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The network protocols of CDMA are not setup to do both simutaniously. There was talk to revise the protocols to allow, but most likely will need to wait until LTE is deploy.
IMO - 9.7 for those that tend to surf etc more, 7 inch for those that want to read books more. And since this turned into a weight discussion. What are some things Apple could do to reduce weights and keep the same size? Per ifixit Aluminum back 138 grams Battery 148 grams LCD 153 grams Glass (and frame) 193 grams Speaker: 17 grams Main board: 21 grams Everything else: 27 grams Hard to decrease the battery weight without giving up life. Glass, hard...
Well, I'm gonna be hated here, so be nice. But from a public safety information point, you know after an earth quake or something wipes out local cell towers/cable etc, all that is left, maybe, is over the the air tv and radio. After Katrina, make shift radio stations were built to cover some areas so they had local news(because clearquest etc is just a tape feed to a lot of areas) Just my opinion. As for music, how did radio royalties begin? Did Bing Crosby etc get them...
Some questions for everyone (I'm not too bright) - Verizon is going to roll out a LTE network? Will it be all at once Will it have CDMA back up? Are they going to roll out LTE with no phones capable of using it? Would it make sense for them to line up a phone maker to be a launch customer for LTE? What phone maker would make/have the biggest Verizon 4G WOOOW factor?
Yes, thats the way most large companies work, unfortunately, when things get passed off to the Tier 2 (or test team) they can muck things up because they cannot possible know everything the Teir 1 team intended. This is one of many reasons items like Vista was probably muck up a bit. Although the teir 1 team would hate it, they need to stay on for testing through production asm much as possible. However, I think Apple knows that the teir 1 team can only 'innovate' so...
You may not be alone, but definitely not everybody. I personally would not JB, but do like some of the ideas/apps that are available for those that do. Pet peeves imo - ios4 multitask is poor, yes it works, but very cumbersome(if it's just suspended, why is it in the tray, no option to only allow certain apps to multitask); no tethering(-20 bucks), some widgets or special home screen info, lack of alert customization.
IMO the real benefit is instant on and inherent touch ability(common in mil hardware interfaces). Otherwise a regular ol PC or mac laptop should work just as well or better. I'm waiting for ability to print(easily) and better basic file storage/transfer in v2(hopefully).
Yes please teach us Prof... What is the correct or normal way to hold phone? The nerve.
There's a difference between fabrication and assembly. There's no technical reason why apple products couldn't be assembled here. I for one think(don't know) that they could justify the added expense, at a minimum, assemble products USA. Wishful thinking.
Wow! The first logical and a good technological post in ~ 200 posts! Please continue.
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