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Just like the iPod mini that exceeded the original iPod's popularity. Good for Apple! Good for the tablet platform!  
Maybe this is a good competition against Samsung Note? If we factor in the cellular cost, the Note could probably cost much more per year than the Fire.  
I think it's possible.   In MP3 player market, Apple makes big, medium and small iPods. Although it started with the big, Apple put out medium, then small iPods eventually. As we all know, this strategy worked beautifully.   I think it makes sense that Apple makes medium iPhone at some point, and, even small iPhone eventually. It's just a matter of time. Apple will need to calculate its moves carefully. I think Cook can handle it. I think this strategy can work.
This Tsunami would affect me. My 2nd daughter has been waiting since my 1st daughter got the iPhone 4S ...  
I see a cultural difference here.   Do they sell other phones by subsidy in China? I suspect that they don't. Why? If Chinese consumers prefer owning the device out right, subsidy sale might become a nuisance because the data plan would be viewed as a plot to cheat them by the carrier.   American consumers are used to being cheated by carriers, IMHO. After the 2 year contract, carriers continue charging you the same price for the data plan. It's a rip-off. But, if you try...
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I hope Apple will maintain the momentum to replicate their success in MP3 market in the mobile world. Granted it's much more difficult, but I think this goal can be achieved.  
The survey was about how many people want to buy iPhone according to Forbes (Report 65% Of Phone Owners Plan To Buy iPhone Next). It's a pity that AI didn't include that part of the report.  
This product, although may be false, feels like what Apple would do as a "game changer". Maybe it will serve as a mini iPod Touch so that the regular iPod Touch can grow to something like 5" diagonal? If so, this Nano should run iOS apps ... just a wild guess  
I guess Apple will go for iPad Mini, replicating the success in iPod world (classic, mini, nano, shuffle, touch). Besides, iPad Mini is easier to pronounce and remember, I think.
New Posts  All Forums: