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Well there is this... Which is what I immediately thought of.http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=maroonI guess it's who's ox is being gored...just one quick example-http://www.politico.com/story/2014/05/republicans-legislation-obama-dccc-event-106481.htm
I agree. However, from what I understand, it uses the network/Apple Siri server etc to analyze your voice to understand the request correctly, does not matter if it's for local command or not. But till that day...
Well... I have to use an S4 as my work phone. Its not that bad... sorry. If I started anew, not sure which I get. Hate the bloat ware on android phones, but Google services are pretty good. Will I switch, no. I like(and am tied into) the no muss no fuss Apple ecosphere (although iOS starting to get a tad bloated IMO). 
And good luck with all that. IMO on the business side, they are probably pretty good for a very long time. Very large firms/governments etc are going to loath changing to any alternative to Office/Windows. But the consumer side... That's a tough nut to crack.... however they are throwing tons of money at it. It will be interesting.
Easy, double the thickness. Sacré bleu!
I read somewhere apple would not take(maybe 'acknowledge' is a better word) 'ideas' from non employees because of legal reasons.Of course you know the universal answer by any company that uses 'your idea'; against any claim from you (or anyone else's) being unique? Answer- Well it's obvious!
Next thing we will see is Tim in 'Undercover Boss'. D'oh! /s
POI's are a tough nut to crack. I've had many many errors with google maps too. To answer the question- is there not one place that has a list of correct POI's? Answer- sort of, it just needs to be gathered. IMO - the best path forward is to partner(ie pay) with local, state, or country wide entries who's primary purposes are to know and go to said POI's on a regular basis. Example - US postal service/fedex/UPS. Do they or do they not essentially go to POI regularly? So......
 ... and BINGO was his name-oh
Just tried it with my 5s on older Apple TV. Pretty bad lag, ie useless. Maybe if I had the newer appletv wifi ac router etc it would be better. Any takers out there with the latest wifi and Apple TV?
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