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My thought exactly. Click bait. Only reason I did click (did not read) was to put in my stupid response/comment... shoot, they won, this time. Well, I did not look at any ads, so a small victory for me.
Hmmm, seems a better title to this article would be - Analyst don't have a freak'n clue how many iPhones Verizon will(would?) sell. OR Industry analyst spout gibberish about potential Verizon iPhone sales. OR Analyst refer to magic 8 ball regarding potential Verizon iPhone sales numbers. Meh, sorry for my snooty wasted comment, IMO the article did not convey any real information or news except for the lack of consensus of projected Verizon iPhone sales. I'll go back to...
I hear ya, but to be devils advocate, someone has to be first LTE on verizon. Does Samsung or LG have all that much more experience that Apple could not be the first? Let's just say it would be a heck of a surprise. As an aside, are the new radio chipsets usually announced before the phone?
Apple security at work -a planted rumour to weed out some 'undesirables' .
Google(android) isn't "outselling" anyone. They are GIVING it away. Also, completely agree about not being open. The core android code is not OPEN in the open software sense(eg Linux). Yes, the platform is open, slight big difference. That said, the competition is good for users.
Honda is not equivelent... try a Mack Truck. If the vehicle weights a gizzion tons and smashes the road as it is driven and is slower, takes up space etc etc Should that one user pay more than the typical gas tax? OR If someone is on the cell line 24/7 and is streaming data, essentially taking out on lane of the cell tower highway, should he pay a 'higher rate per gigbyte' than a guy that gets on a few times a month? Electrical companies do similar things with peak usage...
Hold the phone.... Im no celluar engineer, so I probably needs some ed-u-ma-cation... in the end, doesn't the cell tower tie into the internet backbone? Or does ATT and Verizon etc have seperate 'cell/data' lines criss-crossing the US? I thought the whole purpose of going digital was to utilize this internet backbone? The data limit issues is with the cell tower and how it handles it? So its not that someone uses 90G per month per si, its that they are tying...
Just curious, you don't want it free or don't want it how google has it set up or both... and why? For me personally, just some basic stuff like find my phone is all I might use... I think, but that's just me, not a big fan of cloud storage services, bit of a luddite I suppose, but it does seem to be the future, sigh.
Competition... Hmmm, hmmm good. Your move Apple.
I live in long beach ca and att is fine. This year I've been to Seattle, Tacoma, San Fran, napa valley, sacromento, yosemite, st Louis, Detroit, Toledo, Hartford. Weak spots have been only yosemite and Toledo. Also fringe mountain areas of southern cal. All airports and malls etc in these areas att is fine. That said, I do know verizon voice(don't know about data) covered these weak areas much better. I know what I get with att, and do know they have weak spots. If I lived...
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