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Don't you think this is part of a  broader China problem? IMO- A stock market is not "part of the economy" (as in GDP per si), but should reflect what is actually happening in an economy and in China, it arguable does not.  As you point out it was folly for them to prop up the market. Lack of transparency and incomplete information will make other markets very nervous.  As you indicate China is huge, and without that transparency, a twitch out of them(real or not) will...
Sooo... could the magic track pad be the basis of some sort of new 'Apple TV' input device? Touch it to wake up an overlay on the TV screen?? Yup... won't control other devices though unless there is some sort of BT-LE controlled blaster for IR etc. Just spouting off possibilities... personally I like physical buttons.
As an outside investor... sure...  one would like to get the margins up to 100% for ever and ever.But the reality's of business, if Apples is making money on the product, it is popular / one of the largest seller etc, margins may be lower (and likely will be in the future as these things can only be improved so much / competition). As for me, probably time to turn in my iPad2. Was hoping there would be an Air3 this year, but if not... looks like Apple future proofed the A2...
So, I have not been following the latest cell company shenanigans ---... are these the same values with the new contract arrangements(ATT and Verizon etc)?
 I seem to recall rumors/reports of a prior Apple CEO who would call up the Journalist and cuss them out (at a minimum).
Like your idea, but till then, 4 inch phone for me. For me... convenience of carrying 'a connected device' in multiple scenarios is priority.  That means small but still useable is best or--- 3.5 - 4 inch screen is about right (Steve had it right!). But, as you indicate, I'm probably in the minority on this point of view... for now. 
Well, that's a challenge for Apple then. That said, IMO it would fit, if it did not need to be the thinnest lightest ever!I'm  in the camp that prefers a smaller screen size phone also. 
Hmmm incomplete answer. If you have your own music or video files(copied from CD's etc) it will be backed up and take the limit quickly over 5Gb(your mileage may vary based on what you have).
 Agree. For what it advertises to do, which is limited, it works well. Can be almost anywhere within shouting distance and it responds.If the TV is playing loud, it might take a second try.To me--- this is mainly a casual music player that you can control with your voice. I don't have any home automation to try out.For Amazon Prime(music) customers this seems like a no-brainer gadget to obtain (assuming you are not part of the Tin foil hat crowd). Put in your bedroom,...
Go ahead, call me an old fart, and old fogy, luddite... cheap SOB, For me-- I just don't see the value 'paying' for streaming. Ill take the ads on the radio. That said, I would like to see Apple music - use 'play lists' uploaded from other users etc to create an Ad supported 'Playlist Radio' (is this how 'free' Spotify' works?... told you I m an old fogy). Something other than 'hard rock' or 'classic rock' or something  'genius' made off my purchased music.**  Ad...
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