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Only $50 for a speeding ticket in 1975 in CA? This is a bargain. It would cost at least $200 today, I believe. Maybe we make 4 times as much?  
It's a personal favorite for me. When RIM was at its peak, my daughter asked me to buy some of its stock and I refused, because I don't believe the physical keyboard can withstand the test of time. I believe the screen must be full size. Therefore, I believe a touch screen phone will overtake the smartphone market.
Naturally   I'd like to add that the DPI for a large display would be much smaller than what's in iPhone/iPad because our eye will be placed further out. I am curious how high the density need to be. Will 150 DPI be good enough?
I thought Google has planned to start charging a fee for the use of their map service. So, economically, it pays to stop using Google map. Of course, Apple will not go out without a big bang  
Somehow, I feel that Apple can invent a new name, register it everywhere, and ditch the iPad name. It will probably cost almost nothing.   I hate to cave into Proviews' outrageous demands. $16 is a fair price. If they don't want it, too bad. We move on.
  Plus, they stop the subsidy for 2 year renewal. So, there is only one way to go when my current 2-year contract is up ...  
    Very interesting! This makes me feel that iPhone's market share can grow a lot and for a very long time as more and more people migrate from dumb phones to smartphones eventually.   I admit that I am cheap. I don't have a smartphone. Music players on dumb phones (I have had Samsung, LG, Moto, Nokia phones so far) can't match the convenience of an iPod by a long shot. So, I still carry 2 devices when I go out for a walk (a dumb phone and iPod nano). Sony's dumb phone...
    Does this mean that these people didn't even have an iPod?
It said: "Samsung teamed up with Liquidmetal Technologies to produce a super-thin LCD screen frame component for its innovative SCH-X199 mobile phone model."
I hope Apple will call it the new iPod Touch, instead of iPad mini. Can we call it iTouch?
New Posts  All Forums: