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  Pop up building? I missed that, where is that...say what?Edit, oh from Rogifan... do we know its from Apple etc?
  Yes significantly so... good point.
 Yeee- upp!
Until you see it or Jim D says 'Yup'.... dooon't yoouuuu believe it.
 Agreed, for kids at school... typing(no cursive, shows how old I am),   reading, research etc. what else is needed? And not nearly expensive as an ipad. Google has student accounts, master account etc, FYI - Consider the source.... http://www.omgchrome.com/chromebook-sales-1-million-q2-2014/
 IMO it would seem difficult to track private details etc if the student is logged with a student id, one would have to be pretty cyni... hey I saw what you did there.
 The _________ is hopelessly politically compromised and there are power struggles non-stop. The whole thing needs a hard reset. Fill in the blank most school systems, institutions, government, business entities etc, etc.
IMO those cheap arse chrome books seem to be pretty good fit for schools.
Good point! Brightness is a design issue not a manufacturing issue.
Well as the saying goes, its all what you negotiated. In general from the instructions I have received- you are correct that the govt can use this tech as it pleases... for govt purposes. In general, the SRI guys can also use as they please for commercial purposes. More and more companies play hardball with the govt to ensure that is true, else what's the point. The down side is the govt may give to a competitor for a govt contract.
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