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 I try to wait a week or so before updating to see if any major issues arise...  hope I do not need to wait to x.x.2 or 3 update.
Even had his glass of Apple cool ai... err... water.
Yup,... and cannot wait for the 16k iphone screen.  oh oh--- a 16k Apple watch screen-- Sir Jony- 'We've taken the iMac 16k screen and reduced it be the thinnest and lightest watch screen ever-, it oozes luxury'!!!  /s
Well the will it or won't discussion is still in full bloom... Like anyone really knows for sure. IMO if a person is a fairly intense (open to definition) smart phone user, this could / would be a very usefull item; use the watch to short cut many everyday things. If not, the benefits / usefulness seem rather limited. If I was a power phone user(my term) I'd give serious consideration.... Alas I'm not, so probably won't puchase one (my inner geek is mighty curious though...
 Agree. IMO---plus... add in the best camera and radio's to it and then I don't really care what case is surrounding the innards... (more primary color options would be nice.) ... and keep the 4in screen please!!!!
 . IMO- No one has the right to do what ever they want in public. If society says serve 'the public', or else;  if  a business owner doesn't like it, they have the 'freedom' to not go into business in order to not associate with 'their kind'--, quit and do something else, be a monk. Stupid rhetorical argument -yes, but no less so than the right to refuse anyone they please.IMO--If a business puts it self out 'in public' with customers... then they serve 'the public', it is...
4inch with the top of the line camera/nfc... prefer metal case... I'm in! While I do understand the benefits/desire of a larger screen, my use case(s) make the smaller phone more suitable for me... YMMV
 Or... keep the one 3.1 port, but also keep a magsafe connector port(which is very neat and handy); use a magsafe connector adaptor  via a USB3.1 cord to power brick! Should work shouldn't it?
Exactly... these manufacturing rumors are like clock work(hey a pun!) when Apple has a new product coming out.   
 As some may say ---Tru-dat!  It is staggering when one thinks about it.  For this watch, I wonder how many individual components Apple has to source and assemble?A million or more per month ??? geesh. CaseCrystalDisplayDigital Crown assemblySelect ButtonSoCHaptic engine assembly(and its parts)BatterySealsAny screws (proprietary of course) or will it be 'glued'(kidding... well)BandsWhat else? The teardown will be interesting.
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