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agree, focus on the core items From biz point of view, it's bad form to keep all that cash laying around doing nothing. Either invest, lower margins to increase market share or give it to share holders. IMO there is lots of room for improvement to core products. Like the idea of a media hub, but I think I read steve wants something alot faster than standard wifi. Also would like to see an ipadair(iPad laptop style, with a swivel screen that folds to iPad form...
Exactly, but the Professor here is a stickler, only front facing or 'you're doing it wrong'! Sound familar, sound like anyone we know of. Hey Steve, is that you?
No this time it really really, no really its true. Trust me. NOT. I don't know, how long can Apple go and not get on Verizon? To me it seems like it would be worthwhile for Apple to get on Verizon sooner than later. But I'm a lowly peon so.... And Steve tends to hold a grudge or at least be very stubborn.
It's kind of ironic, apple is fairly strict about it's apps, but with FaceTime, probably has given the porn biz a nice boost via a new medium to work with. Also recall our glorious supreme court(paraphrase)- 'I don't know how to describe porn, but I know it when I see it'. I'll bet. It is also good to know via the comments so far, there is no global morality, just regional. Very interesting. That is, if porn is a morality issue?
Exactly. Do not post until they see how many have posted, but those that posted are not suppose to post until... Oh wait... D'oh!Sorry for being off topic everyone.
No, but its difficult to compare apples to apples... so to speak. There is not 'one' android platform, but many and they roll out through out the year. Just saw Samsung is coming out with there latest greatest, then Motorola etc. Where as there is only one iphone platform. The real thing to watch is market share. Android is catching up. But thats ok, competition is a good thing for us consumers.
As a minimum, they should build (assemble) it in USA! I'll pay the extra 5 bucks or so(just a guess).
I think he just didn't have his morning joe(coffee, not the TV show). No way did you comment imply criticism. But that said, not really sure they would have sold that many more. Just my opinion. That would make a nice business school study though.
Exactly... after you read about it. For me - this bar issue has been going on forever. With my 3GS I sit in the exact same spot at home when I use the phone for web etc, and my 3G or WiFi bars float up and down. This has been going on since day one ( a year now). Granted, I cannot 'induce' it. I'm just saying.... your milage may vary. Future results may not reflect past performance.
Well, that is the question isn't it. Since the whole top appears as one piece, obviously some must be clear for the display. So... how is it the edges appear black(or white). Do the new 4's have a fused together clear and black(white) banding or ???
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