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Like how the ariticle has(paraphasing)- 'Facetime Audio(with wifi) calls are better than ATT in fringe areas....' Could Apple have something big planned for 2012 or so? .... end of voice services with carriers and go pure data? If the next ipod touch has facetime... things may get very interesting.
Well if you want details about 'how' something works, or for specific issues, yes internet is best. But in terms of 'is something a pervasive problem'; or comparing something like 'braking performance' to other vehicles etc etc etc, do you really think a couple dozen or so users blah-blah-ing on a website is more scientific? Look how long this thread is because there is not that many 'well known' scientific tests of this issue. That said, even if this is not a...
Just a bit too sappy for my tastes. How about something more... pratical? As an eg - Daughter calling dad for help on a project she is working on? Although I have not used FaceTime, have you noticed how steady the user is holding the phone in these videos? To me it really sticks out. I presume real life use is not that steady?
So may I ask a question- if apple integrates face time to iChat, and releases a pc version of iChat ( or is there one?), have they essentially wiped out fringe and skype et el? I have the suspicion they understand this but may not be able to implement due to no compete items in contract with AT&T. Just an opinion
Yup. All the more interesting that Microsoft killed KIN (no pun) so quickly. Some bright knob over there finally said 'hey, why don't we just make it a feature of phone7 software...' We'll duh!
I am not sure because they do not disclose their accounting procedures, but for the last few years, they 'claim' to have made a significant profit on the 'project' not hardware alone. For the 'project', if they break even to 'their plan', in general, if they are 'reporting' profits, then its making money. Actually, this is a very common accounting practice. Aircraft development for example. Development is amoritized out over dozen of years based on projected sales (thats...
Not sure what your getting at. Are you saying that Microsoft makes no money on the xbox platform(hardware and software)? Simple web search(google!) says they do. Granted I do not have the MS accounting books in hand and perhaps you do. Many manufactuers sell an item at cost or even lower and make it up on the other end with related services. ATT and iphone for example. Jet engines (thats a big racket) Or even strategic reasons - apple TV Xbox hardware perhaps? Make it up...
Essentially true. They call it work for a reason Most people work for one reason only, $$$ This $ can take many forms, perks etc. The work time and rewards($) has to be balanced with personnel time goals. For some people it is all the same, but in my experience in a large Corp, they diverge the older one gets; more likely perks and time off come into play. So working for free just for the experience is a nonstarter. If I was in my 20's and just starting out, might be a...
So by this wonderful logic, if android only had 10 apps, all free, and the headline said 'android market has all free apps'. That would fine? The relative size would not matter?
Ummm... the title of the this article is - 'RUMOR:....', not FACT.
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