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Yup time to swap the ipad2... its pretty slow loading some intense websites. And if theres a apple TV update... yes that too, I have the old 720p. Draw the line on the new Mac Pro or processor upgrades on mac bood pro. (I have a retina macbook pro, awsome machine)
The demo video is so much fun to watch even all these years later.
 Yes exactly.... you are wise to stay away. I would, but they won't let us out. We are taxed to absolute death... literally; and wastefull.... like no other state any where... ever; cosmopolitan populous, health food, recycling, anti-polution, movie actors(mien Gott!), earthquakes, land slides, deserts(and desserts), ocean, tsunamii's, mountains and valleys, national and state parks up the gazoo and perhaps in the future 'single payer healthcare' ....arrrrrrrrrrrr.......
 Not sure what its 'proper' value is but yes it will probably rise.IMO... Not saying this is correct or wrong reasoning, just possibly one line of thought--Apple may be undervalued on Wall Street since it plays in the consumer electronics game. Historically consumer electronics is a very brutal market place with no real long term 'dominate' players. They are afraid that in a year, two years.. or so, all of a sudden Apple produces a loser (or someone else a big winner),...
Its very simple guys... the IT compartment can get into the Surface and load their corporate spyware etc and lock it down... and hook into corporate Exchange, secure sign-in etc. With iPad and iOS... not so straight forward. The IT control freeks hate Apple because Apple is control freeks about not letting them be control freeks! Errrr..ya. And yes, Microsoft probably gave these to them for free. Same old story.
Apple Lawyer - "$3.3 million! Betty, bring me the petty cash drawer "
 Yes, I should have been more clear, swipt to right, now swipe to left.In any case... once I figured it out, it works for me.
 Agreed at least one or two user option buttons.And... I like the flash light feature on the iphone control center!Speaking of IOS 7 features, wonder why they got rid of swipe to delete in email?Best feature(IMO, next to the flashlight) is the new multi task, swipe up to close, etc. Works great on iPad. Little more cumbersome on iphone(does not always center as I would expect) but lots better than iOS6 by a mile.As for translucents etc... it nice, but typing this on my...
Seems nice enough... just 3 years too late.
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