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 Well, if you'd like to get the ball rolling, here's some thoughts for some state or municipality if they have the guts to say/do to the providers (Comcast, Charter etc), greatly simplified, but you get the idea-1) Separate into a stand alone company to provide internet service (ie cable wire installations etc). Provide the price for internet access only, subject to review (ie you are a freak'n utility).2) Separate company that offer content packages. And these two...
So no 'mad' money spending... I donno... Like buy Comcast? That sure would shake some things (and people) up.
Discover card? Buehler... Buehler?
Yea, I understand what your saying... just seems a shame limiting choices, if(big if) it really does not absolutely have to be. How far does one go? Next go around, the iMac? I'm not convinced they would migrate to other 'apple' models.
Just my personal experience- these two-core mobile processors stink when trying to do any kind of moderate processing (large spreadsheets, moderate video processing etc). IMO - that does not mean I should have to buy a Mac Pro(or forced to an all - in-one iMac) when a simple processor upgrade would suffice in the Mac mini. With this limited ability to upgrade memory etc yourself (or at all), lack of workhorse processor upgrades(so far) unless one moves up in the platform;...
Yea... Apple kept on saying 'enable hotspot' and I thought, doesn't the phone have a hotspot? Is tethering free now? Nope... if you have tethering, just don't have to pull the phone out to turn it on. I guess that's nice, if you have tethering... but for awhile there, I was hoping for something for free, silly me, ... fa-get-about-it! That said, like you, I have the grandfathered plan also... I haven't checked tethering prices lately. I never use more than a GB a month of...
I went the Verizon route on my ipad2, I never know if that thing is on or off etc. All I know is I get a $20 bill at the end of the month... even WITH cellular data turned off. Looking for something better for sure. If I could turn iphone tethering on and off, ie stop / start the carrier cost to tether,  that would be a better option. I only use my ipad cellular once in a while, but its nice when I do... not $20 every month nice though.
  I'm sure you have done this by now... http://www.sec.gov/complaint/select.shtml http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us Let us know how it works out... seriously.
Businesses fail often. http://www.statisticbrain.com/startup-failure-by-industry/ Apple believed GT could do what they promised... are they schmucks? IMO- It sounds like it was just a bridge too far in glass tech.  They tried, couldn't do it. Isn't this why we praise private industry/capitalism?
  Hey... I resemble that remark... and I wear 'white sneakers with white socks'!
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