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Easy, double the thickness. Sacré bleu!
I read somewhere apple would not take(maybe 'acknowledge' is a better word) 'ideas' from non employees because of legal reasons.Of course you know the universal answer by any company that uses 'your idea'; against any claim from you (or anyone else's) being unique? Answer- Well it's obvious!
Next thing we will see is Tim in 'Undercover Boss'. D'oh! /s
POI's are a tough nut to crack. I've had many many errors with google maps too. To answer the question- is there not one place that has a list of correct POI's? Answer- sort of, it just needs to be gathered. IMO - the best path forward is to partner(ie pay) with local, state, or country wide entries who's primary purposes are to know and go to said POI's on a regular basis. Example - US postal service/fedex/UPS. Do they or do they not essentially go to POI regularly? So......
 ... and BINGO was his name-oh
Just tried it with my 5s on older Apple TV. Pretty bad lag, ie useless. Maybe if I had the newer appletv wifi ac router etc it would be better. Any takers out there with the latest wifi and Apple TV?
Yup if you are a power user, seems like a battery pack/cases are a very valid alternative to having an excess battery slop around your pocket/purse/desk drawer etc 
 IMO, the ability to change the battery, insert memory is a plus for power users. For the rest of us hacks(90 percenters(yes its a guess)), m'eh, typical Samsung FUD.
Computerized maps... as mentioned many times on this forum, the update of information takes constant vigilance/validation etc... world wide yet. Boggles my mind (not hard to do). Thinking about Mavericks/iOS and how compartmentalized the updates are. That takes high level system thinking and focused execution. Sounds like Apple has come up with a 'system' for updating etc that is greatly simplified but more powerful. Core issue remains, getting the updates in- Crowd...
Aero service was limited to the general geographical area of the over air broadcast tv station signal. Not the geographical choice of service the cable company provides. Users could not watch their New York aereo service at the North Pole. Hypothetically- If I put up an antenna, and watch, I'm good correct? If live in the basement of a building that has no over air coverage but is well in range of the tv station reception area.... and this building has no method to put...
New Posts  All Forums: