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I look forward to the print feature. Although I probably would not use it that much, but when you need to print, you need it and I always seem to need right away. Just curious - does android native print? Or is it in the app department? I guess what Im asking, is AirPrint and AirPlay etc really different than whats out there(and I do not know what that is), or just spiffed up existing stuff with some Apple marketing to it?
Unless they are illegal to export, why didn't he just put it into the luggage hold? Smells like a phony story.
... and he hits the nail squarely on it's head.
Well, well, well, surprised by the all the negative competition is good replies here. Of course competition can be good or bad. But in a market where the field has relatively equal playing rules(and ground rules), I would submit it is good. I would also suggest that the competition between Android and Winphone7, iOS etc is a good thing? Is that fair? I believe that is the general sentiment of the statement in this forum. But no arguement, out in the world, there are...
I'm sorry, it's late and I may have missed it- just what is bridgeco bringing to the table? What 3 things? How are they ensuring airplay is update proof to 3rd party products? Is airplay an open standard? Meh, maybe I'll figure it out in the morning, sorry for the wasted post.
Just guessing, but probably easier to interrupt the 3GS production which is winding down(sort of) versus the iphone 4 production which is still ramping up to meet demand. Plus 3GS is a good test the waters scenario. But IMO they have a iphone 4 t-mobile ready to go as well as the CDMA versions. Just a matter of contracts etc. January will be interesting.
Wow, what a racket(the ultimate book-ee)! Gotta give credit where credit is due, kudos to Google. IMO- as part of their 'do no evil', give some breaks(cash back?) for good investigative news outlets, research institutions that publish etc.; instead of trying to take other technologies out( ie cell phone OS's). Just an opinion.
Regarding present iOS multi task funkiness and proposed solution - Exactly, agree, ditto, x2, concur
No, you are not the only one. User selected apps to multi-task is my solution. But the fanboys won't permit it
Meh, give it up, he doesn't realize 'more than' is not a dichotomy. could give him the dictionary link I suppose. I know you are correct, you know you correct. Then there is the contest of parsing what 'content creation' is - like email... arrrrggghh. Back to the topic, sort of , personally, would like iOS software in a mac air form factor(for content creation... ). Spin the screen and fold over to make touch screen only (for content consumption... ).
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