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That brings up an interesting point, back during the antenna gate discussions, there was a survey that said ~70 percent have cases anyway(reciting from my poor memory so forgive please if not correct). Seems like a lot a trouble to just be 'aesthetic'. For me personally, I don't use a case, so I would like more color options. Nice midnight blue please.
I suspect NSA does not need such things.
Yup, a good compromise.
Yup, it makes logical sense, but boy... if they could pull it off, Wow. I think it would truely plow the competitors this year. I'm curious is the partial upgrade 1.25 increase in pixal is difficult or bad or ??? Would like to read more discussion on that. HP's is suppose to be showing off there wares(vapor or not) in Feb. Although I have never used webOS, it does 'look' nice and intuitive. Along with Android... they can get a toe-hold. Porting apps is not inpossible....
Faster Processor and RAM. IMO - Loading webpages with all these freaking ad's is starting to show(AppleInsider home page included). Software - IMO - ipad Ad Blocker! And although hate to say it; 1- because it would be nice to have, 2- because its fightn words on an Apple fan site- flash support. D'oh!
Info on secondary infections for liver transplants. http://www.emedicinehealth.com/liver.../page10_em.htm Have to admire the strength of anyone who goes through cancer, then liver transplant, and be an innovative CEO.
Doing some quick searches, patents after 1995 last 20 years. Mpeg- la infers that the clock started ticking for patents ~2001. But they are not clear on if that applies to all patentshttp://www.mpegla.com/main/programs/AVC/Pages/FAQ.aspx The problem with this whole issue is multiple definitions for terms like standard, specifications and open. IMO, and I'm no expert so forgive the ignorance, if something is to be a specification standard it should be open source and free....
How much longer will these h.264 patents last? Can't be many more years?
Yup Just a guess- if the updates and daily feed is hosted by Apple, by all means Apple has a right to the cut of the subsciption or charge a fee etc (which I suspect is the case). But, if the hosting and updates are coming from someplace else... and Apple is just being a bully because it can (we are the only game in town, take it or leave it), that would be a monopolistic practice which people tend to not like(*cough* Microsoft). As an aside - I don't know about...
Understand your point of view, but IMO, the button has a tactile feel in a good ergonomic location for all(left or right hand) users. The Android soft buttons are an excellent example of a poor ergonomic interface, again IMO. Counter arguments?
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