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Can't think of obvious choices, but that's why I'm not a CEO. Perhaps cover the spread, put minority but substantial investments in key areas to influence to apply the reality distortion field and influence direction. Also I'd like to see technology endowments set up at US universities US production facility Free MobileMe with free traffic alerts/info and weather info in widgets. An Apple research park, funding startups, 50/50 ownership A satellite and it's own...
There it is! What 'it' is, is the question.
When I hear 'open' I keep thinking open source code(Linux?). Far as I know it is not open source, so Android is a 'closed' software system itself, but is licensed with less restrictions (more open) for use than iOS?. Meh, each has its benefits.
Sgt Hulka comment to 'Psycho' in the movie Stripes. Cant believe I remember this stuff.
As I understand it, iTunes must be up and running. IMO a drawback as opposed to just having stuff on a NAS drive that ATV can see. If I'm mistaken please let us know how to set up without iTunes. Wish it had more predefined categories like by actor etc. For 99 bucks it's ok, but would have liked the NAS access etc. I can't bring myself to pay 99 cents for 20 year old tv shows. IMO the movies appear(on my tv) very dark. Roku etc is offering some very interesting...
"It's expected to include at least one revolutionary new feature...." It will blend?
That would be great. However, back of a dirty soggy napkin calculation estimates is the economics is just too compelling to build there, and still can air freight to US etc. But would like to see a real analysis rather than my guess. IMO labor rates should be 'minimized' as an economic comparative advantage except as a form of 'aid'. But that's a whole other very contentious discussion
Hey, are your trying to stop all the speculation fun? It's obviously a typo!
IMO i would like to see this in a iOS form factor. When in laptop mode have a cursor or something translate from the touch pad (not perfect solution I know. but good for the basics and data entry in iOS). Then have the screen swival for normal ipad mode. Id pay a premium. Dual boot to mac os would be gravy.
No mystery, what GPS is used for should be obvious( location). Thus not having it seems to be a loss of a basic functionality in a 'mobile device'(Steve says they're a mobile computing company now). Some people think it should be a standard feature(like me). Others could care less. Some would like to be able to use GPS without the data plan. Which can be done on some app's / devices. The negatives of having the chips are-extra cost of the chips, and they suck power when...
New Posts  All Forums: