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I guess one some what positive way to look at this is the same as BMW buying (mainly in name only)the Mini,  seems like an odd fit but ya never know.
I have the 5S, IMO (and many reviews) the 5S is noticeable better than the 4S. Is it 'alone' worth $20-, if you take a lot of pics, and you are on contract all the time anyways... IMO yes. If you purchase your phone out right, probably not. Actual mileage will vary of course.
I really like the portability of the 4S iOS (have a 5S now) I really like the large screen of my S4 android (work phone).   I keep thinking that it should be possible to have a compact portable phone... ala 4S (or smaller). But if/when I need a larger screen have something other than an ipad;  just a display and battery for it that it would 'just link' to the phone(sort of like carplay, but for at home). Yea... I'm a crazy wabbit. 
   Sorry, call me mister cynical to believe just because the worker applied to a web site he/she would then be considered/hired.   IMO- if Jobs etc put out a 'list'(not saying they did), web sight or no, that person won't be hired. If word got out... don't touch google engineers... no google engineers are going to be hired.
Hopefully it works out... what ever they are getting. I would have thought they  might have bought a provider of some sort in the television world... maybe this is a warm up... get their feet wet. Can't beat them (no pun intended... got lucky), join them.
GOOGLE -'Your Honor, we are SHOCKED, SHOCKED that copying has been going on here!'
Oh we know all right, we know... that was the point.
IMO- I do  not think Tim should drop these hints. I do not recall Jobs dropping those types of hints, the opposite in fact... ' we don't know how to do cell phones(ie crappy cell phones)'. 
'...may have helped...' would have been better.
That was one of my reasons for not upgrading, plus my iPad 2 is still cranking along. But have to admit it's getting a bit sluggish, loading certain heavy content website, games etc. I blame the small ram more than the processor... Best of my limited knowledge.
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