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Shocking. I'm shocked to find opinions opined here. Just shocking! In fairnest Miss Manners suggest using as humble language as possible such as IMO when not referencing factual information. But that's just my opinion... D'oh!
Classic FUD(and I'm being polite)
Ummm actually no, all aircraft are drop tested to ensure they can 'withstand' hard(ie not normal) landings. And no, the wind shields do not break(from that defined level).I'm willing to bet Apple does the same. Unfortunately glass has certain critical points. Struck just right... Ka-bleweee(technical term). When iPhone 4 first came out there was a few articles about this... Or was it the ipad?
Lousy amorphous solids. Cheap junk Im still waiting for the 'transparent Aluminum'. Hop to it Apple! There is hope- http://www.physorg.com/news167925273.html
Apple Website says supports XP.
That brings up an interesting point, back during the antenna gate discussions, there was a survey that said ~70 percent have cases anyway(reciting from my poor memory so forgive please if not correct). Seems like a lot a trouble to just be 'aesthetic'. For me personally, I don't use a case, so I would like more color options. Nice midnight blue please.
I suspect NSA does not need such things.
Yup, a good compromise.
Yup, it makes logical sense, but boy... if they could pull it off, Wow. I think it would truely plow the competitors this year. I'm curious is the partial upgrade 1.25 increase in pixal is difficult or bad or ??? Would like to read more discussion on that. HP's is suppose to be showing off there wares(vapor or not) in Feb. Although I have never used webOS, it does 'look' nice and intuitive. Along with Android... they can get a toe-hold. Porting apps is not inpossible....
Faster Processor and RAM. IMO - Loading webpages with all these freaking ad's is starting to show(AppleInsider home page included). Software - IMO - ipad Ad Blocker! And although hate to say it; 1- because it would be nice to have, 2- because its fightn words on an Apple fan site- flash support. D'oh!
New Posts  All Forums: