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While I don't refute that they are still making millions of chips per quarter, I'm pretty sure that TSMC is making the A8 and A8X chips for Apple now so this will be another hit to Scamsome's bottom line.
I wouldn't exactly say that there is any verification that the issue has been taken very seriously since it's been known since shortly after the release in October and there is still no fix. Looks like bottleworks beat me to the punch here.
I travel frequently around the globe and get around this by using VPN tunnel to my network.
So let's say your hard drive dies and you install a new one or you just want to upgrade to an SSD, I guess you would have to install SL first to access the download then do your clean install... what a hassle.
I would hope they will also have Lion available on physical media shortly after release on the App store. Not sure how you can access and upgrade from the App store if you intend to format and do a clean install. I personally would never upgrade without reformatting the drive.
Agreed, Third party SSDs are significantly faster than Apple's offerings and they are slightly cheaper as well. Also, many tasks are CPU and/or GPU intense and an SSD isn't going to make up for slower processing (e.g. Video editing) and you can't change the CPU down the road. SSDs give you faster boot time (big deal, I reboot only when updates force me to) and open programs faster but may or may not improve speed working in the program.
I might be off base here but both book and store are definitely generic words and book store is a generic term. App is not a word, at least in any dictionary I have, but an abbreviation for a word. So if it was called "Application Store" that would seem generic IMO. Why don't they use App Mart?
I seriously doubt that point and shoot cameras will fade away. I personally own a DSLR, a point and shoot and an iPhone and can say that in most cases the point and shoot is the best choice overall. While my DSLR takes the best pictures in every situation it is not nearly as easy to set-up or portable enough to carry around all the time. I agree that in a pinch a cellphone camera is better than none at all and I always have it with me, but there are many situations where...
I think "iTroll" fits even better...
New Posts  All Forums: