioned this point. Besides, the fact that a gay person can lead a corporation like Apple illustrates the merit of ENDA.
If Apple release a red iPhone and a red iPad, the number will go much higher ...
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