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Wow! And wow! Oh and first , wish I was first in line, now I might be shutout for a few weeks, sigh
I suppose the retail times are 5:00om 'local' time?
Steve is that you?
Didn't Target' say they are doing a buy back too? I expect the price to fall for the initial on-slaught.
yup how much stock of each is available and which places. Im debating where to go too. If I had some patience, I would just order and wait... but Ive waited long enough dang it! Some questions if anyone knows - Has it been stated that 3g models will be available at all locations? Is the verizon plan month to month like ATT? No hidden fees? I don't want to sign up for monthly(want the GPS more than anything), but if I do... IMO Verizon 'in general' has better coverage. Is...
Good additional points. I would mention gps in itself sucks up the battery. I think I get about two hours out on a hike. Not sure if it exists but I have not found apple documentation of how gps and iOS work as we have described. To a newbe, they kind of got to figure it out or hop on forums like this and ask. IMO Apple should document it more clearly, I can understand why it would be confusing to some.
Yea, I have that same impression. IMO there was a lot people(like me) that waited for v2 to see how it compares to the new competitors etc. While IMO xoom and hp touchpad have great potential, it's only that. I do not want to wait any longer. IPad 2 and 65k apps baby, bout sums it up why now versus the posers(sorry a little trash talk)
No you don't need a data plan for gps to work, but you will need a different map software program, other than maps to use it. search in app store and you'll find some examples. Essentially you'll need to preload map content. also be prepared for a big battery drain. with data plan, the initial location sync is faster and more precise because it will use cell tower triangulation to 'assist'. That's why it's called 'assisted gps'.
Rant- skip buy if you are anti-rant. Come on, don't use patronizing arguements, you can do better than that. By your logic, you dont have any right to complain or suggest improvements to any thing someone has bought unless they design it themselves, thats silly. I've found this an interesting thread(aside from the snide comments). Obviously there needs to be an optimal RAM size, else it would be 1. Can we agree on that? So... there are a couple issues of concern that...
IMO, he gave a honest thoughtful opinion, you may disagree, and thats fine, say what points you disagree with. Now if you want to call some one an arse and take to task, take a look at dimitrir's comments.
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