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 Would you want to know if an 'accused' thief (fill in the crime) was living next to you? Would you want to do business dealings with them?That said, this indentured worker explotation is a known issue, even here in the states. Kudo's to Apple to try to keep it under control.
 Did you mean 'feature-less' parity.IMO - if they are putting these things back in in six months... they should have just waited.Apple... you can seem so encorrigible sometimes.
Although I liked the site and wish there was something as convent, isn't any data on the apple site apple data? However, I wonder if he presented it as reporting news.. Eg -A recent 'survey' of apple inventory on their site shows.....
I like the idea myself, if you not near an FOB(at home) or car or work... the screen is lock. Android does this with NFC I understand(no first hand knowledge)
Depends on what is meant by stylus.there are all kinds of stylus's for the iPad. My Dad uses it instead of his finger and loves it. Its much easier to select due to his age and hands shaking a bit.however, if you are talking pressure sensing stylus... for artsy fartsy types(just kidding) thats another animal.
Add another ipad2 owner that will be upgradeing shortly. I dont know about anyone else, but when I have google news open along with ~6 other tabs in safari;the the site stutters horrible when I try to scroll. IMO its all these damn ads. Hopefully the better wirfi and new processor can speed things up. I have presently have the verizon pay 20 per month only if you use it plan. I don't think they still have that. But I might be able to grandfather into it. Or I might...
http://www.jdpower.com/consumer-ratings/telecom/ratings/919201690/2013-Tablet+Satisfaction+Study/index.htm The 2013 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study--Volume 2 is based on experiences evaluated by 3,375 tablet owners who have owned their current device for less than one year. The study was fielded between March and August 2013. The study measures satisfaction across five key factors (in order of importance): performance (26%); ease of operation (22%); styling and design...
This test seems exactly like the kind of test Steve Jobs would have loved. To paraphrase - 'well Ill know if it is not perfect'. Compared to my prior 4s, on the 5s I have a noticable increase in difficulty selecting things that have small-ish selection areas. Example, the new swipe left to delete in email, constantly must redo. Ususally end up accidently opening the mail. Im also seem to be tapping multiple times to open something. That was not the case on the...
So... if one were to convert (copy)a movie dvd (eg raiders of the lost ark) into a the imovie format, import into itunes(then presume upload to cload?) imovie theater would show it on my apple tv?
IMO - this is too expensive.
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