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Very good post, I think you nailed Apples thinking. Although I suspect the larger screen will also be on the flagship model next year(possible before 5c for reasons you mention above).Just me, but I for one would like all this new tech in a 3.5 inch screen phone. I have too many use scenarios where smaller is better(but definitely understand the rationale for larger screens, IMO Apple is leaving some cash on the table not having a 4.9 inch model and a bit more customizable...
IMO- if they would make the 4.9 size phone (fine phablet... what ever, many people like the size), then allow a bit more openness for lock screen management / keyboards etc that should take away ~90% of Android users usual complaints about iOS (understanding more comnplaints, real or imagined, will be identified soon after).
 Unfortunately people believe what they see in movies including the crooks... just saying.
 Sooo this fee would be on top of the normal credit card fee of 1-2%. Sigh.
Mmmm, I don't know... I think we could use a few more 'reaffirmation' articles to be doubley sure. /s Geesh.
 Champagne ~ = Beige?? Read somewhere Steve Jobs hated beige. Times are a changing.... maybe
 Exactly... Hi end = Platinum iphone! That would look like... oh wait... never mind. Just kidding!IMO- the iP 4 and 4s form factor is the most 'high end style' phones out there. Yes its heavy but I like the glass back etc... it has a 'feeling' of solidness(if thats a word) and high value. Held an iP5... thought I was picking up a soda can... thought I could crush it if I squeezed to hard! Ahh, Im sure Ill get use to the 5s(or what ever its called) when it comes out, as...
 Dont know if you are being sarcastic, but I do like the idea of the built in flash light item (im in the dark alot :) ). But I can see(pun intended... get it) how others won't like it.That said, except for possibly the new nokia 1020, the iphone camera is probably still the best phone camera.
Ugggh... nothing but a greedy slimey short term stock manpulator/squeeze man. I could imagine if this occurred in the past, Steve would get with Larry E and tell this guy to f'off or they raid all his holdings! Cant ever see Tim doing that. Ok... now its time to say it- Apple is Doomed!
 Yup. for now its a niche device. The odd LSD part etc.The problem with the controller /software it does not do some basic things the average user may like.. They did do an update recently to the app but I believe it still has issues... IMO.
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