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TurboTax in US. I haven't used the iPad version. My understanding is it won't import your prior returns stored on other devices. I also believe they have a web version.
Just curiuos, how do you know they are adobe IPs?
Hmmm, so how does Apple's 30 percent cut come into play?
Yea, they do stick out don't they. Well, I'll get slammed here, but I do think others should at least take a look at XOOM if they cannot get their first choice. Waiting for it ...yea-ouch, hey easy! As for the parts, well, IMO to soon to tell for the variety of reasons discussed here. From what I heard, mostly NAND plants up north and they aren't the only ones in the world, and Apple has a lot of pull. Now if there was unique part plants that were hit... that would be a...
Thats interesting, when i got my ipad2 at the verizon store, I noticed they had a cash machine in there. But people were lining up to take cash out. Thought, thats kind of odd(I had never noticed), I guess its common. BTW, off topic, but I hope I don't regret getting a verizon ipad2 - 1) they made me sign up for at least one months data use(can cancel at any time, but still). 2) - they will only keep your registation valid for 6 months without use. If you don't have a...
I only rent movies and watch youtube and pod casts with ATV2. My only issue is occasionally when trying to enter a podcast(mainly TWIT broadcasts) or when it ends, ATV2 reboots or kicks me out to main screen and everything reloads on the screen. this occurred before latest update, sooo.. Otherwise , seems to work fine. I use an Airport extreme, generally everything que's up and streams nicely.
Well, I'll be a bit off topic too if that's ok One other option is to lower margins or prices, but I would not count on it. For companies to purchase, Sony for content, LA Times, ABC for distribution. In other words, get totally vertically integrated. although I would think deep partnerships would be better. Shoot they have enough cash to launch there own satellite tv etc. One thing I would like to see them do is kind of old school but they have the cash, so perhaps it...
well that is the trick. For me, I needed a new computer, but 95% my usage is email and web surf, thus got the ipad2. However, I would have paid a bit more for more ram(yup, have seen it max out already with too many apps left open and futureproof etc, that was not normal, normal use is fine and snappy) and if going to the trouble of adding cameras add the iphone4 cameras. Keep two speakers. And yes, while old school a USB port to hook up printers(next puchase is an airplay...
I wonder if the japan quake will affect chip supply? Perhaps extend waits further?
There fixed for you. ( just messing). Of course specs matter if only about how future proof it will. I for one don't care to buy new (fill in the blank) every year, or even every other year if possible due to being obsolete. Plus IMHO iPad 1 was a bit pokey. Have ipad2 now, it's very snappy. Hope to get many 'years' of use.
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