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oh brother... again. Just as an example - the great state of Texas, the pinnicle of fiscal conservatism... has a state deficit equal to california(percentage wise) the pinnicle of liberal spending(to those un-informed). Are you calling Texans drunken sailors.. are you messing with Texas?http://www.dallasnews.com/news/polit...eep-to-571.ece They are broke because of the largest recession since 1980 and possible 1932 has reduced tax revenue. Damn... another rabbit hole - So...
oh brother....
Well hate to see this go down the political rabbit hole, but what the heck. Rule #1. Corporations are for profit. Rule #2. taxes, any taxes, even down to .000001% can go against rule number 1. There is no such thing as community good etc, workers health etc, if it decrements rule #1. Rule #3. when in doubt, see rule number 1. Any arguement about lower taxes etc is a red herring, it wont ever be low enough. Wages won't ever be low enough. Benefits won't ever be low...
Or like Sony charging to watch a movie on their tv because it's the most popular and best-est tv. Hmmm Samsung is good enough for me and they don't charge a fee. ( just anology). Watch it Apple, don't get too greedy. Unfortunately I can understand why Apple is doing this, there's only so far you can take these platforms before they are just commodities(all basically the same), thus all the content plays.
I wonder what the law is for that. Can Apple make it a contractual agreement that prices must match? IMO Tit-for-tat -Apple makes them put the purchase 'option' on the app, vendor sets the price. This article implies a vendor cannot set a different price(if Im reading this correctly)http://www.freshfields.com/publicati...2006/13899.pdf Is there a lawyer in the house?
Agree. I think I would like the 4 in screen. Anything up to ~4.5. Keep the same resolution. 5 is too big IMO. My brothers evo is not too big. But I can see people wanting the present size too.
Just my wish list-Agreed, lighted or illuminated keyboard. I wish they could copy thinkpads keyboards shape/feel. Bring back the 4:3 screen size, I wouldn't mind black bars on movies, but I do mind loss of vertical real estate for web browsing and work space on today's scrunched display sizes. Need USB 3.0 or highest speed FireWire, or eseta etc for very fast data transfer. Perhaps a screen that swivels or eqiuv to go into a ipad/slate mode... But that's just me. What...
Does the hype of the long lines etc add to or drive a public mentality to get an iPhone? Thus when it(the hype / expectation) doesn't happen, the 'herd' thinks- meh... must not be that great a devise. IMO there is a smigeon of truth, but what really 'drives the herd' is a damn good iPhone.
Any guesses how many were allocated for pre-order?
Haha, so true. Apple could make a fortune(well more money) selling a projector that 'just works'.
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