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  I'm sure you have done this by now... http://www.sec.gov/complaint/select.shtml http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us Let us know how it works out... seriously.
Businesses fail often. http://www.statisticbrain.com/startup-failure-by-industry/ Apple believed GT could do what they promised... are they schmucks? IMO- It sounds like it was just a bridge too far in glass tech.  They tried, couldn't do it. Isn't this why we praise private industry/capitalism?
  Hey... I resemble that remark... and I wear 'white sneakers with white socks'!
Meh... just mark the Bose products up an extra 1000% (like Bose does) and let it sit and collect dust/crud... literally 
 Yeee- up! The mini makes sense.
Well a couple of possible scenarios -1) Apple said they will need x amount of sapphire - here's $500 mill deposit (ie all the furnaces going like gang busters). Apple never came back with the big order.  So sorry!2) This company said they could produce x amount of sapphire for y amount, and cannot. So sorry! There is not information either way is there?
It is an interesting exercise, how in to predict the user base etc.   Personally IM(negative Nelly)O - Im thinking a lot lower.  Perhaps a couple million in first year (mainly curiosity seekers) and then a drop off. My un-informed completely asshat guess (hey I can be an analyst too) is more along the lines of Apple TV sales. Its not a main stream thing. Not everyone needs a 'smart' watch, let alone a watch. Has to be recharged every night, obsolete in a couple of...
From a 'corporate' point of view(that's what Im stuck with at work) -  increase boot time (windows is a dog to boot and shutdown), retina display type support (tired of these fuzzy screens, compared to my iphone, MBP etc). And don't allow McAfee to protect from the infinite antivirus etc (McAfee hogs/bogs the system).   Oh... get rid of that @#$%! ribbon interface... ugh. Yea  I know you can change back. Sounds like Microsoft finally has an adult in charge... probably...
Yup, understand, hopefully Apple does not fall for this hysteria. An optional response from them perhaps could have been a simple- we design phones for real world useage, not intentionally induced damage.Next thing ya know will have 'blend gate'. I put it in my blender and it chopped into tiny pieces.😱
New Posts  All Forums: