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GOOGLE -'Your Honor, we are SHOCKED, SHOCKED that copying has been going on here!'
Oh we know all right, we know... that was the point.
IMO- I do  not think Tim should drop these hints. I do not recall Jobs dropping those types of hints, the opposite in fact... ' we don't know how to do cell phones(ie crappy cell phones)'. 
'...may have helped...' would have been better.
That was one of my reasons for not upgrading, plus my iPad 2 is still cranking along. But have to admit it's getting a bit sluggish, loading certain heavy content website, games etc. I blame the small ram more than the processor... Best of my limited knowledge.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpamSandwich Blah, blah, blah... Yada, yada, yada... Waah, waaahn. wa, waan, waah, waah.(best I could do for peanuts teacher) www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss2hULhXf0
I have found these password keepers cumbersome and not Apple stupid simple yet (which is what I need)   As an aside -Ben Horowitz(of Andreessen Horowitz) was on Charlie Rose the other night and postulated that some form of 'bit coin' would solve a lot of security problems as related to e-commerce. Paraphrasing - You(the user) have your bit coins from your account  (how that is secure I dunno, presume just a password). Go and buy what you want etc. No id needed etc...
~~Apple's "ambitions are very, very serious," one source told the publication   Wow, cant wait till they are very, very, very, very, very serious.  Because, you know, very very serious is not, well, as serious as very very very very serious.   /s
Yea, go figure, puts things into perspective of priorities at least. I think the cable companies do try  to push back but the 'content creators' have mini-conglomerates of there own. Example is Discovery Communications etc. So they just can't say no Discovery, its no to everything.  http://corporate.discovery.com/ IMO- everyone of these should be a separate entity the way it use to be. Well, we still have the fall back of the public library and books for...
Well, when Apple releases its grand plan(if they have one) it sure will be interesting. For now... Im more confused than a 'feather in a whirlwind' (to quote Forhorn Leghorn) . At present, I have cable at home, so no real need for these individual channels. Sure, I guess I was in bed, and did not want to disturb some one else or have no bedroom tv etc... but seems to me to be relatively small use case. If I do use the app, 1) I have to remember the stupid cable log-in...
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