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Is it possible to post the latest '11.2' for all to read?
Just curious, so the downloaded book becomes part of the app?
Perhaps Solo got it right on an earlier post, Apple is playing a delicate game here. Have netflix, but no Hulu etc(as a side note, why doesnt Amazon allow its streaming video to iOS devices?). IMO(just a feeling), if Apple allows even one in(netfix, kindle etc), the cat is out of the bag(reeeaar) and they will eventually be forced to let them all in. I think in app content purchase/playing will be viewed(no pun) differently than an in app game upgrade. It will be...
Are they? If yes, then absolutely, Apple has a right to charge a fee. But it's not clear. If not, it just seems to be a biz decision by Apple... because they can. And one, IMO, I do not care for(less choice). I can import music to iTunes and play it on iOS devices. Not sure this should be any different... IMO. I wish the author delved into these issues a bit more instead of leaving it to novices like me to speculate.
Yup, that about sums it up. I personally would not sue, but I'd be darn sure everyone I knew what I thought about the product. And if it's a widespread issue, that can be more than enough to get the offending party to act. Example in the extreme is the Toyota self acceleration issue
While I understand your point of view, IMO it simply ignores the real world, people make stupid mistakes. So from coffee temperatures to jumbo airliners, rules and regulations are put in place to mitigate stupid things people do. Not saying there needs to be cell phone drop regulations, but some level of design against stupid mistakes(and in cell phones and coffee cups that occur some what frequently) 'might' be expected from some. For example, should hot food service be...
Shocking. I'm shocked to find opinions opined here. Just shocking! In fairnest Miss Manners suggest using as humble language as possible such as IMO when not referencing factual information. But that's just my opinion... D'oh!
Classic FUD(and I'm being polite)
Ummm actually no, all aircraft are drop tested to ensure they can 'withstand' hard(ie not normal) landings. And no, the wind shields do not break(from that defined level).I'm willing to bet Apple does the same. Unfortunately glass has certain critical points. Struck just right... Ka-bleweee(technical term). When iPhone 4 first came out there was a few articles about this... Or was it the ipad?
Lousy amorphous solids. Cheap junk Im still waiting for the 'transparent Aluminum'. Hop to it Apple! There is hope- http://www.physorg.com/news167925273.html
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