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Ahh, its just a coincidence. But in fairness, I payed about the same amount for phone service (well roughly with long distance, taxes and stuff) for a regular o'l dial phone 25 years ago. Now the cable companies-that is a royal rip-off! I get everything(HBO etc, internet etc)and pay about 165 a mounth. But its all junk programming!!!! Almost spend more time watching Twit!!! Ramble, ramble, rant, rant, sorry.
I think its just a demonstration of the processing power. It may not be there just yet, but its damn close. Of course if the phone rings in this get-up...wait its stuck..., rut-roh!
Take a look at this video-http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/09/m...r-look-video/#
Another aside... although I was not at CES, the info and 'idea' provided for the Motorola Atrix seems like an excellant idea. Ever since the iphone came out, kind of wondered why something like this was not done. This has been talked about by various talking heads- 'One processor to serve them all(all needs).'http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/09/m...er-look-video/
My prognostication is that the iphone4 is going to go dual GSM/CDMA. Past few years, if I recall half way correctly, Apple dropped prices of units when they are clearing inventory, to make room for new models. So that asks, clear inventory for what? New model what? Just a guess on my part.
Very good points. In addition andruids have active sync etc. Was in a Verizon story over xmas, saleman indicated that he used 2Gig of data as a normal course of events, tried to imply to us that this is normal. I called BS( I only use 100 Mb per month), but perhaps I was wrong, andruids are data hogs, unless care is taken to turn off the syncs etc??? Probably no different with iphone and have to make sure maps is closed etc? Im not an andruid user, if someone could...
Would that require a developers release????
Agreed, plus, there wasn't a 'special event' for iPad being sold by Verizon. But then again, Steve does like to control message.
Not sure how core software works on iphone etc, but I would think there has to be some difference? No? However, I suppose if not, features like the talk and chew gum (talk and check internet), the internet just won't come up and gives an error while the user is on speaker phone? If so, that seems a bit un-Apple-ish.
Also 9-5mac is 'rumoring' Verizon employee training for an 'iconic device' at the end of the month. http://www.9to5mac.com/category/ios-devices Do you believe now?
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