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"Surprised no one grabbed him and held him hostage for a gold iPhone." You can be sure guys (big guys) with little funny things in there ears, suspiciously wearing a jacket (with one hand inside the opening) are very near by. Probably in the picture some where.
Long Beach CA. Ordered the 5S 64GB in grey. Ships in 1-3 days. Delivers Sep 30 - Oct 2. Night all! Oh, and used the Apple store app... Great tip One more tip... If you use the app on your iPad ensure you enter your PHONE number and not the iPad 3G number or you'll get an error. Oops.
 "This person does not accept calls from blocked or unknown telephone numbers."Yes good solution...!
While some of the new 'functional features' are great(and some would say about time), I really like the new multitask(cough Palm cough)... but that interface/colors... who-ah... fungly. I can understand why now... why Jony and Scott F would have major fights. In my experiences... those pissing contest usually result in a garden that blooms well! Of course they had Steve there to moderate the sprinkling... so to speak.
Well, let's hope it does well... Like some others I think it's a 'relatively' poor value when compared to the 5s( or the 5s is a great value when compared to the 5c).Just an aside...the movie Logan's Run was on TV the other night and except for the Sandmen who wore Black... Everyone was wearing the colors of the 5c! Yellow, pink, neon green etc. Hmmm, what does Sir Jony know?
I guess Apple thinks it knows where its bread is 'going to be' buttered. Which sort of segways to this: http://www.longlongtimeago.com/llta_fables_monkeycroc.html
 Hope you are correct that is the 5 is just or more durable as the 4S, I for one don't like cases.
 Yup... it appears that Sir Jony likes pastels(and there is no one to say no to him)... IMO eewww.And yes - my 4S, no cover, in my pocket with keys etc, for two years... not a scratch. Its a rock, perfect size etc. IMO- It will go down as the pinnicle of build standard for durability, etc.Im really debating to upgrade to 5S just for the concerns you mentioned. But I dont think they 'intentially' designed it to wear prematurely. Its a fall out of Sir Jony's thin and light...
Yep... just a rumor until Jim Dalrymple says 'Yep'
 Yup you nailed it.I for one would spend the extra 100 and get the 5s(which I will)... no brainer. But... there are probably a significant portion that that $100 makes a difference. Time will tell.Plus next year the price will drop after the new iphone... maybe.Another 'tech site' asked its readers if they are the updating and if so which iphone would they get- ~59% 5s to ~3% 5c ~ (~35% will not upgrade) ... 5s is the huge winner for that un-scientific survey.Pure opinion...
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