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Y-ouch, that's gotta hurt!  /s
Cant argue with this either, well said.  Even the employee Fan Boys in the audience were like - 'Huh, what?!'  I almost could feel the 'cringing' through the screen. 
No... he simply does not want to pay for a service he does not see a value in! Geesh.
I have the same basic view. I refuse to be 'fee'd' to death. At least Amazon bundles... however...they also don't make much money. While Bezos is still there, they might be able to get a way with not have much profit... but as soon as some MBA type gets in there and falls prey to Wall Street expectations... not sure how long that can keep that going.For now, Ill buy my music or listen to radio stations... with ad's.Signed-- Ol'Coot.
  If I was a music discovery aficionado, it might make sense. Otherwise, for me - I'm 'fee planned' up! Apple radio or other internet radio stations are just fine.
Not sure if its still on my ATV, but when I tried it a few days ago... the picture was better than the cable HD channel version!
The amount stuff going on in that little chip set is freak'n amazing!
That may be true, may not be true. IMO if the MacBook was the least expensive computer product in Apples product line up, a huge argument of iPad w/keypad could be made... Maybe it will be in the future? Time will tell. Till then, it's a bit of a head scratcher for some/many.
Cool! What other future Apple plans can you share? BTW- you do know the MBA was updated from one port to two?Exactly. All those 'trashing' your response don't get. Even to the point of, sorry no more room for an extra port.... Oh please! ( as in no shit Sherlock, not now it doesn't ). Whatever.
I think you are assuming facts that are not in evidence. There is no sales data that this device is a great seller to the 'masses'.... Yet. however, many many people have commented on this forum and others that only one port seems very limited, and for those many people this is a deal breaker. Most commenters response was, add a port and I'm in! In other words, one port limited the potential sales. Now maybe you 'know' Apples target audience and their use case, future...
New Posts  All Forums: