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Like it! 
Not the fashion runway some have speculated? Some have speculated 'wearable(sensors built in)' clothes.
Well... Let's say the odds are against it being 'historic'. The bar has now been set so high... Unless curing the common cold, it may be a great product but underwhelming. Granted a lot of people in the know have said its massive(Jim D hold on to your hats statement). One more day.
Super far-fetched but I've had the same thoughts- A pre-taped announcement from Steve... Crazy talk I know. At least you know their is one more crazy person out there.
 Obviously! /s (fixed that for you)
IF true, these screen shots show the system being used as 'Quanta'. My inner geek wanted to know ... "I got-tsa  know!" (ref 1st dirty harry movie... for the youngsters... bing dirty harry... )   http://www.quantatw.com/Quanta/english/about/company.aspx   They do 3d modeling....
Oh yea... tell that to theses guys- http://www.najet.com/ Just joshing... ;)  I remember hearing a version of the story also (But from Germany, my family is of german ancestry).
While Im hoping for the best, if the comments are true(big if) this sets expectations so high... watches are so personnel in terms of taste, functions etc, seems hard to imagine that an iwatch(or whatever it is called) would upset a whole industry; but I did not imagine an iphone, ipod, ipad, retina MBP, mac pro etc...so what do I know... jack @#$%. :)
Add to it Jim D tweet (https://twitter.com/jdalrymple/status/505047719463763968) and things are... Smoke'n!
  Pop up building? I missed that, where is that...say what?Edit, oh from Rogifan... do we know its from Apple etc?
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