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I did specifically say the original MBA, so not sure how it's misleading.. but yes, original, not current.
Mindless attack? Not once did I attack Apple. It just seems people think to think that Intel just "handed off" the chipset to Apple, which is simply not true. Sure, on the internet anyone can claim to be anyone. I do not work for Apple nor Intel, but I can say that I've worked directly with the Intel team that submitted the mechanical wireframes for the MBA. Just because this kind of information hasn't been published on some rumor site, doesn't mean it hasn't happened. In...
I agree with you. It definitely was Apple's extremely strict requirements for the MBA that pushed Intel to develop this new architecture. If it weren't for Apple, it may have never taken off like it has today. It's the PC vendors that are taking advantage of situation. Their mentality is: Apple made it work, so why not us? As a result, they're using Apple's MBA as a model they can piggyback off of. They are way late to the game for sure, and by then, Apple will have come...
Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Intel played a pivotal role in designing the form factor the MBA currently has. In fact, they were the ones that presented Apple with the original chassis design. Of course, Apple went on to do the thing it does best and make a beautiful product. If anything, it's the rest of the PC industry that's scrambling to push out their own versions of the MBA. Intel itself hasn't "stolen" anything, and deserve credit for the millions invested in...
In reality, Intel and Apple collaborated very closely on the original MBA design. Apple may have lead the aesthetics of the MBA, but it was actually Intel that designed the component architecture. Source: I work in this industry.
A camera doesn't seem like something Apple would disclose at the last moment. Surely a feature like that would be a significant decision maker for those who considered the 3G model at one point, but decided to only get the WiFi version. By the way, first post here at AI, although I've been following for years
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