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Very very true! All CalPers is trying to do is ensure better rules. Then wow, the idiot flood gates open, your a socialist etc etc... Wow.
You can bet your arse if they thought things were going bad, lose money, they would sell. That's not what this is about. It's just about how directors are put on the board. Geeesh
True... In the short term. Also, do you have a link about that board turnover, should be interesting reading.
Ummm, most board members don't own the stock in vast sums, they are there to represent the stockholders at large.(example Eric Schmidt...ok he was a fink, but he didn't own a vast sum of Apple stock)I read 'corporate governance' as Apples basic 'board rules', example- how members are elected or nominated etc. But board rules could influence the type of member selected; they could give Steve more oversight...demand dividends if cash is not being invested etc, but that's...
For $99, its a nice hobby. Works for me. However, I am curious and open to Roku, Google TV etc. Im not ruling out a another device in the future. Hope Apple stays on top of their game. I use ATV2 to watch rentals of NEW movies, You Tube and PodCasts(MacBreak Weekly etc). NO TV shows... sorry IMO 99cents rental for old TV show just doesn't cut it. Thats where either being able to 'buy a season, with cloud/local storage' or using the home server would come in handy(...
sorry saw this and had this image - visually imagine Eric Schmidt with ol' Sarah P with clubs in their hands saying. 'Y'know, some times we have to do un-pleasant things for the better good... CRaccckkk'. Sorry everyone, just being stupid and silly.
Your kidding right, why does basically an Apple fan site specifical mention a problem with Google? Captain Renault: I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
Your Ma-ma!
My thought exactly. Click bait. Only reason I did click (did not read) was to put in my stupid response/comment... shoot, they won, this time. Well, I did not look at any ads, so a small victory for me.
Hmmm, seems a better title to this article would be - Analyst don't have a freak'n clue how many iPhones Verizon will(would?) sell. OR Industry analyst spout gibberish about potential Verizon iPhone sales. OR Analyst refer to magic 8 ball regarding potential Verizon iPhone sales numbers. Meh, sorry for my snooty wasted comment, IMO the article did not convey any real information or news except for the lack of consensus of projected Verizon iPhone sales. I'll go back to...
New Posts  All Forums: