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Speaking for myself only, the buttons on a steering wheel are mixture and easily miss hit etc. Yes, volume works ok, but FM selection or station selection etc... nope. And they have cruise control, voice calling etc all in a toggle. Im not too bright and never use these function that often so I would need to look down. Never used a center knob in the console but I think, correct me if Im wrong, a person will visually need to look to see where they are at on the screen.As...
  Totally agree, good enough to repeat... ~~Nope. Still not going to pay a subscription to use software. To anyone. Ever.
A little off topic, and probably showing my old fuddy-nis... but I sure do not like the lack of tactile buttons to adjust or select on these newer displays/car consoles. All the talk about keeping eyes on the road, and they remove more buttons(from the display with feeble attempt to put on the steering wheel) daring you to take your eyes off the road. (yea yea Siri... good luck with that). Long live the button! 
Exactly!However back to the article..., IMO for this next version iphone (ip6 or whatever), if they raise the price, it should have a corresponding worth. I went from 4s to 5s purely on the camera improvement. Speed etc, hardly notice, yes a bit snappier.I still have my ipad2 and appletv (720p)... waiting for a compelling reason to update. (ipad2 gets bogged down sometimes thanks to the chintzy amount of ram, but otherwise works fine).  And just to stir some...
You mean 'taking' the clock and pictures from the wall, and emptying his desk/cabinets.
~~Our analysis indicates that the Mac is the exception, not the rule," Wolf wrote. "Against a background of progressively rising prices compared to the prices of PCs, the Mac has consistently gained share in the personal computer industry as a result of an outward shift in its demand curve. The only explanation that we see for the shifting demand curve is the now-mythical halo effect." Apple's so-called "halo effect" refers to the belief that sales of devices like the...
Just had to start using a Sammy S4 for work... liking the bigger screen size. Yes- do notice the one handed use is much more awkward.IMO-it is a conundrum- for phone use, music listening, pocket storage, sport carry  etc, definitely small is better; but for reading, watching, larger is better. iPhone 18s- 1"x 2"x 0.10" but now with a integrated fold-out 22inch double retina display!
Well... not directly. 
Huh, I would not have given it a second thought. But then again, Im a cold hearted SOB! :)
Just got an S4 from work. Use the Good system for corporate email etc. Still have the i5s as my personal phone. After 1 week.... S4 is definitely not up to Apple build standard or android not as easy to use as iOS. But.... It ain't that bad. Really like the larger screen size. If they did not have all the crapware it would be much better experience. Have to go in and turn it all off. Tons of junk apps. It appears Samsung is dumping the market with these phones. My upgrade...
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