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I guess there are a lot of use cases for this stuff (not me, but I digress).... but this lousy cable log in/verification is a pain in the butt. So much so the few times I would want to use these apps I cannot because it usually requires a call to the cable company, finding a paper bill for the special 'code' re-setting my password etc.... yuck.
Tim, dude, where is your Apple Store Employee Polo Shirt?... its a company rule when working at the store - all employees must wear approved clothing / uniforms!!!   /s
Waiting for 8.0.3 with all the critical bugs ironed out.... ne'h... I can't wait, will down load this weekend or so. 
New iPad for me (and count me as part of the (unpopular?) crowd that would like more than 1Gb of ram). Updated Apple TV box would be nice too.
As TR would say... 'Dee-lighted!' (BTW- great PBS special)   That said, my brother has android and could not get use to Apple iOS with no back button (which I do like), no file system per si etc. The 'Apple way' of document storage can through some people for a loop too.... until they are 'enlightened'(android user have another term that)!
So how does one award damages for a patent they them selves did not use? Give them a buck? Or does Apple offer  for example(just guessing)  typical Fair and Reasonable for essential service fees?
 Depends on the use case. Personally I never understood the 'step' tracking phenomenon.But for my use case, I would like to try something like this (ugly as it is)- https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/into-sports/health-fitness/vivosmart-/prod154886.html
'Nope' they were in talks or 'Nope' Square walked away?
Tim is such a 'rumor tease'.
$%$&*@#% and up your &*^!#$R$$^#$ AT&T!!   (Pardon my French)
New Posts  All Forums: