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Just got an S4 from work. Use the Good system for corporate email etc. Still have the i5s as my personal phone. After 1 week.... S4 is definitely not up to Apple build standard or android not as easy to use as iOS. But.... It ain't that bad. Really like the larger screen size. If they did not have all the crapware it would be much better experience. Have to go in and turn it all off. Tons of junk apps. It appears Samsung is dumping the market with these phones. My upgrade...
Well Im ready to upgrade. I use it to view podcasts, and rent a movie once in a while.   Curious what improvements would be made that might be a 'wow'!? Or just a slight speed bump etc.   My main desire, is HDMI pass through(for cable box). Right now have to pick up my receiver remote and click the proper input etc. Be nice if I could just use one HDMI input to my receiver. then when I want to see whats on ATV, just use the apple remote. (I know there other things that...
This.... Specific people. That is... Targeting specific groups or classes of people. But I seem to recall... In my youth... establishments having signs that said 'We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone'. That's no longer true? Just a version of don't ask don't tell?
Works for me.... new Apple TV box that is. Actually I like the idea Google had,  cable signal overlay idea, but just threw too much into it. Should have kept it simpler to use.
Well, never know with Apple.
While not a huge priority I suppose,  how about some local off network(ie no Siri server required)   basic local operations. Play music, launch maps etc
 This! In the US, those data pipe providers(aka oligarchs) have a strangle hold.However, as talked many times in this forum, go to other(more sane?) countries, the pipe provider is a utility... companies compete to offer packages over that pipe, not let the fox guard the hen house.
Do'h yup. Hate those things.
Oh... please share how he knows 'whats up'?Did Apple share their plans with him? Hmmm no, that would be illegal (I hope). Does he have a mole on the inside, no that would be illegal too.  Barring further evidence, IMO- this guy is either a master manipulator, aka flimflam man, aka confidence man, (which should be illegal but is usually not to the 1%'rs) or he's a plain ol crook.Notice he does not say he knows what Apple will do but has 'confidence'. Yup... flimflam man....
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