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And the op needed to add a 'bazinga' at the end!
And just wait until they(the Chinese) get the CDMA iphone in Jan '11. Wait... D'oh!
Aboslutely. Would be great, with one tweak, I wouldn't mind the iOS in laptop config. Just have a large touch pad with a cursor on the screen when in this mode. I understand that may not work for games etc. but games would just require it be in 'slate' mode (IMO-Apple should have called it iSlate, iPad is so lame; but alls well that ends well and iPads sell well... brown cow, sorry, just rambling.).
Oh boy here we go again.... In other news Neil Armstrong has walked on the moon.
My luck, probably Sept 30th, 11:59 PM, the isle of Kiribati (Gilbert Islands) local time.
I presume this is part of Airplay? BTW, off topic - when is Apple TV going to be released? Its been 2-4 or 2-3 weeks for a couple months now-... I know, well it seems that long, sorry my impatience is getting the better of me.
IMO it sure seems like it should be better and cheaper. Stevie J sees this. I am purely guessing... basic templates etc and just remove and replace content (just a little simplified). To hire a couple more 'designers' is not going to kill SI as a whole. Again, purely guessing, SI is looking at web only costs. So it may not make sense for the amount of web subscriptions they have now, it may be a chicken and egg thing to them. IMO - SI is waiting for the chicken, Apple is...
Meh, UNLESS, there will be an iphone LTE version at the same time? That is the real question - will there be an LTE iphone next June? PLUS - Verizon says they will have their version of LTE up too... hmmmm, next year 'could' be an interesting smart phone year.
Agree. Great if specific printers have built in software(ala airplay etc) for AirPrint. BUT, seem like a better explaination is needed for somethings, perhaps I missed it in the article, but just wasn't clear to me, if so, I apologize. What if the printer is networked(hard or wireless), What if the printer is hooked directly to a PC. Is this all Bonjour?
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