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IMO those cheap arse chrome books seem to be pretty good fit for schools.
Good point! Brightness is a design issue not a manufacturing issue.
Well as the saying goes, its all what you negotiated. In general from the instructions I have received- you are correct that the govt can use this tech as it pleases... for govt purposes. In general, the SRI guys can also use as they please for commercial purposes. More and more companies play hardball with the govt to ensure that is true, else what's the point. The down side is the govt may give to a competitor for a govt contract.
The huge aerospace company I work for refuses to accept Apple products. We have Good on android as an option but primarily is still clutching to BooBerry (IMO hopelessly). However, the android I use for work is locked down so much, its almost useless for anything but a phone call and using email through Good. So, not sure it matters that much... at least in my instance.
Imagine if Apple were run by Vinnie Barbarino* instead of Tim C,... he wouldn't take this guff-   "Up you nose with a rubber hose!" "Get off my case, toilet face!"   There... that's telling them! /s   *(for those too young to know, Bing it)
Second time is the charm. Or- 'Sorry, that first one was a 'consumer beta release''!
Pilfered this from another website-   'TPK, a company rumored to exist and rumored to work with rumored US tech company Apple, is alleged to be mentioned--in supposed blog GforGames, according to hints suggested by another possibly-existing web site UDN--as being a rumored supplier for a rumored-to-exist iWatch product (not depicted in these speculative concept images) or some other possible product, whose rumored schedule is rumored to have slipped due to rumored issues...
Huh... Facebook... neeever heard of it. Is it a fad of some kind?  /s(for being snarky)
Thinking out loud (which is dangerous), I'm wondering if smart phones are approaching commodity status or another way to look at it, at pinnacle of present design capability. IMO(granted I do not know the future) - Like the iPad, there is not a lot more that can be added to them that are 'must haves' by the public. Therefore phones of various sizes/prices etc makes sense. And then the question will be; will Apple/industry go off these yearly update cycles?  Additional...
Well there is this... Which is what I immediately thought of.http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=maroonI guess it's who's ox is being gored...just one quick example-http://www.politico.com/story/2014/05/republicans-legislation-obama-dccc-event-106481.htm
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