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Hmmm incomplete answer. If you have your own music or video files(copied from CD's etc) it will be backed up and take the limit quickly over 5Gb(your mileage may vary based on what you have).
 Agree. For what it advertises to do, which is limited, it works well. Can be almost anywhere within shouting distance and it responds.If the TV is playing loud, it might take a second try.To me--- this is mainly a casual music player that you can control with your voice. I don't have any home automation to try out.For Amazon Prime(music) customers this seems like a no-brainer gadget to obtain (assuming you are not part of the Tin foil hat crowd). Put in your bedroom,...
Go ahead, call me an old fart, and old fogy, luddite... cheap SOB, For me-- I just don't see the value 'paying' for streaming. Ill take the ads on the radio. That said, I would like to see Apple music - use 'play lists' uploaded from other users etc to create an Ad supported 'Playlist Radio' (is this how 'free' Spotify' works?... told you I m an old fogy). Something other than 'hard rock' or 'classic rock' or something  'genius' made off my purchased music.**  Ad...
Y-ouch, that's gotta hurt!  /s
Cant argue with this either, well said.  Even the employee Fan Boys in the audience were like - 'Huh, what?!'  I almost could feel the 'cringing' through the screen. 
No... he simply does not want to pay for a service he does not see a value in! Geesh.
I have the same basic view. I refuse to be 'fee'd' to death. At least Amazon bundles... however...they also don't make much money. While Bezos is still there, they might be able to get a way with not have much profit... but as soon as some MBA type gets in there and falls prey to Wall Street expectations... not sure how long that can keep that going.For now, Ill buy my music or listen to radio stations... with ad's.Signed-- Ol'Coot.
  If I was a music discovery aficionado, it might make sense. Otherwise, for me - I'm 'fee planned' up! Apple radio or other internet radio stations are just fine.
Not sure if its still on my ATV, but when I tried it a few days ago... the picture was better than the cable HD channel version!
The amount stuff going on in that little chip set is freak'n amazing!
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