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 IMO a lot less 'polish' in iOS7 with these new shiney effects. I still need to read up on how to use the calendar(because it does not 'just work') . Deleteing emails- I have to swipe 'just so' to capture the delete part, else it opens the mail. Very frustrating, it worked great in iOS6.yea yea yea, apple.com/feedback... we know. This is a rant post!
 Perhaps... but I tried using my 5s BT with a rental over xmas... what a nightmare... but it was Ford Sync... so....
not feeling it for any of these devices... not sure even iwatch would kindle my interest. IMO not sure what a 'watch' brings to the party except convience.
 Hiring is not a weightlifting contest, can’t always 'empirically measure' whose is best. So.. if there are two candidates that are 'qualified', one a 'minority'(your words... woman might take issue) and one not, what should they do?
 I 'believe'(ie no proof) that is the intent... but we shall see. There are other rumours that Apple has other things in store for the car. Time will tell.
 Not per this-http://www.openautoalliance.net/#section_members
As for me... I would like Siri to do simple phone task oriented items like - "Play Bach Brandenberg Concerto" etc be performed local and not require a server. Of has that changed recently?
Yet have time to read this on the day of 'the game with that team up north'!Well, maybe you saw the first half... Yikes.
 You crack me up sometimes, at least you could do is put a wink-smiley on your statement.
 Well look who's back!At first glance 500k a day does seem large for just the 5s, but it might to make sense if the 4s and 5c are included(understand the article did not say, but they have been wrong from time to time). But here's hoping that something new is brewing.
New Posts  All Forums: