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Not sure how core software works on iphone etc, but I would think there has to be some difference? No? However, I suppose if not, features like the talk and chew gum (talk and check internet), the internet just won't come up and gives an error while the user is on speaker phone? If so, that seems a bit un-Apple-ish.
Also 9-5mac is 'rumoring' Verizon employee training for an 'iconic device' at the end of the month. http://www.9to5mac.com/category/ios-devices Do you believe now?
Very good! That is the way to look at it(assuming the voice plan is what your paying now). See everyone, accountants are worthly (sorry I made an assumption) So for my case.... I had a verizon discount plain ol phone costing me about 45 with texting cost etc(stinkn Verizon, nickel and dime). Iphone - cost of iphone plus data plan and text plan, now I pay $63 a month. Delta difference is 18 a month(includes my discount on unlimited data etc) (216 a year), which I...
Thats my thought too. Now if Apple drops the price of 3GS on their website, you know something new is coming.
Open note to Steve Jobs- buttons/knobs/switches are not evil, no really they aren't. A few on devices/gadgets are ok, no really, they are.
While I know the rumors are numerous, if Apple doesn't get it's arse over to other carriers, here in the USA at least, it could find itself regulated to distant second or third place. Just IMO. I know many people waiting for Verizon iPhones and they are getting very very impatient. So, if WP7 can head off the google onslaught for a while and muddy the waters, in sad sort of way, might be a good thing.... Don't let android be the 'defacto' standard, ala Windows and Office....
Although nice, is this really patent-able? Or should this be patent-able?
Please remember, there are many other large institutions, like all the mutual funds etc, you dont think they speak up? Calpers just got the news headline thats all. They have a right to 'vote' not dictate about corperate goverance through resolutions, just like any shareholder. Most resolutions are shot down, but if they pass, that means many other large institutions and large voting block shareholders agree.
Very very true! All CalPers is trying to do is ensure better rules. Then wow, the idiot flood gates open, your a socialist etc etc... Wow.
You can bet your arse if they thought things were going bad, lose money, they would sell. That's not what this is about. It's just about how directors are put on the board. Geeesh
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