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I tend to agree. But the universal functionality of iOS makes it compelling for a great many.In any case, for me at least, A3.0 is at least worth a trip to Best Buy to check it out(see if this 'pig' can squeal ).BTW I may have missed it, but did not see any mention of printing, some basic word processing(ala Pages etc), DLNA support etc. I presume those apps/functions are in existing underlying Android code?Oh... And I presume this new version does not support H.264 codec...
Sorry for being off topic everyone, couldn't let it go.. Maybe not Apple, but other box giants, you better believe they get a deal. Happens all the time. Another example...states undercutting other states with specific business tax incentives and subsidies to get employment. Race to the bottom baby, enjoy your ride!
Exactly! ChronoFlare in FTW!
Just for our(well mine) education - what does 11.2 say? Can that be posted?
Yea it is confusing. They are saying that my Sony TV(bad choice) should be able to charge a fee to Comcast for Comcast cable sending content through the TV, but not to Time/Warner etc. That makes no sense. (think basic internet neutrality issues) However, if Sony wants to charge Netflix a fee for hosting a Netflix app on the TV... and that fee was a % cut of revenue etc... well, they have the right. This is probably how Apple views it...$$$$(think premium content...
Yup, the reporter did not quote Sony directly regarding 'out of app' purchases. The reporters words infered Sony told him that 'out of app' material is no longer usable. However there is the info ASDASD provided. Time will tell. BTW, still looking for someone to post 11.2 text.
Is it possible to post the latest '11.2' for all to read?
Just curious, so the downloaded book becomes part of the app?
Perhaps Solo got it right on an earlier post, Apple is playing a delicate game here. Have netflix, but no Hulu etc(as a side note, why doesnt Amazon allow its streaming video to iOS devices?). IMO(just a feeling), if Apple allows even one in(netfix, kindle etc), the cat is out of the bag(reeeaar) and they will eventually be forced to let them all in. I think in app content purchase/playing will be viewed(no pun) differently than an in app game upgrade. It will be...
Are they? If yes, then absolutely, Apple has a right to charge a fee. But it's not clear. If not, it just seems to be a biz decision by Apple... because they can. And one, IMO, I do not care for(less choice). I can import music to iTunes and play it on iOS devices. Not sure this should be any different... IMO. I wish the author delved into these issues a bit more instead of leaving it to novices like me to speculate.
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