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Yea... Apple kept on saying 'enable hotspot' and I thought, doesn't the phone have a hotspot? Is tethering free now? Nope... if you have tethering, just don't have to pull the phone out to turn it on. I guess that's nice, if you have tethering... but for awhile there, I was hoping for something for free, silly me, ... fa-get-about-it! That said, like you, I have the grandfathered plan also... I haven't checked tethering prices lately. I never use more than a GB a month of...
I went the Verizon route on my ipad2, I never know if that thing is on or off etc. All I know is I get a $20 bill at the end of the month... even WITH cellular data turned off. Looking for something better for sure. If I could turn iphone tethering on and off, ie stop / start the carrier cost to tether,  that would be a better option. I only use my ipad cellular once in a while, but its nice when I do... not $20 every month nice though.
  I'm sure you have done this by now... http://www.sec.gov/complaint/select.shtml http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us Let us know how it works out... seriously.
Businesses fail often. http://www.statisticbrain.com/startup-failure-by-industry/ Apple believed GT could do what they promised... are they schmucks? IMO- It sounds like it was just a bridge too far in glass tech.  They tried, couldn't do it. Isn't this why we praise private industry/capitalism?
  Hey... I resemble that remark... and I wear 'white sneakers with white socks'!
Meh... just mark the Bose products up an extra 1000% (like Bose does) and let it sit and collect dust/crud... literally 
 Yeee- up! The mini makes sense.
Well a couple of possible scenarios -1) Apple said they will need x amount of sapphire - here's $500 mill deposit (ie all the furnaces going like gang busters). Apple never came back with the big order.  So sorry!2) This company said they could produce x amount of sapphire for y amount, and cannot. So sorry! There is not information either way is there?
It is an interesting exercise, how in to predict the user base etc.   Personally IM(negative Nelly)O - Im thinking a lot lower.  Perhaps a couple million in first year (mainly curiosity seekers) and then a drop off. My un-informed completely asshat guess (hey I can be an analyst too) is more along the lines of Apple TV sales. Its not a main stream thing. Not everyone needs a 'smart' watch, let alone a watch. Has to be recharged every night, obsolete in a couple of...
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