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[/quote] As noted by The Wall Street Journal, Apple's doubling up on Exxon is a rare event for publicly traded companies, one most recently witnessed by IBM 30 years ago. During a stretch between 1984 to 1985, IBM's year-end value was more than two times that of the next-largest company, which happened to be Exxon at the time.[/quote] Cautionary tale for the future?
"Apple also gives users on other ecosystems a gigabyte of free storage to host their iWork documents in the cloud." What does this mean? Edit- oh miss read... Thought it said terabyte... Didn't have my morning caffeine hit yet. Should have known I was dreaming
I was wondering what those numbers where -Thx. I tend to agree it may be closer than people think; at least a partial implementation. Complete implementation IMO is way off.  IMO- if they could phase this in on major highways - say the stretch of I-5 from Livermore down to Santa Clarita as an example; that would be great to make long trips tolerable. Strawman example - Post a sign- this highway is autonomous vehicle approved (whatever that means?) for the next XXX miles. ...
I do not know the right price... In theory competition should solve that. However, I never understood why I (my cable provider) pay for channels that already has commercials. It used to be all these side networks and premium channels would just replay movies or commercials would pay for the shows. Now I (we) pay, whether we want to or not, and they have enough money to make their own shows. Eg house of cards etc. for me at least I would like a movie channel that is just...
Any mention of a Safari update? My iPad 2 has a constant- A problem occurred with this web page so it was reloaded'  issue, which I never had before iOS8 (although Safari might crash once in a while). I presume what it really is; its running out of RAM on large websites, even though we all know Apple products have plenty of RAM! /s
I'm waiting patiently Apple. No hurry.... Take you time.... Do'h... no I cannot wait, can't stand it,hurry up apple, Im starting to buy non- approved products.
Agreed, used it in rentals. Can figure out whats going on and sync blue tooth fairly easily.
Where the freak are the physical buttons? IMO -Touch screens in cars are a horrible idea. Chrysler / VW have it better... they use physical buttons for basic functions.
 Agree.But I have to say, Im not sure what Im really looking for in an Apple TV. In my use case, these things would be good-  HDMI pass through (if not a cable box,  cable will be around for years), I think the icons have to go, perhaps an iPod click interface on the remote to go through the list of apps.  Voice... mmmm, only for some very basic things. But then it needs to be ON all the time like the amazon thing (which Im curious how that will sell).  Still waiting for...
I agree, but it looks like you and I are in the minority on this one, at least in this comment thread. 😢On my list of things to do is drop Apple a note stating my opinion. Hope you do the same.
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