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So by this wonderful logic, if android only had 10 apps, all free, and the headline said 'android market has all free apps'. That would fine? The relative size would not matter?
Ummm... the title of the this article is - 'RUMOR:....', not FACT.
Just a minor correction - Thats $190(dollar sign in front please) for parts, ADD another $190 minimum for Design, Engineering, marketing, labor of assembly, product support, etc etc. Then there is profit. Off of profit SUBTRACT, taxes fees R&D and corperate overhead. In the end, in terms of true profit... perhaps 50 bucks... maybe... that depends on sales. But back to the topic, Apple needs to address this issue in some manner, it doesn't seem to be going away(rightly...
This should serve as a warning to Apples board- What to do when Steve is gone? In fairness to MS, Win 7 seems pretty good. But gosh that Office 'ribbon' menu interface drives me nuts. Anyone know how the well the new 'web' office works, especially on the iPad?
I work in a fortune 10 company, job postings can go out so fast it would make you head spin. Especially if the CEO said 'Do it now'. Geesh.
I think you better give it up with these guys, they're in the Steve Jobs reality distortion field. But in fairness to them, Apple is saying buy a cover if the signal drop affects you. It does not affect every person. With the main point being, every cell phone drops signal when interfered with by the human body to some extent. The question is- is this amount interference a 'problem'(obviously not for everyone but enough that action must be taken), 'normal(hey its a cell...
Was wondering the same thing. I'm sure we'll be told by the 'experts'. Sorry for being off topic everyone.
agree, focus on the core items From biz point of view, it's bad form to keep all that cash laying around doing nothing. Either invest, lower margins to increase market share or give it to share holders. IMO there is lots of room for improvement to core products. Like the idea of a media hub, but I think I read steve wants something alot faster than standard wifi. Also would like to see an ipadair(iPad laptop style, with a swivel screen that folds to iPad form...
Exactly, but the Professor here is a stickler, only front facing or 'you're doing it wrong'! Sound familar, sound like anyone we know of. Hey Steve, is that you?
No this time it really really, no really its true. Trust me. NOT. I don't know, how long can Apple go and not get on Verizon? To me it seems like it would be worthwhile for Apple to get on Verizon sooner than later. But I'm a lowly peon so.... And Steve tends to hold a grudge or at least be very stubborn.
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