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This is Apple so perhaps it is a Golden Rectangle?! http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_rectangle
I understand your point of view, of course we all could do those things, but these are humans we are talking about...let's face it, many do not not have the time, intelligence etc to do these things. That's why the technology was created(in theory). So, playing devils advocate... is saying to 300 million people... have your medical paper records compiled for the last 10, 20,30,40,50,60,70,80,... And now 90 and100 years realistic? And have them handy?Would you prefer this...
Agree for me too, my work phone is android... I like the blinking lights colors etc for status. My iPhone have to get up and press the button to see status.
I may have been delusional, but it seemed like the screen mock ups in the keynote had long volume buttons(like this mockup). Sorry to lazy to look again..
Curious why not use the phone accelerometer ? I use the app regularly. Works fine. Article shows the iOS 6 version. iOS 7 version, while prettier, is a tad less clearer in data presentation.... IMO.
Thanks! Interesting and they do have cities in there for fonts. Shhhh... Before some wise cracking lawyer gets an unoriginal idea to sue. . Or perhaps they got a special agreement like they did for that Swiss train clock. That said, IMO it would be nice if Apple would promote these locations with say a dollar sent in the name of some fund representing these areas like the Yosemite conservatory fund for every Mac sold. Granted, the free advertising is worth a bundle too.
Just asking... I presume Apple could not trademark "Yosemite? But it is ok to trademark "OS X Yosemite"?
Hmmm....  how did people cope (bring together)  pre TV and radio(sports)?  
I guess one some what positive way to look at this is the same as BMW buying (mainly in name only)the Mini,  seems like an odd fit but ya never know.
I have the 5S, IMO (and many reviews) the 5S is noticeable better than the 4S. Is it 'alone' worth $20-, if you take a lot of pics, and you are on contract all the time anyways... IMO yes. If you purchase your phone out right, probably not. Actual mileage will vary of course.
New Posts  All Forums: