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Mostly agree, especially about the MBA missing back light keyboard, IMO form over function again. So everyone 'seems' to agree BR for home theatre is super but not on laptop for visual experience. But the big question is -Just how is one going to use their BR disks for use on a apple laptop then? employing cumbersome 'quasi-illegal' copy methods? Which one has to be careful of that quality output. IMO- I like the Avitar method - buy a disk and get a digital copy....
And/Or perhaps what to do with $50 billion? Although previously discussed on various threads, the thought is that he has a screener(s), that chooses a select few emails and does the prep work etc. How else would he know so fast why it was rejected etc. At least I would hope he has trusted assistants to do this screen and prep work... otherwise, he's a 24 hour a day(and probably distorts time to get more work done) working machine who really is an alien from the planet...
Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph.
Bummer. But when you think about it, these are probably new protocols, so difficulties are expected. Doesnt mean Steve will be happy. But, in the end, for the average user, this probably won't be missed that much, since a host computer must be running.
Maybe, but the main benefit is clear signal, to do many different things with the light wave form. Metal wire, signal gets messy. That's one reason power wires are not used for hispeed transfer, although people have tried.
Well Stevo did indicate this is the form factor future laptops should/will be. So here's hoping the next iteration of MBA or MBP will have this form factor with the backlight keyboard(I use my thinkpad light all the time in dark locations, it's close to a deal breaker). And since storage is premium, eseta or FireWire or? for data backup. Options for a faster processors(yes battery will drop off, it's a choice) So, I need to update from my T40. Luv the apple styles, but a...
And, there must be other facilities. Don't want all your apples in one basket. How do they do mobileme etc now?
They sure are pretty... 'my precious'. So, I could not quite tell, is the 11 in model screen size about the same size(height) as an ipad, just a bit longer? Guess I need to visit a store. IMO its a shame there is no backlight keyboard, they are handy.
Agreed. What are your thoughts to lack of an illuminated key board? IMO that should be standard also. I'm a big fan of the thinkpads little light. Comes in very handy.
Wasn't McD's coffee rated best by Consu... ooops not suppose to mention them on Apple fan sights.
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