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I guess the GPS is part of the phone chips??? and not stand alone chips? But I agree, IMO all devises should have GPS chips. What ever was installed for memory should be ok; it 'seemed' to handle the movie demo ok. The upgraded graphic processing is pretty important and speeding up Safari is pretty important too. One of the reasons I held back, when I demo'd ipad1, seemed a bit slow to load web... so I waited (ipad is a nice to have, not a need) Lets see that CNET video...
Well the better ones are not knockoffs but ported iphone apps. But point taken, still cant get good equiv to iphoto, imovie for wondoze from what Ive seen, but Im still looking. However, Android might change that for 3rd party apps, because they will/can be ported from iOS. Time will tell
IMO- probably some hope for xoom; androidOS(webOS does 'look' nice... but still not delivered) has a big market share. People are familar with android. The hardware and interfaces of these 'pads/tablets etc' are(or will be) 'roughly' comparable by years end(barring some surpise). But your right, -the apps, are the bottom line IMO Looks like an ipad2 purchase Mar 11 from me!
Pardon the interuption - I got a question - why is it everytime I get on this website lately there is an ad for XOOM next to the topics???? Can it at least be buried at the bottom or something?! Sorry, carry on. Back to topic - if iPad2 looks appealling (eg I feel whimsical) I may just purchase one tomorrow... but not at BB&B type location. Prefered locations are local tech stores Apple store or Best Buy. and if I have to, Radio Shack. Now if Sears had it, ya, that...
While yes it would be 'keuul' to make an appearance; perhaps he should stay a way... just to show that the underlings can handle things just fine without him. I will miss the Steve Jobs reality distortion field effect though.
Perhaps conceptional design, maybe. While having everyone in a room is the ideal, and hands on time is important, it's not world we live in. At least not for most global firms. Think cars, airplanes etc. People from around the globe participate, design/do different things and bring them together via computers.
Traveling has a better chance than not traveling. Saying otherwise is... Myopic?
Well, your response proved everyone elses... You're hilarious, keep posting, its a nice break from the serious posts.
Sorry I'm just reading this different, have to disagree about TB, ignoring the political gibberish that he added, his response to the original op didn't seem to jive. IMO light peak is more for highend uses and fast large file transfer(think hd movies) For everyday uses(the original ops issue), like making presentations, airplay, wifi etc is much preferred. Yes it's not every where... Yet. Wires is so 'computing' yesterday.
Isn't thunderbolt( I like lightpeak better) an intel controller? Would it have to be integrated with the ipad(not intel) chip set?
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