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It seems T-m should do better when new iPhones come out later this year. Then, they will be able to offer the current, plus the "N-1" version of the iPhone at a discount price. Good for them!  
That was a chip design company, not a fab. They design the controller for use in SSD.
Costing only $20M per year? This is cheap!   My company's licensing of some software packages costs most than $40M per year. The overall operational cost will double that.  
From Amazon reviews, I see most people are happy with their handy work. For people whose replacement failed, the seller replaced them promptly and made the buyer happy in the end. I haven't done it. I feel that I wouldn't hesitate if I need to replace it myself.
  Guess we should never say never.   BB could beat everyone by delivering something revolutionary. But it's not very likely, considering how they predicted iPhone's demise and their PlayBook's success.
If you don't buy a new phone, VZ and ATT will continue charging you the same monthly fee. In effect, they rob you $20 per month.
At T-Mo's web site, one can see the base price for any number of lines in a plan, and, the small print says "Taxes and fees additional". I think the additional amount can be substantial (something like $30 or more). Can you tell us how much your friend's monthly cost is? How much is the "additional" cost? Thanks!
I am curious - what servers does Apple use? Are they OS X, Linux/AIX/HP-UX/Solaris, or Windows? Somehow, I think it's Linux on Intel/AMD.
Besides, wifi radio consumes less battery power.
Companies. Apple gets it. Developers also get it.
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