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Perhaps conceptional design, maybe. While having everyone in a room is the ideal, and hands on time is important, it's not world we live in. At least not for most global firms. Think cars, airplanes etc. People from around the globe participate, design/do different things and bring them together via computers.
Traveling has a better chance than not traveling. Saying otherwise is... Myopic?
Well, your response proved everyone elses... You're hilarious, keep posting, its a nice break from the serious posts.
Sorry I'm just reading this different, have to disagree about TB, ignoring the political gibberish that he added, his response to the original op didn't seem to jive. IMO light peak is more for highend uses and fast large file transfer(think hd movies) For everyday uses(the original ops issue), like making presentations, airplay, wifi etc is much preferred. Yes it's not every where... Yet. Wires is so 'computing' yesterday.
Isn't thunderbolt( I like lightpeak better) an intel controller? Would it have to be integrated with the ipad(not intel) chip set?
Hmmm, no press event announcement, so likely no major changes? I wonder if the ipad update won't have a press event also? Perhaps the next press event won't be until the WWDC in June? I miss 'Steve Jobs theatre'.
Who? Jobs or Obama... or both... d'oh!
I don't know why(its stupid ), but seeing that picture of the toast reminded me of the Godfather meeting of the 5 families - 'Its agreed then , Zuckerberg will own the youth and no phones, the 'Steve's' will share tablets and phones, Ballmer will be 'retired' and that will be the peace.' or the Star Wars canteen scene with Solo and Guido (what do you have under the table Zuckerberg?). Ya silly thoughts.
Are you serious? What country or example do you recommend that doesn't have rules and regs that is your utopia? Do you have any idea what life was like(or is like) before theses mean ol regulators came along? Grow up.
Hey, what ever happened to those fuel cell laptop batteries? Bwahahahaha! Seriously, for good or bad, there is nothing like hydrocarbons for energy density/transportation. Battery tech(for now) will be a slow incremental process of improvement. May I suggest this article regarding 'tech breakthoughs or lack there of'. Food for thought. http://isites.harvard.edu/fs/docs/ic...gy_Summary.pdf
New Posts  All Forums: