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 I wonder if Apple would at least put in a few 'normal(IMO)' colors- Black, White, Deep blue, Dark green, would sales increase with the 5c (assuming Apples wants 5c to increase)? with these colors seems like only junior high crowd might like these colors... IM snobbish O.Oh BTW- wait till next year and 5c will be free on contract and then $?? off contract. That would be a st/deal... except for those fungly colors!
Hmmm nice. Wonder if Apple would consider matching( of course I presume they don't take their 30% iTunes cut.../s)
I'll go out on limb even further and predict Nov 2013! Outlandish I know...
 IMO- historically consumer oriented hardware non-durable good products just don't translate well to long term growth. Think RCA, Zenith in the old TV/radio days and lately Sony, Palm, Booberry and on and on. They were all magically inventive 'at the time' with the smartest guys in the room. It just takes one company to come up with the next big thing, and the hot hit today could be left in the dust tomorrow. . Apple does not have other large money producers like Samsung...
 Yes it sure will be interesting too see for these super high volume assembled/tested products.The thing about a human 'hands-on labor' work force, you can re-program it fairly quickly to the intent the customer wants with the new instructions sheets.For robot's... that hardware and software needs to be pretty flexible and accurate(think ACA website) to cover all the actions a human can perform.
 Would you want to know if an 'accused' thief (fill in the crime) was living next to you? Would you want to do business dealings with them?That said, this indentured worker explotation is a known issue, even here in the states. Kudo's to Apple to try to keep it under control.
 Did you mean 'feature-less' parity.IMO - if they are putting these things back in in six months... they should have just waited.Apple... you can seem so encorrigible sometimes.
Although I liked the site and wish there was something as convent, isn't any data on the apple site apple data? However, I wonder if he presented it as reporting news.. Eg -A recent 'survey' of apple inventory on their site shows.....
I like the idea myself, if you not near an FOB(at home) or car or work... the screen is lock. Android does this with NFC I understand(no first hand knowledge)
Depends on what is meant by stylus.there are all kinds of stylus's for the iPad. My Dad uses it instead of his finger and loves it. Its much easier to select due to his age and hands shaking a bit.however, if you are talking pressure sensing stylus... for artsy fartsy types(just kidding) thats another animal.
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