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As for me... I would like Siri to do simple phone task oriented items like - "Play Bach Brandenberg Concerto" etc be performed local and not require a server. Of has that changed recently?
Yet have time to read this on the day of 'the game with that team up north'!Well, maybe you saw the first half... Yikes.
 You crack me up sometimes, at least you could do is put a wink-smiley on your statement.
 Well look who's back!At first glance 500k a day does seem large for just the 5s, but it might to make sense if the 4s and 5c are included(understand the article did not say, but they have been wrong from time to time). But here's hoping that something new is brewing.
 While I still prefer the smaller form factor, your summary is and excellant synopsis of why manner people prefer the larger screen size.
 I wonder if Apple would at least put in a few 'normal(IMO)' colors- Black, White, Deep blue, Dark green, would sales increase with the 5c (assuming Apples wants 5c to increase)? with these colors seems like only junior high crowd might like these colors... IM snobbish O.Oh BTW- wait till next year and 5c will be free on contract and then $?? off contract. That would be a st/deal... except for those fungly colors!
Hmmm nice. Wonder if Apple would consider matching( of course I presume they don't take their 30% iTunes cut.../s)
I'll go out on limb even further and predict Nov 2013! Outlandish I know...
 IMO- historically consumer oriented hardware non-durable good products just don't translate well to long term growth. Think RCA, Zenith in the old TV/radio days and lately Sony, Palm, Booberry and on and on. They were all magically inventive 'at the time' with the smartest guys in the room. It just takes one company to come up with the next big thing, and the hot hit today could be left in the dust tomorrow. . Apple does not have other large money producers like Samsung...
 Yes it sure will be interesting too see for these super high volume assembled/tested products.The thing about a human 'hands-on labor' work force, you can re-program it fairly quickly to the intent the customer wants with the new instructions sheets.For robot's... that hardware and software needs to be pretty flexible and accurate(think ACA website) to cover all the actions a human can perform.
New Posts  All Forums: