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Apple--- those pranksters!
 Be bold, be a rebel, think outside the multiple choice options, be a crazy one --- try clicking on the link 'virtual tours' in the story (I know the wording is a bit out of context).  Are those the droids you are looking for?
 I try to wait a week or so before updating to see if any major issues arise...  hope I do not need to wait to x.x.2 or 3 update.
Even had his glass of Apple cool ai... err... water.
Yup,... and cannot wait for the 16k iphone screen.  oh oh--- a 16k Apple watch screen-- Sir Jony- 'We've taken the iMac 16k screen and reduced it be the thinnest and lightest watch screen ever-, it oozes luxury'!!!  /s
Well the will it or won't discussion is still in full bloom... Like anyone really knows for sure. IMO if a person is a fairly intense (open to definition) smart phone user, this could / would be a very usefull item; use the watch to short cut many everyday things. If not, the benefits / usefulness seem rather limited. If I was a power phone user(my term) I'd give serious consideration.... Alas I'm not, so probably won't puchase one (my inner geek is mighty curious though...
 Agree. IMO---plus... add in the best camera and radio's to it and then I don't really care what case is surrounding the innards... (more primary color options would be nice.) ... and keep the 4in screen please!!!!
 . IMO- No one has the right to do what ever they want in public. If society says serve 'the public', or else;  if  a business owner doesn't like it, they have the 'freedom' to not go into business in order to not associate with 'their kind'--, quit and do something else, be a monk. Stupid rhetorical argument -yes, but no less so than the right to refuse anyone they please.IMO--If a business puts it self out 'in public' with customers... then they serve 'the public', it is...
4inch with the top of the line camera/nfc... prefer metal case... I'm in! While I do understand the benefits/desire of a larger screen, my use case(s) make the smaller phone more suitable for me... YMMV
 Or... keep the one 3.1 port, but also keep a magsafe connector port(which is very neat and handy); use a magsafe connector adaptor  via a USB3.1 cord to power brick! Should work shouldn't it?
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