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I see a cultural difference here.   Do they sell other phones by subsidy in China? I suspect that they don't. Why? If Chinese consumers prefer owning the device out right, subsidy sale might become a nuisance because the data plan would be viewed as a plot to cheat them by the carrier.   American consumers are used to being cheated by carriers, IMHO. After the 2 year contract, carriers continue charging you the same price for the data plan. It's a rip-off. But, if you try...
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I hope Apple will maintain the momentum to replicate their success in MP3 market in the mobile world. Granted it's much more difficult, but I think this goal can be achieved.  
The survey was about how many people want to buy iPhone according to Forbes (Report 65% Of Phone Owners Plan To Buy iPhone Next). It's a pity that AI didn't include that part of the report.  
This product, although may be false, feels like what Apple would do as a "game changer". Maybe it will serve as a mini iPod Touch so that the regular iPod Touch can grow to something like 5" diagonal? If so, this Nano should run iOS apps ... just a wild guess  
I guess Apple will go for iPad Mini, replicating the success in iPod world (classic, mini, nano, shuffle, touch). Besides, iPad Mini is easier to pronounce and remember, I think.
Actually, being in the cloud meant something negative in my mind. After Outlook was moved into the cloud in my company, everyone complained that things became much slower than before. So, I expected a sluggish response when I visited Service Now's demo site. To my surprise, their site is very responsive.   I was commenting on the first impression of the application after I poked around their demo site for a while. The rich set of features compared much favorably with...
My company used to use ServiceCenter (Peregrine/HP). Now, it uses Tivoli (IBM). They aren't in the cloud.   From what I see in the demo, the Service-Now tool is quite good (better than either ServiceCenter or Tivoli). I wish my company is using this tool.
Just curious. Are there private companies who make more profit than Apple?  
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