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Tim is such a 'rumor tease'.
$%$&*@#% and up your &*^!#$R$$^#$ AT&T!!   (Pardon my French)
While I see others wanted an iPhone on their wrist and tons of sensors... To each his own, that's fine, but for me personally, just need something like this- garmin vivosmart https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/prod154886.html IMO- Apple could have gone minimalist and much better design than Garmin with no battery worries. Other 'wearables' (eg heart monitor strap) sensors and Apps on my iPhone handle the rest. (And do not need/want the 'big' phone either) Apple watch Nano...
As Sundance might say  - 'You just keep thinking Butch (Margolis), that's what you're good at'
This^^...  very broadly speaking and within limits... as with all things. I like to think of it in terms of control theory- Old gasoline engine(chug, chug, spit and spew), similar to 1800's economy and boom and bust, it was unregulated. New modern engines, computer control fuel input etc, no spit and spew... similar to Fed reserve etc ensuring appropriate money flow (problem is we have a congress muck things up, one way or another). Its interesting there are...
Way off topic but... Germany( a relatively socialist country BTW)  is 'benefiting' from the fiscal union. The other country's are currency tied by the Euro. If Germany left, the D-Mark would float relative to the them.  Germany would lose on the float (other countrys would devalue their currency); with the euro, they cant do that. This is why the EU could fail though, any 'union' requires helping the so called 'irresponsible's' (the only way they could fail is if they are...
 'Anyone' that truly wants one that is fine for them.IMO-While the build material and the 'tech' is truly wow! it is its great, but battery... oh boy, that's the real Achilles heal for all these 'wearable's'For me,  I have not identified in these wearables (apple included) a (and do not believe many main stream users have) a use case/ compelling feature that warrants duplication of essentially iphone items that would require plugging in every night etc along with iphone,...
Yea, Discover Card. Oh wait, I have a 5S... any one have any NFC's glue on's?  /s(well.. half jokingly)
While the tech that went into this watch is outstanding... does it have a use for the average Joe iphone user.Hmmm IMO... at this time... no, not now, not at this price.  But I'm willing to be won over!  Would love  to have a basic sport watch with blue tooth info from bike and heart sensors etc for ~$100 bucks.This thing is trying to be all things to all people... a very tall order indeed.
 Im a lefty, come on now... be serious. Putting the watch on the 'right' arm is just a social custom. I wear mine on my left all the time. Cant push a button with your right hand... geesh.
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