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Exactly... these manufacturing rumors are like clock work(hey a pun!) when Apple has a new product coming out.   
 As some may say ---Tru-dat!  It is staggering when one thinks about it.  For this watch, I wonder how many individual components Apple has to source and assemble?A million or more per month ??? geesh. CaseCrystalDisplayDigital Crown assemblySelect ButtonSoCHaptic engine assembly(and its parts)BatterySealsAny screws (proprietary of course) or will it be 'glued'(kidding... well)BandsWhat else? The teardown will be interesting.
Yup, I caught that too. So far press has not picked it up that I can tell.
Correct me if I'm mistaken, but didn't Tim say twice.... ' and this is just the beginning' ... Or words to that effect. Rather seldom does apple drop the price... 30%, without something more expensive / new to replace it.
That's good to know.'Word' issues wasthe main reason I went from Mac many years ago. The formatting of Word files were essentially different documents on each computer--- total crap. But my work had PC's, so had to go that route.  Are you saying I can open a PC created Word Doc on a Mac and there is NO, NONE, ZIP, NOTTA formatting issues? Vice Versa?If true, sign me up... for a purchase; no way am I paying monthly fees.
IMO- Mixing in 'percentages' for perceived expectations can lead to unrealistic/unfair expectations. 'Oh they made 1 gazillion quadtrillion dollars.  oh yea well, but it was on 1%(only a buhzillion dollars) higher than last year... they are doomed. No pudding for you--- their operating margin went from 1% to 2% an 100% increase!'   Share holder value --- eye of the beholder defined term if there ever was one.
Well, for me, I hope they update the 5S to includes some of the goodies of the 6S. For my personal use the 4 inch screen (shoot Id be tempted to go back to 3.5 inch) is best; a larger phone/screen is too cumbersome... for my purposes(YMMV). (I do have 'the other guys' large screen phone for work, and for that purpose, larger is fine)
 Didn't someone once say great products and great user experience naturally bring high profits?
Guilty as charged! Go over to macrumours and they are out in force. Even on the FCPX ratings.That said, many people are 'me too- ers ' so it's great when Apple shows real world examples from top professionals.
I am no editor, but follow this dog fight with a morbid curiosity. So... just spouting based on what I read etc...   The rabid and ferocious comments on a lot of sites, supposedly FCP-7 users, would indicate FCP - X is 'still' crap(Im not so sure they have seen latest update etc). Sooo, I have the pop corn ready to follow the comments that are sure to follow in support or not of FCP - X.   BTW- I watched a video series on FCP-X and IMO (rank amateur that knows nothing...
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