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Just my opinion, but if they remove the home button from the iPhone, I probably will not buy it. Buttons allow one hand control on the iPhone. If anything, I would like to see the home button expanded to have a four way rocker for precise cursor control while typing. Also, add buttons aside from it for any number of functions. I'm sorry, but I'm a Luddite when it comes to this aspect of the interface of iOS. Or maybe I have a button fetish.... . However, if these new swipe...
Sounds good! Looking forward to more Airplay functionality.
Link to the independently certified speed tests please
Well, if you have a Viphone, with hotspot, a CDMA ipad may not be needed. Nice! I do like that idea. On the other hand, for you chatty users, the Viphone can't talk and chew gum(data) at the same time. Zzz-innngggg!
Verizon(interview on Engadget) says hotspot sharing with basic wireless data plan(presumed unlimited). Please explain your concern further.
Umnmnm yes, it appears you are reading in-correctly at least for last month, as for totals, cannot tell. Now, am I understanding this correctly, if Verizon were to truely sell 12 million iphones next year(million per month), all things being the same, iphone would take over 50% of the Verizon smart market?? Whole-y underwear! Is this possible??
Ahh, its just a coincidence. But in fairness, I payed about the same amount for phone service (well roughly with long distance, taxes and stuff) for a regular o'l dial phone 25 years ago. Now the cable companies-that is a royal rip-off! I get everything(HBO etc, internet etc)and pay about 165 a mounth. But its all junk programming!!!! Almost spend more time watching Twit!!! Ramble, ramble, rant, rant, sorry.
I think its just a demonstration of the processing power. It may not be there just yet, but its damn close. Of course if the phone rings in this get-up...wait its stuck..., rut-roh!
Take a look at this video-http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/09/m...r-look-video/#
New Posts  All Forums: