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Somehow, I feel that Apple can invent a new name, register it everywhere, and ditch the iPad name. It will probably cost almost nothing.   I hate to cave into Proviews' outrageous demands. $16 is a fair price. If they don't want it, too bad. We move on.
  Plus, they stop the subsidy for 2 year renewal. So, there is only one way to go when my current 2-year contract is up ...  
    Very interesting! This makes me feel that iPhone's market share can grow a lot and for a very long time as more and more people migrate from dumb phones to smartphones eventually.   I admit that I am cheap. I don't have a smartphone. Music players on dumb phones (I have had Samsung, LG, Moto, Nokia phones so far) can't match the convenience of an iPod by a long shot. So, I still carry 2 devices when I go out for a walk (a dumb phone and iPod nano). Sony's dumb phone...
    Does this mean that these people didn't even have an iPod?
It said: "Samsung teamed up with Liquidmetal Technologies to produce a super-thin LCD screen frame component for its innovative SCH-X199 mobile phone model."
I hope Apple will call it the new iPod Touch, instead of iPad mini. Can we call it iTouch?
I think this new product was conceived when Steve was still at the helm of Apple. Still, Cook should get the credit for making it happen
Like the mp3 market, Apple will release a mini iPad when the time is right. Maybe 2012 is the year?
It feels that more people will buy smartphones since there will be no free dumbphones. I probably will get a smartphone when my current 2-year term is up.
I don't know what to believe, but, I think the iPanel is a more appropriate name than iTV. I suppose Apple may come up with a even better name.
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